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Panasonic R-G545L Laminate – Applications, Properties, and Advantages

Panasonic Corporation has developed another ultra low loss PCB material. The demand for a PCB material that features low transmission loss is increasing. This is as a result of the development in the communication industry. Also, the launch of the 5th generation (5G) mobile communication system contributed to rising needs for this PCB material.

The Panasonic R-G545L laminate is one of the best materials for this application. It ensures stable operation of devices that run large data at a very high speed. Here, we will be explaining this topic further.

What is Panasonic R-G545L Laminate?

Panasonic R-G545L laminate is an ultra-low transmission loss PCB material for IC modules or substrates.  Also, this PCB material is useful in semiconductor modules and packages. It is an advanced material that ensures the stable operation of semiconductor devices that run large data at an extreme high speed.

Data communication is expected to be larger in volume with the launch of the 5G communications system. Also, this data communication will be faster in terms of speed. Therefore, this triggered the demand for PCB material that functions well in semiconductors. Also, this material will need to adapt to the high-speed data communication applications.

Panasonic R-G545L laminate offers the least transmission loss compared to other materials. Also, this material offers the best electrical and thermal properties. Therefore, this contributed to the demand for this material. Also, this material features great thermal properties like high Tg and low CTE.

Properties of Panasonic R-G545L Laminate

The properties of a PCB material majorly determine the functionality of high-speed PCBs. Therefore, it is important that PCB designers know the properties of the material they intend to use. The Panasonic R-G545L laminate features exceptional electrical and thermal properties. Also, this material’s properties are very distinct. Therefore, this gave it an edge over other materials used for IC modules.

High glass transition temperature

The Tg value of this material is 230 degrees Celsius using DMA. This thermal property describes the temperature at which a material transforms from a solid state to a rubber-like state. Therefore, Panasonic R-G545L laminate can transform to a rubber-like state at 230 degrees Celsius.

Low dielectric constant

This material’s dielectric constant is 3.6 at 1 GHz. Also, Panasonic R-G545L laminate features a low and stable Dk value. Therefore, this material features a low transmission loss. Panasonic R-G545L laminate is able to solve signal loss problems in applications.

Low dissipation factor

Panasonic R-G545L laminate features a dissipation factor of 0.002 at 1 GHz. This property indicates if a material is an efficient insulator. With this value, Panasonic R-G545L laminate can offer very low transmission loss.

Low coefficient of thermal expansion

The coefficient of thermal expansion at X and Y axis is 10 ppmo/C. Also, this thermal property measures the extent at which a material expands in relation to temperature. Therefore, Panasonic R-G545L laminate offers a very low coefficient of thermal expansion. This low CTE property contributes to the thermal reliability of this PCB material.

High peel strength

The peel strength of a PCB material measures the adhesive strength of materials that are bonded together. Panasonic R-G545L laminate offers very high peel strength. The peel strength of this material is 0.6 kN/m.

Factors to Consider when Choosing Panasonic R-G545L Laminate

Panasonic R-G545L laminate is specifically designed for use in IC module or substrate. When choosing a material for a high-frequency design. The properties of the material are parameters that determine its performance. Also, these parameters will determine if this material can meet the signal loss and impedance match requirements of the intended application.

Manufacturing process

There are two different ways of manufacturing a PCB material. Also, this ways include reinforcement of the resin system with alternative fillers or woven fibers. This helps to regulate the coefficient of thermal expansion. The second way includes impregnating a woven fiberglass with resin.


The properties of a PCB material aid its performance. Dielectric materials needed for high frequency applications should offer some properties. For example, this material should have a high thermal reliability, low water absorption, and high dimensional stability.

Environmental friendliness

Being carried away with the performance of a circuit board material isn’t enough. Therefore, it is important to consider the safety of this material in the environment. Also, Panasonic R-G545L laminate contains no halogen. Therefore, it is an ideal material for PCB fabrication.

Advantages of Panasonic R-G545L laminate

This PCB laminate offers a lot of benefits. Therefore, it is a great choice for semiconductor modules and packages.

High heat resistance

Heat is a great concern in IC module or substrate. However, there is great improvement in PCB materials used in IC technology. Panasonic R-G545L laminate resists heat greatly.

Improved thermal reliability

Panasonic R-G545L laminate is highly reliable. Also, this laminate features thermal properties that contribute to its thermal reliability. Therefore, this material is ideal for PCBs used in the communication system.

Environmentally friendly

Panasonic R-G545L laminate is an environmentally friendly PCB material. This PCB material features no halogen constituents. Therefore, it is very safe for use in the environment.

Ultra low transmission loss

Panasonic R-G545L laminate offers a very low transmission loss. Therefore, this material is useful in high-frequency PCB applications.

Applications of Panasonic R-G545L Laminate

Panasonic R-G545L laminate is widely used in IC substrates. An IC substrate is a type of baseboard commonly used in the bare integrated circuit chips packaging. This substrate serves as connectors of the PCBs to the chip. This laminate needs capacity on IC fabricators to offer great densities.

Panasonic R-G545L laminate is ideal for use in semiconductor packages. It is one of the crucial materials used for semiconductor packaging. This laminate offers properties needed by this application.


Panasonic R-G545L laminate is a PCB material with great performance. This material is useful in applications demanding thermal reliability. Also, this material offers great benefits for PCB fabrication. The Panasonic R-G545L laminate is one of the best materials for this application. It ensures stable operation of devices that run large data at a very high speed.




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