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Xilinx XA3S1000-4FGG456I of of XA Spartan-3

If you are looking for a circuit board for your next electronics manufacturing job, we have got one for you. The Xilinx XA3S1000-4FGG456I is reliable, tested and usable across different electronics manufacturing niches.

Xilinx XA3S1000-4FGG456I: FPGA for Automotive Needs

Worthy of mentioning is that not all Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGAs) can be used with different applications. Most of the time, these FPGAs are tied to a specific use case. Such is the case with the Xilinx XA3S1000-4FGG456I, which is primarily used for automotive electronic designs. What this means is that any electronic design or application that requires automation would most likely need the integration of the Xilinx XA3S1000-4FGG456I.

Xilinx XA3S1000-4FGG456I Product Category

We like to point out some of the electronics products or applicable cases where the Xilinx XA3S1000-4FGG456I is greatly needed. These categories include:

1. Electronics

This is the primary use case/application. It has to do with the design and remodeling of electronics with this Integrated Circuit Board.

2. LED Lighting Components

Light Emitting Diode (LED) is also one of the applicable cases of the Xilinx XA3S1000-4FGG456I. However, this circuit board is not used for the production of the LED itself. Rather, it is used for the design and production of the components of these LED.

3. Sensors

Sensors play a critical role in any electronic product. Thus, it is impressive to see that the Xilinx XA3S1000-4FGG456I can be applied here to improve the sensitivity of the sensors.

4. Optoelectronics

Optoelectronic devices are also manufactured with the integration of the Xilinx XA3S1000-4FGG456I. It is imperative to note that optoelectronics have to do with the study of and application of light-detecting and light-emitting devices. They are also the devices or instruments used in the conversion of optical-to-electrical transducers and vice-versa.

There are different types of optoelectronic devices that can be manufactured with the Xilinx XA3S1000-4FGG456I. They include:

  • Optical fibres
  • Photodiodes
  • Encoder Sensor Integrated Circuits (ICs)
  • Solar cells
  • Laser diodes
  • Light-Emitting Diodes (LEDs)

The components of the aforementioned optoelectronic devices can be manufactured with the Xilinx XA3S1000-4FGG456I.

Wires and Cables

Wires and cables used during the electronic manufacturing processes can also be manufactured with the Xilinx XA3S1000-4FGG456I Integrated Circuit (IC).


This is another application of the Xilinx XA3S1000-4FGG456I IC. In this case, it is used for designing the semiconductors required for manufacturing the electronics.

For clarity, semiconductors are materials that enforce conductivity between insulators/nonconductors and conductors. The most common type of semiconductors is:

  • Silicon
  • Gallium arsenide
  • Germanium

Circuit Protection

There are chances that electricity will be disconnected from an electronic device. This normally happens when a “weak link” is broken in an electrical circuit. When this happens, the electronic product will be subject to the cutting of excessive current from flowing through the electrical wires.

This can be resolved with the Xilinx XA3S1000-4FGG456I. It is an Integrated Circuit (IC) that helps regulate excessive current in an electrical device, while protecting the electrical circuit from damage.

Features of the Xilinx XA3S1000-4FGG456I Integrated Circuit

Some features or properties make the Xilinx XA3S1000-4FGG456I Integrated Circuit (IC) more outstanding than its competitors.

Here are some of these unique features:

AEC-Q100 Qualification

The qualification of an Integrated Circuit (IC) goes a long way to bolster the efficiency in the Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA). This is the case with the Xilinx XA3S1000-4FGG456I following its AEC-Q100 certification.

The AEC-Q100 is an industry-standard qualification and certification test passed on Integrated Circuits (ICs). These tests are often based on the temperature range of the ICs, which could be anywhere between Grades 0, 1, 2, and 3.

Asides from certifying the reliability and quality of the Integrated Circuit (IC), the AEC-Q100 certification is also used to recommend new changes in an Integrated Circuit (IC).

Most of the ICs certified under the AEC-Q1000 are used to manufacture products for automotive applications, which is what the Xilinx XA3S1000-4FGG456I is also used for.

Logic Elements

Xilinx XA3S1000-4FGG456I has several logic elements, which is the major reason why the components of the electronic device function optimally.

From the datasheet, it has 17280 logic elements. These elements are semiconductor devices that are responsible for implementing specific logical operations. The elements perform multiple digital input signals, which are thereafter used to produce digital output signals.

The following are some of the logic families included in the Xilinx XA3S1000-4FGG456I:

Noise Immunity

The Integrated Circuit (IC) tends to make noise, especially when it is working at its optimal state. You don’t want the IC to be so noisy, as this could be distracting.

One of the elements in the Xilinx XA3S1000-4FGG456I controls the noise, thereby, enabling noise-free functionality for the IC.


The speed of the Integrated Circuit (IC) correlates to the optimum functionality of the FPGA. The logic element in the Xilinx XA3S1000-4FGG456I also ensures that the speed of the IC works as expected.

Configurable Logic Blocks (CLBs)

Configurable Logic Blocks (CLBs) or Logic Block Arrays (LABs) are one of the configuration hierarchies in a Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA). The function of the CLBs or LABs is to facilitate the hierarchy in the interconnection of elements in an FPGA.

This interconnection does not only reduce the delays that might be encountered during the interconnection of elements on the FPGA. It also aids in the faster connection of the elements.

The Xilinx XA3S1000-4FGG456I has a total of1920 CLBs/LABs.

Logic Gates

Logic Gates in a Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) are the “building blocks” or set of logic blocks that can be configured to perform combinational functions.

For these functions to be successfully executed, the different logic gates must perform three functions:

  • Intake of the digital inputs
  • Performance of the logical or combination functions.
  • Bringing forth a digital value as the output.

The most popular logic gates are:

  • OR
  • AND: This type of logic gate makes two inputs and brings out only an input. This is common if both the first and second inputs are the number one (1).
  • XOR: This logic gate makes an output of the number one (1), only when the inputs are of different numbers.
  • NOT: It has only one input and gives the opposite of the input as the output.

The total number of logic gates on the Xilinx XA3S1000-4FGG456I is 1000000.


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