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Properties, Applications, Benefits, and Storage conditions of the Shengyi ST115G PCB Material

The material used for your printed circuit board is very important. This is because it has to meet the necessary conditions required for PCBs. Furthermore, it must possess several qualities that suit what the pcb engineers need it for.

You are here to understand what the Shengyi ST115G PCB material is and its properties, and if it will fit for project needs. You are in the right place. We are going to discuss the properties of this material, as well as areas where they are applicable.

Please read on to understand better.

What is Shengyi ST115G?

This is a material for printed circuit boards having great insulation and thermal reliability, great heat dissipation. Furthermore, it has a high temperature for glass transition at Tg175, as well as a low coefficient of thermal expansion at the Z-axis.

In addition, the Shengyi ST115G PCB material is applicable in areas such as PCB heat dissipation solution, consumer electronics, automotive electronics, and LED headlamps.

To understand better, let us consider the properties of the Shengyi ST115G PCB material. This will help you know if this is fit for your PCB project or not.

Properties of the Shengyi ST115G PCB Material

Thermal conductivity

This material has a thermal conductivity of 1.6 W/ (m-k). This is the rate at which the transfer of heat from the PCB’s heat source to a cooler region. This is the ability to transfer or conduct heat. From the value, this material has a high thermal conductivity.

Glass transition temperature (Tg)

Shengyi ST115G PCB Material has a Tg of 170. This is why this material is very useful for higher temperatures. This helps in improving heat resistance, stability resistance, moisture resistance, and chemical resistance when used in printed circuit boards.

Surface Resistivity

Its surface resistivity stands at 107 MΩ.cm. At this value, you can measure the insulation or electrical resistance of the Shengyi ST115G PCB material. Furthermore, it is affected by temperature and moisture.

Decomposition Temperature (Td)

This is also known as thermal decomposition. The Shengyi ST115G PCB Material has a decomposition temperature of 410 degrees centigrade. It is at this temperature that the substance can decompose chemically. This means decomposing the Shengyi ST115G PCB Material will require a very high temperature, which shows its reliability.

Coefficient of Thermal Expansion

This material has a coefficient of thermal expansion of 37 ppm/℃ before Tg, and 166 ppm/℃ after Tg. Furthermore, between 50 to 260 degrees centigrade, it has a CTE for the Z-axis as 2.2%.

Water absorption

This material has a water absorption value of 0.11%. This means that the ability of the Shengyi ST115G PCB Material to absorb water is low. This makes it a top-quality material and this makes it suitable for different applications.

Volume Resistivity

Its volume resistivity stands at 108 MΩ.cm. This value measures the electrical resistance and insulation of the Shengyi ST115G. Once high, then the circuit will experience a less movement of electric charge.

Benefits of the Shengyi ST115G PCB Material

Below are some benefits you get from using the Shengyi ST115G PCB material.

Great Heat Dissipation

The Shengyi ST115G PCB Material has high heat dissipation. This is the ability of the material to transfer heat from its body to other colder objects.

Great Insulation and thermal reliability

Another benefit of this material is its great insulation and thermal reliability. This means that this pcb material has a great ability to prevent heat from coming in.

Halogen Free

This Shengyi ST115G PCB Material is halogen-free. This means that it doesn’t contain halogens like Bromine, Chlorine, and Fluorine.

High CTI

A high CTI means a high comparative tracking index. This indicates the extent at which a PCB’s insulating material can resist the flow of any current found between the traces of the board that is unwanted.

Also, this measures a PCB substrate’s ability to withstand any breakdown. Furthermore, with this material, you can be sure it has a high CTI or an Excellent tracking resistance.

Lower CTE (Z-axis)

The Shengyi ST115G PCB Material has a lower coefficient of thermal expansion. This is great for through-hole reliability.

Applications of the Shengyi ST115G PCB Material

Shengyi ST115G PCB Material can be applied in several areas.

Consumer Electronics

This Shengyi ST115G PCB Material is useful in consumer electronics. These are also home electronics that are digital or analog equipment meant for daily use, most especially in a private home. This Shengyi ST115G PCB Material is useful here due to its great properties.

Automotive Electronics

Another area where you can use the Shengyi ST115G PCB Material is automotive electronics. Examples of these are computers, vehicles, radios, in-car entertainment, ignition, radios, etc.

LED Headlamp

LED headlamps also use the Shengyi ST115G PCB Material. You can find it in FLB capacitors. With these capacitors, you are sure that the amount of electricity flowing into a lighting fixture is regulated.

Conditions for Storing Shengyi ST115G PCB Material

The following are the conditions necessary for the storage of the Shengyi ST115G PCB Material.

It can be stored for three months, when storage is done below 23 degrees centigrade and a relative humidity of less than 50%.

Furthermore, you can store it for six months at a temperature less than 5 degrees centigrade. Make sure that before you use it, you must normalize it at room temperature and should stay for at least four hours.

Also, during storage, make sure you keep it in a material that is damp proof. Also keep it in normal condition. This is because the prepreg may absorb the moisture, thereby causing the bonding strength to weaken.


We hope we have been able to clarify what the Shengyi ST115G PCB Material is and what it offers.  We discussed each and every one of its properties so that you understand clearly. Please we advise that you read the article over again to have a full understanding of what the topic is all about. If you still have any questions, please message us. We will respond swiftly.