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Shengyi SCGA-500 GF255 PCB Material Properties, Advantages, and Applications

PCB materials offer different properties and benefits. It is important to determine the best material for your PCB fabrication. The best PCB material features great thermal and mechanical properties. The Shengyi SCGA-500 meets the demands of thermally and mechanically stable applications. In this article, we will shed more light on the Shengyi SCGA-500 GF255 PCB material. Also, we will discuss its impact on the high performance applications.

Shengyi SCGA-500 GF255 – What is it?

The Shengyi SCGA-500 GF255 is a low loss PTFE woven glass PCB material. Also, this UL 94 V-0 laminate is specifically designed to meet the demands of high frequency applications. Shengyi SCGA-500 GF255 controlled dielectric material features exceptional mechanical and electrical properties. Also, Shengyi SCGA-500 GF255 PCB material features consistent dielectric constant and dissipation factor.

Furthermore, the Shengyi SCGA-500 GF255 is dimensionally stable and chemical resistant. This material features great passive inter-modulation (PIM) performance. Shengyi SCGA-500 GF255 PCB material is well-suited for high volume manufacturing. Also, it strikes a balance between performance and cost. This cost-effective material is widely used in several applications.

Shengyi SCGA-500 GF255 PCB is compatible with the manufacturing processes of PTFE woven glass laminates. Also, SCGA-500 GF255 PCB material is designed by Shengyi. This material is highly preferred among PCB manufacturer.

General Properties of Shengyi SCGA-500 GF255 PCB Material

To understand how Shengyi SCGA-500 GF255, it is important to know its properties. The properties of this material contribute to its functionality and performance.

Dielectric constant (Dk)

The dielectric constant of Shengyi SCGA-500 GF255 is 2.55 +-0.04. This value is stable and consistent. Also, the Dk of a good PCB material should range between 2.5 and 4.5. Due to its stable Dk value, this material enhances signal integrity. Also, it is crucial for impedance considerations.

Coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE)

The CTE measures the ability a PCB material to expand in response to changes in temperature. Shengyi SCGA-500 GF255 has a CTE of 145 ppm/℃ on the Z-axis. Therefore, Shengyi SCGA-500 GF255 is ideal in thermal-demanding applications.

Low moisture absorption

Shengyi SCGA-500 GF255 PCB material features a low water absorption. Also, this material has 0.007% water absorption rate. This means that it can withstand humid environments. Also, this material doesn’t absorb moisture.

Low dissipation factor

The dissipation factor of a material defines the condition of the insulating system. Also, it measures the power loss of a material. The dissipation factor of Shengyi SCGA-500 GF255 is 0.0014. Shengyi SCGA-500 GF255 PCB material features a low dissipation factor. Therefore, this material is a better insulator.

Thermal conductivity

This measures the heat transfer rate in a PCB material. Shengyi SCGA-500 GF255 features a thermal conductivity of 0.29 W/mK. Therefore, this material can transfer heat effectively. Also, it can absorb heat from its environment.

Exceptional surface resistivity

This measures the surface resistance of a PCB material to electricity flow. Changes in moisture and temperature can affect surface resistivity. The surface resistivity of Shengyi SCGA-500 GF255 has a high surface resistivity. Hence, this helps to enhance signal integrity.

Advantages of Shengyi SCGA-500 GF255

Shengyi SCGA-500 GF255 PCB material is suitable for PCB manufacturing. This material offers a wide of range of benefits:

Extreme low loss

Shengyi SCGA-500 GF255 offers extreme low loss. Generally, PCB material possesses dielectric and conduction loss. Shengyi SCGA-500 GF255 is a PTFE woven glass. Naturally, PTFE features low loss. Therefore, this prevents Shengyi SCGA-500 GF255 PCB material from heating in a radiofrequency field.


This PCB material is cost-effective. It offers exceptional price performance value. Therefore, it offers great value for its price. The performance of Shengyi SCGA-500 GF255 outweighs its cost. It is a great material for cost-effective applications.

Great mechanical and electrical properties

Shengyi SCGA-500 GF255 offers exceptional mechanical and electrical properties. Therefore, these properties contribute to the functionality and performance of this material. Also, it is widely used in thermal demanding applications. This is because it offers great thermal properties also.

Passive inter-modulation performance

Passive intermodulation results from strong RF signals coming together in a non linear device. The passive intermodulation performance of this PCB material is -163 dBc.

Applications of Shengyi SCGA-500 GF255 PCB Material

Shengyi SCGA-500 GF255 laminate features exceptional properties. Therefore, this PCB material is widely used in high performance applications like:

Power amplifiers

You will find Shengyi SCGA-500 GF255 PCB material in this application. Power amplifiers enhance the magnitude of power of a specific input signal. Also, the input signal’s power increases to a high level. Shengyi SCGA-500 GF255 features high signal integrity and reduces signal loss. Therefore, this PCB material is suitable for this application.

Wireless communications

Shengyi SCGA-500 GF255 plays a crucial role in wireless communications. For example this material is widely used in GPS, television and radio broadcasting, and more. Also, you can find this PCB material in mobile telephone system and Wi-Fi. Shengyi SCGA-500 GF255 features extreme low loss and high surface resistivity. These properties enhance its performance in this application.

Base station antenna

This device helps to transmit signal to different receivers. However, it can transmit and receive signals. Also, base station functions as a connection point to help wireless device communicate. Shengyi SCGA-500 GF255 PCB material features great electrical and thermal properties. This application requires these properties.

Automotive radar

This is another application that utilizes Shengyi SCGA-500 GF255. The radar system is an important aspect in the automotive industry. The antenna is a part of the radar systems that feature PCB material. The automotive radar system functions under various environmental conditions. Therefore, it is important to use a PCB material that can function under all environmental conditions.

Satellite communications

Shengyi SCGA-500 GF255 PCB material plays a crucial role in the satellite communication systems. This material maintains high reliability and great performance in harsh conditions. Also, Shengyi SCGA-500 GF255 meets the demands of the satellite system. This is because this PCB material features special properties.


Not all PCB materials feature high reliability and great performance. However, there a few ones that can meet the demands of high-performance applications. With the Shengyi SCGA-500 GF255 PCB material, you can never go wrong. This material has everything it takes to help you build a high performance circuit board.




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