Do you know RF-35(TACONIC material)?

Do you know RF-35(TACONIC material)?

RF-35(TACONIC material)


(1) low cost;

(2) Excellent peel strength;

(3) Extraordinary low loss factor;

(4) low water absorption rate;

(5) Enhanced surface smoothness.





(1) power amplifier;

(2) filters and connectors;

(3) Passive components.


1)RF-35 is an organic-ceramic laminate material in the ORCER of TACONIC products.

2)It is a reinforced glass material based on woven glass cloth, and a combination of TACONIC's ceramic filling technology and glass fiber coated PTFE technology.

3)RF-35 is the best choice for low cost, high volume commercial microwave and wireless frequency applications.

3)RF-35 of 1/20Z and 10Z copper foil boards, even with standard epoxy materials, have excellent peel strength and provide rework at any time.

4)The glass transition temperature of RF -35 exceeds 315 ℃.

5)The ultra-low water absorption and low loss factor of RF-35 minimizes phase shift in the frequency range of use.

6)The dimensional stability of RF-35 is due to the use of woven glass cloth in its design development.

7)RF-35 laminate material, generally with single or double-sided 1/20Z, 10Z and 20Z thickness of electrolytic copper foil. Different sizes of sheets can be selected according to requirements.

8) For the RF-35 microwave material, the relationship between the thermal expansion rate in the Z-axis direction and the temperature is shown in the figure below:

RF-35(TACONIC brand)

9)RF-35 dielectric constant changes with temperature:

PCB TACONIC brand material

10)RF-35 dielectric loss changes with temperature:

PCB RF-35 material

10) The relationship between the dielectric constant and frequency of RF-35 microwave materials is shown in the figure below:

Special PCB material

11)The relationship between the dielectric loss of RF and the frequency of microwave materials is shown in the figure below:

R35 TACONIC material