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The Impact of ITAR PCB Compliance on Your Business

There are several regulatory issues for defense and aerospace electronics firms to consider. The majority of legislative regulations and commercial requirements for domestic PCBs and electronics are in place to guarantee quality, dependability, worker safety, and environmental safety. 

There are further severe laws regarding who is permitted access to technical information on defense and aerospace electronics, even if these rules are meant to safeguard the end user and the general public.

ITAR and the EAR are the most important of these for PCB design and defense contractor companies. ITAR is the most crucial between the two for producers and designers in the aerospace and military industries: Defense equipment is governed by ITAR, and everything else is governed by EAR. Who may manufacture, transfer, read, or retransmit defense publications for their own use or on behalf of other organizations is governed by ITAR. 

When developing new devices for the systems they manufacture, defense and aerospace electronics firms should think about how to work with a PCB layout company and permit ITAR circuit board manufacturing.

What Is ITAR PCB Compliance?

Rogers RO4360G2 pcb

In 2008, for the sake of national safety, the American DoD reinforced the contractual limitations on federal contractors. Despite the fact that no new rules were introduced, this decision increased the risk that a corporation partnering alongside the DoD would violate its contract, leading to penalties or an inability to keep working together with the federal government on defense projects. Companies that provide goods and services to the DoD as well as other defense agencies, have subsequently increased the requirements that suppliers and other parties abide by international trade laws like ITAR.

An organization can demonstrate ITAR compliance by joining the DoD Trade Controls of the US State Department. A PCB or electronics designer, manufacturer, or developer who registers promises to abide by the ITAR’s regulations and rules with regard to products on the US Munitions List or USML. The USML has items that you may imagine need restriction, like armored vehicles, tanks, and various other platforms utilized for defense. It also covers less evident technologies like software, data, and commercial satellites. Therefore, it is important to take precautions to make sure that, if required, you are functioning in conformity with ITAR.

When Do You Need the ITAR PCB Compliance?

If you aren’t a military contractor or don’t frequently supply DoD suppliers, you might not normally think about whether it’s necessary to stay ITAR compliant. As an alternative, you may base your decision on the customer. 

However, it is preferable that you should know the time when or how ITAR compliance begins to impact your development and design. Also, owing to the fines and the possible consequences for being unable to fulfill these regulatory standards. Making this decision is aidable by requesting the following queries.

If none of the inquiries above can be answered with a solid “no,” you should look into it further to find out for sure whether ITAR compliance is necessary for your company’s growth. If thus, you can read more here about how to register.

One of the DoD’s and other federal agencies most important tasks is to monitor and limit access to military systems from individuals who do not specifically require it. You play a key role in that limitation apparatus. If you develop and manufacture the electronics and PCBs employed in these systems. For the development, you ought to work with an ITAR-registered CM or contract manufacturer, such as Tempo Automation.

ITAR PCB Compliance Vs. ITAR Registered

According to ITAR, everyone (or any entity) engaged in the production of defense goods or the provision of defense services must register with the US State Department and maintain their registration up to date. The Department has registered Epec Engineered Solutions and Technologies.

Although they do not have the necessary measures for registration with the US Department, many businesses assert that they are indeed ITAR compliant. If you are in charge of managing ITAR materials, it is solely your duty to ensure that all the suppliers are registering properly and following the ITAR regulations. ITAR is interpreted and implemented by the Department of State. Its mission is to protect the national security of the US and advance its foreign policy goals.

Epec’s ITAR PCB Commitment


ITAR compliance necessitates considerable dedication from the administration and a big investment in infrastructure for a worldwide manufacturer of products. The management of Epec has committed to keeping all of ITAR’s data in a way that goes much beyond what is required. This happens under the ITAR by making investments in secure and separated IT resources.

Understanding ITAR PCB And Supply Chain

Since Epec became a pioneer in the field of managing supply chains, we have developed methods and procedures. These guarantee ITAR compliance both now and in the future. It is our duty as an organization that works with ITAR products to ensure that all the subcontractors, directors, workers, and salespeople are aware that subordination is not a choice. We can methodically verify each of the affected parties to ensure compliance thanks to the auditing methodology. This is just another method that we benefit our clients.

Importance Of ITAR PCB In the Industry

The circuit board or PCB is a term that refers to describe a thin board of fiberglass having electrical channels. Epoxy and laminate substances can also be useful in creating the board. The pathways or traces connect integrated circuits, resistors, and transistors. PCB is useful in many different technologies and is crucial for innovation.

 Therefore, it is crucial for businesses in the Circuit sector to maintain ITAR compliance. Moreover, its employment in thermal control systems, laser equipment, and spacecraft, PCB is prohibited due to its military purpose. The compliance of ITAR is essential for the following reasons.

1. Legality

It guarantees that the PCB business abides by the law. If you are producing PCBs without compliance, then you are breaking the law and risk facing harsh consequences. Lower revenue may arise from penalties since you will need to shut down your company to complete the required documentation. In addition, failure to comply might result in severe fines.

2. Better Security Information

You can protect intellectual property by becoming compliant. Other businesses cannot steal the Circuit board you are manufacturing as you remain transparent about its capabilities and can demonstrate that it belongs to you.

3. Peace Of Mind

ITAR compliance guarantees that you may unwind and manage your business. If you don’t comply, you’ll worry about government oversight all the time. As long as you are acting legally, you may unwind.

How Does ITAR Compliance Affect PCB?

metal core pcb led

If a PCB design is going to use in a military product that is listed on the USML, ITAR compliance assures all the technical information needed to create the PCB is limited. No one cannot share or export that information with anyone from other nations. The information includes all the technical artwork, drawings, netlist details, CNC data, ODB++ data, and production specifications. Wholesalers and distributors, as well as manufacturers, cannot sell PCBs without certification.

Companies engaged in PCB manufacturing and assembly must adhere to ITAR regulations. List yourself with the DDTC to be in conformity with ITAR. It lets everyone know that you checked out the ITAR. At the same time, being ready to follow the rules governing the production and distribution of PCBs. Obtaining ITAR Circuit board certification will guarantee that you may export or sell your product with ease. If the government checks your paperwork, you won’t need to be concerned about paying hefty fines.

How To Maintain the ITAR PCB Compliance?

Manage all information given by the client in a way that prevents access from different sources. These are unidentifiable or unauthorizedly origins 

Likewise, the electronic product itself is not accessible to unauthorized parties for evaluation or purchase. 

Furthermore, the customer is responsible for providing the CM with the infrastructure and/or guidelines essential for safely conveying inquiries or important technical data.

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