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Top 9 Electronics Design Companies for Development

Today, anyone can leverage the chance to conceive novel gadgets and top-notch electronic designs that enhance the quality of life. One does not necessarily have to possess professional expertise in engineering or development as several companies can produce customized products based on individual specifications. 

The breadth of electronics design services is vast, encompassing everything from gathering data and creating specifications to readying for mass creation and navigating certification procedures. 

What is Electronics Design Companies?

STM32 PDB Design
STM32 PDB Design

Electronic design companies are composed of a team of proficient professionals who can assist you in developing electronic equipment at various stages of its development. Whether you’re preparing for the mass production of your electronic products, constructing a prototype, or designing a printed circuit board (PCB). An electronic design company can enable you to accomplish all of these tasks in one location.

Embedded software & electronic design service providers have an advantage over companies focused solely on developing electronics for devices because they can expedite testing & development processes through efficient communication within a single organization. This accelerated communication enables them to complete tasks more rapidly. The substantial growth of the outsourcing market to engineering companies can be attributed to the diverse domains they serve, including consumer electronics, robotics, medical systems, automotive, industrial & telecommunications. Companies that create electronic solutions use different ways of working together and various tools depending on what industry they are working in and what the project needs.


Why consider Electronics Design Companies?

Consider outsourcing to an innovative product development engineering service for various compelling reasons, but keep in mind that there may be situations where in-house development could be a preferable option. Before engaging a remote team, it is advisable to carefully evaluate the pros and cons to determine the optimal solution. If you’re unsure whether or not to engage the electronic design organization, here are a few factors to contemplate when delegating the engineering of the new product.

  • Lack of resources
  • Need for extra resources
  • Risk diversification
  • Lack of expertise

Top considerations when looking for Electronics Design Companies


After understanding what an electric design company is, it’s important to identify the key factors to consider when searching for one. Below are some essential criteria you should consider to make the appropriate selection.

· Service history and reputation

Reading reviews from current and past clients is a top and straightforward method to gain insight into a potential electronic prototyping & design company. Although these reviews may have some subjectivity, they can provide a valuable indication to anticipate from the organization you are considering. Fortunately, various platforms now offer reviews and ratings of industry-leading companies, and consulting these sources can assist you in selecting the appropriate company.

Remote collaboration is made possible by freelancing platforms, which provide ranking systems for experts with diverse development expertise. Through these platforms, clients can also provide feedback and ratings for their teams. It’s a good practice to ask your contractor for references, and it’s a positive indicator if they are willing to share them. The key to building lasting relationships is to maintain a high level of customer satisfaction and service.

If clients are content and joyful with your services, they are more likely to return for future projects, such as creating new equipment or upgrading and refining their electronics. When discussing your project, it is necessary to consider the inquiries posed by potential companies carefully. The finest electronic design businesses’ engineering professionals will not only ask in-depth technical questions but also propose solutions to any issues that arise.

In case you are uncertain about whether the organization is the ideal option, consider providing them with a trial task or a small project initially. After the company has finished the preliminary assignment, you can decide whether to move forward with a more extensive and complicated project.

· Collaborative approach 

To achieve timely delivery of the project while staying within your budget, it is essential to adopt an appropriate collaborative approach. When searching for an electric design organization, it is essential to understand their collaboration models. The two basic approaches to production or development are “Agile” and “Waterfall.” A Waterfall approach is inflexible and sequential, where you complete & validate each phase. This method is suitable for all projects with well-defined specifications that do not require any modifications.

An agile approach, the second methodology, enables flexible and incremental development. With this model, customers can adjust the project specifications as needed, and the producer/developer will make the necessary modifications. Your preferred electronic design organization can utilize these methodologies based on your unique requirements. Nevertheless, the agile production model is typically favored since it is a superior method for meeting clients’ expectations. 

Remote product development services can adopt various collaboration models & frameworks. If you prefer complete project engagement & full control over the development procedure, you can work with a dedicated team. If you’ve doubts regarding the feasibility of your project, you can initiate the research & development model. Alternatively, you can collaborate with a dependable consulting service to audit your present design. 

· Communication and Project Management 

Hardware Layout
Hardware Layout

During the interview process for a potential electrical design, organizations don’t hesitate to inquire about essential details. Ask about who will manage your project, supervise the development /production process, and how communication will be carried out. Also, identify who your primary contact point will be. In well-organized design companies, team members are assigned distinct responsibilities. The core project groups or teams in such companies typically include the given members:

  • BDM
  • Account manager
  • PM
  • Chief technical officer (CTO)
  • Engineers
  • Technical lead

The initial interaction with the company is through the Business Development Manager (BDM), who provides comprehensive information about the company and assists in evaluating the compatibility of your needs with their services. Once the contract is signed, an account manager mediates with you and the internal team. The technical lead oversees the technical deliverables and management, while a project manager ensures that the group meets the project’s budget and timeline goals. 

· Payment 

The payment terms are subject to change based on the project needs, collaboration type, and business practices of both the contractor & client. The payment structure for a given project may involve regular payments per hour or fixed installments upon the completion of significant milestones. A time-and-materials model is suitable for research & development (R&D) projects involving extensive investigation. This method is appropriate when uncertainty exists regarding selecting components for an electric design & you desire to conduct a preliminary examination. Additionally, it is advisable when it’s not feasible to anticipate the precise deliverables or the potential for alterations in requirements during the production/development phase.

· Similar portfolio projects

Having relevant expertise can effectively reduce costs and accelerate the development process while ensuring project deliverables meet your expectations & requirements. It’s essential to examine the portfolio of any electronic design organization you consider to determine if they have relevant case studies. Remember that specific projects may need the creation of both hardware and software components.

Creating a GPS requires several components, including printed circuit board design services, schematics, backend, and frontend for the firmware, cloud platform &mobile app. It’s optimal to have these project elements developed by a single team located in the same place for efficiency and convenience. The ideal electronic design organization should be capable of completing various projects. For instance, they can design electronics, write drivers, and create custom builds for new house automation systems. Embedded engineers can also construct hardware and software for IP cameras, enabling video streaming.

Top 9 Electronics Design Companies for Development

1. AJProTech, USA, Los Angeles

The AJProTech team offers comprehensive electric design services encompassing the entire product development process, from defining product specifications and engineering sample development to mass production preparation. 

With its expertise spanning IoT devices, consumer electronics, industrial design, and power electronics, this company boasts a wide range of experience. Additionally, they offer industrial design services, mechanical production, and enclosure construction, providing a one-stop shop for comprehensive product development. You can count on them to take your product from conception to completion. 

2. Mako Design + Invent, USA, Austin, TX

Specializing in electric design for startups, inventors & small-scale developers, this company’s team is equipped to assist you in taking your product from concept to market. They have the expertise and experience necessary to help you bring your idea to fruition.

The electronic engineering services provided by this team encompass a wide range of areas, including product engineering. They are well-equipped to handle all aspects of the product development process and can help bring your ideas to life.

3. Consonance, Kraków, Poland

The Consonance team is dedicated to creating tailor-made medical devices and specializes in MedTech goods. The company offers various services, including medical device production, electronic & mechanical engineering, prototyping, and support for CE & ISO 13485 certification.

With the assistance of this team, you can transform your medical concept into a mass-produced solution.

4. DESIGN, Surry Hills, Australia

The company designs personalized solutions for various industries, including business, medicine, transportation, mining, consumer electronics, sports, infrastructure, and defense.

Their strengths lie in industrial design production/development, prototyping, engineering, manufacturing preparation, and assisting startups.

5. Voler Systems, Sunnyvale, CA

The core expertise of Voler Systems organization is in providing electronics engineering services for the development of medical, IoT devices, and wearable. Their team possesses extensive knowledge in sensors, power management, wireless interfaces & medical credentialing criteria.

They offer electronics engineering services that include analog or circuit design, integrated systems with Field-Programmable Gate Array development, prototyping & manufacturing preparation.

As observed, you can either choose an organization that can assist you in developing products across various industries or opts for a company that focuses on crafting products for a limited number of fields.

6. EInfochips

EInfochips, a prominent player in the electronics design industry, has a strong presence in India and USA. Their comprehensive suite of services encompasses device engineering, silicon engineering, quality control, and software development, with a track record of developing more than 500 products. EInfochips has served diverse industries, collaborating with notable brands such as Siemens, Samsung, Microsoft, and Toshiba. 

7. AVL, Austria

AVL, a significant player in the car industry, is renowned for its extensive range of independent services. The organization is a specialist in developing solutions aimed at reducing CO2 emissions. It is equally adept in the areas of aviation & construction device development.

Since 1948, AVL has been a thriving business based in Austria, with offices spanning all continents. The company welcomes partnerships with organizations and individuals. It offers various services such as testing solutionsg. AVL has established a reputation for its exceptional experience in battery technology and autonomous driving. 

8. Promwad

With over seventeen years of expertise, Promwad stands as one of the leading companies in electronics design and development worldwide. Their expertise lies in multimedia and digital TV. They have completed various projects in areas such as utilities, automotive electronics. With a portfolio of over 350 projects, they have collaborated with both industry giants and specialized companies. Their partners include renowned organizations such as TI, Realtek & Analog Devices.

Apart from providing software and hardware engineering services, Promwad offers customized enclosure design. They also offer circuit board manufacturing & assembly. Their comprehensive solutions can aid in quickly and efficiently realizing your task from its inception to the market.

9. Softeq

embedded iot

Softeq, Inc. is a Houston-based company that specializes in providing custom hardware & software design, as well as maintenance & support services. They also offer prototypes, integrated systems development, proof-of-concept development, close-to-the-hardware programming, and development of mobile, IoT, & cloud solutions. With its extensive range of services, Softeq is recognized as one of the large companies in Houston, United States. Furthermore, the company has established divisions in Belarus & Lithuania, where its production departments collaborate with other digital product organizations. The software provides comprehensive services in software and hardware design & development, all conveniently available in one place. They specialize in assisting small and large businesses with early-stage concept development. They are making it easier to find the right engineer for their customized project.

Softeq boasts an impressive list of clients, including Microsoft, Lenovo, Samsung, AMD, Coca-Cola, and many others. Among their successful products are the Lenovo X1 Carbon laptop computer & Dell Latitude E6430 laptop computer.


In the current global economy, there is a significant surge in demand for electric devices. As a result, the electronics production industry has witnessed sustained growth across various world regions. This expansion has opened up opportunities for individuals who intend to invest in this field. Moreover, the progress of the electric production sector has been instrumental in driving technological advancements.

The electronics production industry is a major global employer, with billions of people employed worldwide. This article highlights some leading electronics manufacturing companies on a global scale.




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