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What Properties of Shengyi SG7350D2 Can You Test?

When it comes to laminates, it is crucial to test their density, temperature regulation, performance rate, and level of moisture absorption. For different laminates, there are various properties to test. Also, we can test the Shengyi SG7350D2 PCB properties.

In this article, our concentration shall be on properties of Shengyi SG7350D2 we can test. Some of these properties are testable in other PCB laminates too.

What Properties Need To Be Tested for Shengyi SG7350D2 PCB Material?

The following are factors to consider when you are selecting this laminate material. Moreover, these are the various properties of Shengyi SG7350D2.

Dissipation Level

It is crucial you test the dissipation level of the Shengyi SG7350D2. In this sense, it has to do with how this laminate can drop electrical current. This has to do with the rate or degrees at which it drops current in correspondence to this PCB laminate material.

Furthermore, it measures the capacity to which the laminate can resist certain degrees of current regarding some certain frequency. Therefore, the dissipation factor is the capacity at which the laminate can lose energy in specified frequency.


This is another important factor to consider when choosing Shengyi SG7350D2 PCB laminate material. It is in relation to the thermal property of this laminate.

When designing the circuit board, if you choose to use Shengyi SG7350D2, you need to test how flammable it is. There are some laminate materials that can easily catch fire or react to flame in negative ways.

To simply put, the flammability volume of the laminate material is crucial. That is why it is advisable to know how best the Shengyi SG7350D2 can react to heat, flame, or its resistance to fire. Also, this involves the measurement of how hard this laminate catches fire.

Degradation Temperature

How well does this laminate react to heat application? There are notable chemical reactions that occur after exposure to heat. As such, the Shengyi SG7350D2 needs to be tested for how there are damaging effects of heat in relation to chemical changes.

Accordingly, there are properties such as thermal properties that change after reaction to increased temperature. Although this kind of laminate reacts well and no negative chemical changes often occur after exposure to heat.

Volume Resistivity

For the Shengyi SG7350D2, it is important you test the volume resistivity of this laminate material. This has to do with the measurement of how this laminate can resist the passage of current through the circuit board.

Hence, this laminate can withstand the leakage of current flowing through its insulating laminate material. Therefore, for high volume resistance, one uses laminate that possesses little electric conductivity.

Glass Transition Temperature

In testing Shengyi SG7350D2, the glass transition temperature is important for testing. This implies, you begin to observe where its first state starts to modify based on heat application.

Also, at this point, you carefully look at the DMA which is a factor that influences the modification on heat application. The measurement of the tg is crucial when testing this laminate.

This glass transition temperature enables you to know where and when changes begin to occur in the first state of this laminate material. One tests the degrees of temperature that can modify this laminate from one state to another.

Surface Resistivity

This is also a property to test on the Shengyi SG7350D2 PCB. After you test the volume resistivity, the surface resistivity is not to be left out.

For the volume resistivity, it is the resistance to current leakage passing through the laminate. Then, the surface resistivity testing has to do with the minimal current this PCB laminate material can withstand without any leakage. Thus, if there’s a rise in surface resistivity, then there is leakage of increased current. At the end, it shows how bad a conductor the laminate is.

Dielectric Breakdown

You need to test the dielectric breakdown of the Shengyi SG7350D2. This implies, you study how this laminate may not be able to block passage of current. Hence, this results from indication that there is electric stress. When one applies too much of an electric stress, the laminate ceases to block current. Therefore, there is a specified voltage at which dielectric breakdown may occur.

Elasticity Modulus

In testing the Shengyi SG730D2, you need to check for any deformation that may possibly take place. This is due to heat application on the laminate. It should be able to withstand heat application without any deformity.

Which Application Areas Can You Use Shengyi SG730D2 Laminate?

There are many areas one can use this PCB laminate material. However, let us consider a few of these application areas.

Microwave Combiner

This kind of laminate is applicable in microwave combiner because of how it enhances its performance. After you are done testing it, its application can make the microwave combiner work effectively.

Power Divider

Also, the Shengyi SG730D2 works as a power divider. Thus, it helps with signal transmission. This laminate facilitates high performance and speed in the power divider.

Power Amplifier

In a power amplifier, this kind of laminate is really applicable. This laminate enhances performance thereby increasing the magnitude you can have on the power amplifier. This is one of the best type of laminate that fits perfectly into the power amplifiers.

Passive Components

This laminate is applicable in passive components. Although these components may not necessarily require much energy, this laminate influences how these components work.

Are Shengyi SG730D2 PCB Laminates Durable?

When we talk about laminates that last long, the Shengyi SG730D2 is one. It withstands heat application and throughout testing, most of its properties retain shape.

Therefore, it is long lasting and gives value every engineer or designer wants. It can bond layers and doesn’t become weak after a long use.


Shengyi SG730D2 needs the proper testing. Above, we mentioned properties that should be tested. This implies, these are considerable factors that determine how best it can work.

So, ensure you test this laminate very well. It is also applicable in several areas but mostly in use for power amplifiers and power dividers.




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