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What is Satisfactory Circuit Board?

Satisfactory features many recipes, which require supercomputers or computers. Therefore, unlocking them as well as gathering some resources in order to help craft them is very important.

Furthermore, computers are important for the crafting of different end game and middle products in Satisfactory. However, there is a need to unlock them and build them first. It is possible to unlock the initial three computers after you reach tier 5, while Supercomputers could be unlocked later on immediately the Tier 7 is made available.

The circuit board used here is known as a mid-game component that is useful in crafting computers, as well as mid to late game products. Computers have now become an important resource in Satisfactory’s later stages. This is due to the fact that they are needed for some advanced products and certain buildings. One component which you can craft with the use of computers is the supercomputer.

This leads to a more advanced electronics equipment with time. For instance, there is a need to make use of Supercomputers if you need to utilize Geothermal Generators or Nuclear Power Plants as a source of power or power source.

The different resources in Satisfactory and advanced electronics are available, which are necessary for crafting computers. The three main types of computers usually need different resources for crafting. These include coffee stain studios. However, all these resources require a circuit board.

You can unlock this circuit board in the Oil Processing section of Tier 5. Furthermore, there is a need for four plastic and two copper sheets. The other necessary components useful in crafting the usual computer ought to be obtained easily.

All Types of Computer in Satisfactory and Ways of Building Them


Three major types of computers exist, which could be unlocked at the Tier 5. Also, all of them are useful in the crafting of recipes.

It is possible to interchange these computers in crafting, therefore, it is advisable that players produce the one which they can easily make with respect to the available resources. You can either build these computers at the Manufacturer using the coffee stain studios, which helps in combining 3 or 4 resources. It could also be the assembler that can combine just two.

Also, these computers are useful in crafting vehicles, coupled with different advanced products. This is possible with the help of the circuit board of satisfactory. Supercomputer is an item which you can craft using computers. This gives early access to players to craft more advanced products.

Crystal Computer

This is also in tier 5. Here, you will need three crystal oscillators and eight circuit boards in building a crystal computer making use of the Assembler. Furthermore, the production of crystal computers is done thrice in every 64 seconds.


This is in tier 5. When creating this form of circuit board Satisfactory Computer, you need nine cables, 52 screws, 18 plastics, and 10 (ten) circuit board. You can build this with the help of the manufacturer. The production of a computer happens once in 24 seconds.

Caterium Computer

This is tier 5. The creation of the Caterium computer is done with the help of the manufacturer and the Caterium circuit board. This is possible using 12 rubber, 28 quickwires, awesome sink, and 7 circuit boards (Caterium circuit board). For the production of Caterium computer, you can produce one in every sixteen 16 seconds.

All the Recipes Using Computers In Satisfactory

Adaptive control unit

This adaptive control unit is usually unlocked in the circuit board of Satisfactory. The manufacturer also crafts it making use of ten circuit boards, fifteen automated wiring, two computers, as well as two very heavy modular frames. In order to create two adaptive control unit (ACUs), it will take about 120 seconds.

Fluid Freight Platform

This requires two computers, 25 cables, 50 concrete, circuit board, 5 motors, 6 modular frames as well as 5 motors. Also, this can be crafted making use of the Build Gun.

Electric Locomotive

Making use of the build gun, it is possible to craft the electric locomotive with about five modular frames, five computers, fifteen steel pipes, five beacons, and ten motors.

Fuel Generator

Here the circuit board of Satisfactory makes use of the build gun in placing a fuel generator. This is twice the amount usually crafted with the use of five computers, 50 rubber, fifteen motors, circuit board, 50 quickwires, and ten modular frames.

Freight Platform

These include two computers, 25 cables, 50 concrete, 6 modular frames, and circuit board are useful in the crafting of the freight platform using the build gun.

Hover Pack

This is in tier 7. It requires eight motors, eight computers, four modular frames, and forty Aluminum sheets are useful in crafting the Hover Pack through the Equipment Workshop.

All the Supercomputer Crafting Recipe Present In Satisfactory’s Circuit Board

Geothermal Generator

Using the build gun, it is possible to craft the geothermal generator making use of forty copper sheets, sixteen high speed connector, sixteen modular frames, eighty rubber, and 8 supercomputers.

Assembly Director System

This is seen in Tier 7. It is possible to produce one director system every eighty seconds with the help of the assembler, coupled with two ACUs and a supercomputer

Miner MK.3

This is tier 8. And it requires fifty steel pipes, 3 portable miners, 5 supercomputers, 3 turbo motors, and ten modular frames. Others here include the nuclear power plant, particle accelerator, and the programmable splitter.

How to Place the Circuit Board Assemblers In Satisfactory

Here describes the placing of the seven circuit board assemblers on the fifth row. Copper sheet and plastic will help in feeding these. There is a need to directly place one splitter in the copper sheet last merger in that copper sheet that merges the line in the 12th column. There is also a need for copper wire.

The next step is placing a circuit board assembler down to ensure that the initial input stays in line with your splitter. This is necessary so as to connect the conveyor elevator using the splitter. For this stage, you will place the circuit board assembler about three spaces at a distance away from your splitter.

Next, place about six additional assemblers in a specific row towards the left. Then place another splitter onto the ground and ensure that it works with the splitting line of the circuit board assembly. Furthermore, place the splitters that flows to the grid’s left side in-front of each circuit board assembler’s right input, then connect all the lines.


Hope you now have full details concerning the circuit board of satisfactory. Any questions? Please let us know.