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What you should Know about 0201 SMD Package Size

In modern electronic devices, there are thousands of tiny components know as SMD. Electronic designers no longer use traditional components. As the demand for more compact electronics increases, there is an increasing demand for surface mount devices. Surface mount devices (SMD) help in fabricating very compact, complex electronics.

Almost all electronic devices integrate surface mount technology (SMT). SMT is the technology integrated for mounting surface mount devices on PCBs. SMT offers more spacing and as such, it provides significant benefits during circuit board fabrication.

Furthermore, the use of SMDs enables more components to be packed in a smaller space. However, SMDs come in different sizes like 0603, 0201, 0402, and more. Our main focus in this article is 0201 SMD.

What is 0201 SMD?

components package

Surface mount devices include capacitors, transistors, resistors and more. SMD components usually come in different sizes. These sizes are always indicated on the SMD components.  Also, the 0201 SMD package measures 0.024” x 0.012” which is 0.6 x 0.3 mm.

The 0201 SMD is specially designed to enhance reliability in applications that need spacing. These applications include portable devices like tablets, digital cameras, smartphones, and more. However, the 0201 SMD components need delicate handling during assembly.

0201 SMD package size is much smaller than 0402 SMD. Therefore, precise process is essential when mounting 0201 components.  0201 SMD packages are very small. However, this package has imperial code and metric code.

Understanding the 0201 SMD imperial code and metric code

There are two ways to indicate the component sizes of SMD. Identifying these ways can be very challenging for buyers of components. Metric or imperial code can cause some confusion. However, it is very simple to understand these codes. The number code on a component indicates the size of the component.

Imperial code is usually in inches. For instance the 0201 imperial code indicates that the component is 0.02 by 0.01 inches. However, metric code is usually measured in millimeter. For instance 0201 SMD metric code indicates that the component is 0.2 by 0.1 mm in size.

Rules for Working with 0201 SMD

Surface mount components are usually smaller than lead-based components. Also, they offer a higher component density. These components come in various sizes and shapes specified by some standardized codes. The 0201 SMD is one of the smallest components. It measures 0.024 x 0.012.

With the small dimensions of an 0201 SMD package, it is important assemblers abide by some guidelines during the mounting process.  As regards the solderable metallization and the design of the circuit board mounting pads, PCB assembler should review this information.

Ensure there is a tolerance of +-0.05mm and a dual image optical system when placing 0201 SMD packages. This is because the dual-image system helps to align the package’s bottomside with the pad of the circuit board.

Guidelines for PCB Solder Pad in SMDs

The two most popularly utilized PCB pad configuration for SMD packages are the non-solder masked defined (NSMD) and solder mask defined (SMD). SMD pads feature a solder mask usually placed over the metallization margin that limits the flow of solder paste on the metallization top. Also, this solder mask prevents the flow of solder on the metal pad’s size.

NSMD pads have a solder mask that pulls away from the metallization. Therefore, there is the flow of solder around the top and sides of the metalization. Also, these pads are a preferred pad configuration in circuit board design. This is because the lack of solder mask shows more copper etching beneath.

Therefore, this creates a bigger opening around the metal pad which enhances the reliability of the solder joint. Also, the solder mask’s presence may result in package tilting. More so, the copper etching possesses a greater tolerance.

Sphere-sized or type 4 solder paste is highly effective for 0201 SMD components. Ensure you pair this paste with flux for cleaning.

More Facts about 0201 SMD Package Size


Solder selection

The solder pad’s small size and the 0201 SMD creates a bump in the PCB. Therefore, this makes the component to tilt. You can prevent tilting by integrating a PCB trace equivalent to the mounting pad’s width.

Solder stencil screening

Stencils can accurately apply paste on the circuit board. The ideal stencil thickness for an 0201 SMD is 0.1mm. Therefore, ensure the stencil’s sidewalls are approximately tapered five degrees. Also, ensure it includes electro-polish finish to help discharge the solder paste after removing the stencil. Since the introduction of jet paste printers, there has been no need for stencils, particularly when working with designs integrating small components.

Jet paste printers monitor the volumes of solder paste in real-time and make instant changes to adjust volume. These printers can adjust the area coverage and solder paste layers for each component, packages, and pad. This is crucial for fine-pitch components.

Component overages

Considering component overages is important to help your project delivered on-time. Therefore, you need to buy extra parts to replace any lost past. This is particularly essential for smaller components like 0402 and 0201-sized components. These components are among the smallest. They are invisible. Parts can get lost when dismount or mounting on the feeder.

While various assemblers need various amounts of coverage based on its capabilities. Some examples include:

  • 0402 and 0201 foot prints need 100% overage and 100 extra pieces
  • 0603 and larger footprints need 20% overage + 20 extra pieces.

Solder reflow

Verify the 0201 SMD going into the reflow oven, particularly if there are several packages on the circuit board. Also, solder paste manufacturers offer guidelines for the suitable profile. The temperature of devices shouldn’t increase at a much faster rate.


SMDs are different from lead-based components. Also, SMD components are specially designed to be directly placed and soldered on the circuit board. 0201 SMD package features miniaturized dimensions. Choosing the right SMD components for your PCB project can be very challenging. Therefore, it is important to abide by some guidelines. We have discussed important information about the 0201 SMD package in this article.




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