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What is Shengyi SAR10S PCB ?

PCB materials play a crucial role in the performance of printed circuit boards. Therefore, it is vital to choose materials with great properties. These materials enhance the functionality of a circuit board. Shengyi is a manufacturer of PCB material. The Shengyi SAR10S is one of the high-quality PCB materials by Shengyi. In this article, we will be discussing Shengyi SAR10S and how it impacts PCB fabrication.

What is Shengyi SAR10S?

Shengyi SAR10S is a halogen-free PCB material. This laminate features great thermal reliability and insulation. Also, Shengyi SAR10S PCB material is ideal for fabricating high-frequency circuit boards. This PCB material features exceptional thermal and mechanical properties. Also, the Shengyi SAR10S PCB material is highly preferred among PCB manufacturer due to its high CTI value.

General Properties of Shengyi SAR10S

Low glass transition temperature (Tg)

Tg measures the temperature at which a PCB material changes from a solid state to a rubber-like state. This property contributes to the thermal performance of a board. The Tg of Shengyi SAR10S PCB material is 140 degrees Celsius.

Low coefficient of thermal expansion

The CTE of Shengyi SAR10S PCB material is 27 ppm/℃ before Tg. The CTE after Tg is 30 ppm/℃. CTE measures the ability of a material to expand in response to heat.  Also, the coefficient of thermal expansion of Shengyi SAR10S is low. This means that this PCB material will hardly expand in size when subjected to high temperature. Therefore, it is an ideal material for high end PCBs.

Excellent thermal conductivity

Thermal conductivity measures the rate of heat transfer in a PCB material. Shengyi SAR10S has a thermal conductivity of 1.1 W/mK. This means that this PCB material can transfer heat effectively. Also, Shengyi SAR10S can easily absorb heat from its environment. Therefore, it is an ideal option for thermal-demanding applications.

High Decomposition temperature (Td)

The Td of Shengyi SAR10S is 410 degrees centigrade at 5% weight loss. Decomposition temperature measures the temperature at which Shengyi SAR10S decomposes chemically. Also, it is more ideal for a pCB material to have a Td above 320 degrees centigrade. PCB materials with high Td feature high glass flow temperature.

High Comparative tracking index (CTI)

CTI measures how an insulating material can withstand unwanted flow of current between traces on the circuit board. The CTI of Shengyi SAR10S PCB material is very high. The CTI of a PCB material is crucial. This is because it helps to determine the overall tracking resistance of a PCB.

Advantages of Shengyi SAR10S PCB Material

Shengyi SAR10S is a high-quality PCB material that enhances the performance of circuit boards. This material is widely used in PCB fabrication due to the benefits it offers. Therefore, we will discuss more of these benefits.


Shengyi SAR10S is a halogen-free PCB material. Therefore, this PCB material contains no halogen elements. It has no fluorine, chlorine, or bromine. Therefore, it is safe for fabricating printed circuit boards. Also, this material is environmentally friendly.

Great thermal performance

This PCB material features excellent thermal properties that contribute to its thermal performance. For instance, it features high decomposition temperature and low coefficient of thermal expansion. Also, it features excellent thermal conductivity. All of these properties make it thermally reliable.

Applicable in LED devices

Shengyi SAR10S PCB material is applicable in LED TVs and LED lighting. This is as a result of its dielectric properties.

Guidelines for Shengyi SAR10S Processing

  • When operating these laminates, it is important to wear gloves. Otherwise, copper foil collisions can damage the laminate. Also, touching with bare hands can contaminate the copper foil surface. This can cause negative effects.
  • Check for any scratches or pollution during operation. Also, ensure you avoid break in the drilling and cutting processes.
  • Ensure you take pattern fabrication due to the properties of aluminum board
  • Maintain a minimum insulation barrier between the nearest conductor and the circuit board’s edge. The distance between the line and edge should be at least 2mm. Also, the distance between the hole and line should be at least 3mm.
  • The structure of aluminum laminate is metal. Therefore, you can replace conventional baking with a simple mechanical method. If there is any warpage, it is advisable to go for mechanical leveling.
  • Also, aluminum laminate requires harder cutting tools. Therefore, you will need special milling and a special V-CUT blade. In addition, try to reduce the cutting speed.

The Drilling and Punching Process of Shengyi SAR10S

The drilling of this laminate requires the use of some cutting tools for aluminum materials. Therefore, use single-edge and double-edge cutting tools. These help to remove chips smoothly. The wear of the material will be greater if the thermal conductivity is high.

Punching in Shengyi SAR10S processing is important. This involves using an air gun to eliminate aluminum chips caused by punching. This helps to prevent bad appearance in operation. When punching, work the aluminum surface towards the cutting blade. If not, the solder mask or the dielectric layer may peel off. This can later result in poor quality.

Also, ensure the aluminum surface is placed upwards to the cutting blade. It is advisable to use the 160-200t high tonnage punching machine. Also, adjust the panel edge margin and the punching edge length according to the die sizes. Use the high hardness steel in the cutting blade.

Storage Condition of Shengyi SAR10S

When storing Shengyi SAR10S, it is important to keep it in good condition. Below are guidelines on how to store this laminate.

  • Store sheets in a ventilated and dry environment. Also, ensure you don’t expose this laminate to rain or sunlight. However, it is important to avoid corrosive gas erosion.
  • Reduce shifting to prevent scratching the surface of the laminate.
  • Pack the laminate with original forms. Inappropriate storage can cause sheet deformation. This can cause a negative impact on the PCB material.


Shengyi SAR10S PCB material is a highly reliable and halogen-free material for PCB fabrication. This article has discussed every important detail on Shengyi SAR10S. Also, it has provided guidelines on the processing and storage of this material.