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Evonik ROHACELL Materials for PCB

For more than 40byears now, Evonik has been providing a wide range of products for several industries. The PCB industry has benefited from the products manufactured by Evonik. Also, Evonik ROHACELL offers solutions for various applications for fiber-reinforced composites. Most of its composite products are mainly used by aviation, construction, wind power, and automotive industries.

Evonik has been offering several industries unrestricted possibilities for lightweight manufacturing of products or parts made from composites. ROHACELL is one of Evonik’s products commonly used in the fabrication of printed circuit boards. We will be focusing more on Evonik ROHACELL and its usefulness across industries.

What is Evonik ROHACELL?

ROHACELL is one of Evonik’s several products. It is lightweight structural foam used in the manufacturing of PCBs. Also, this foam has very low dielectric constant and offers favorable transmission. Evonik ROHACELL is widely used across a wide range of industries. This product features very fine cell structure which enables compatibility with metallic materials. Also, it has minimal resin uptake and no corrosive effects.

Furthermore, Evonik ROHACELL is a fiber-composite that offers an extraordinary low-loss barrier. This barrier is much better than that of air. Also, this foam is ideal for use in advanced RF/Microwave PCBs. ROHACELL foam offers high temperature resistance of about 220oCand exceptional dynamic strength. This lightweight foam is easily machined.

Also, this foam is usually attached to circuit boards. Engineers have devised several ways of attaching this composite in PCBs. In addition, Evonik ROHACELL offers high pressure resistance even at increased temperatures. Also, these foams are very effective, especially at very high processing pressures and temperatures. They are cost-effective materials for PCB fabrication.

You can cure Evonik ROHACELL at high temperatures since it features high creep and thermal resistance. RoHACELL is polymethacrylimide-based foam that offers creep compression strength and great mechanical strength superior to other rigid foams. This material is often integrated as a structural core. Also, its stiffness is useful for winding, performing processing, and braiding.

Engineers can integrate ROHACELL to build a complex sandwich design. This helps to ensure a stable and efficient process. Also, this material is well-known for its unique properties and benefits.

Features of Evonik ROHACELL


Evonik ROHACELL offers a wide range of unique features which include:

Low weight

ROHACELL is a lightweight structural foam. Its lightweight feature makes it a suitable core sandwiched between plastic skins of fiber composite. Also, its low weight saves more energy and as such, enables environmental protection.

Exceptional dynamic strength

This structural foam has great dynamic strength. Also, you can apply pressure on this material repeatedly. Therefore, it is ideal for use in applications exposed to high pressure and temperature.

Exceptional mechanical properties

Due to its great mechanical properties, it is suitable for composite structures. Also, ROHACELL offers exceptional mechanical properties at low densities and over a wide range of temperatures. This structural foam offers high mechanical performance at an extreme low weight.

High creep resistance

ROHACELL offers extraordinary compressive creep properties for processing of about 190oC. Due to its high creep resistance, you can cure this material at very high temperatures. ROHACELL is the only core material that provides such fast curing.

High temperature resistance

ROHACELL offers an excellent temperature resistance of about 210OC in post-cure processes. Also, this foam is a unique core material that has proved to withstand high pressures and processing temperatures.

Benefits of Using Evonik ROHACELL


Evonik ROHACELL is a cost-effective alternative for composite foams. It can be easily processed. Also, it provides cost savings in the production of a complete component.


One of the main benefits of ROHACELL is its high-end versatility. Also, this lightweight structural foam is ideal for use in a vast range of applications and industries. From aviation to communication and medical, ROHACELL has proved to be a reliable core material.

Easily machined

This structural machine can be easily machined. There is design freedom for engineers who integrate ROHACELL. You can shape the foam using thermoshaping, machining, or thermoforming.

Customizable cell sizes

The cell sizes of ROHACELL are customizable to various processing methods. You can choose from different cell sizes. Also, ROHACELL comprises closed cells. This material features no heavy metals or CFC.

Applications of Evonik ROHACELL

Evonik ROHACELL is widely used across several applications and industries.

Medical technology

ROHACELL plays a crucial role in the manufacturing of medical technology equipment. This structural is a core material in CT scans and patient tables for X-Ray that minimizes patients’ exposure to radiation in diagnostic procedures. Therefore, it helps to prevent unfavorable effects on human health while offering great image quality for accurate diagnosis.

Wind power

ROHACELL is widely used in wind turbines. For example, expanding offshore and traditional offshore both have foam core in their blades. This foam core is lightweight which helps to reduce load. Also, lighter blade in turbines help to extend their service life.

Electronics and communication systems

Radar devices carry out several positioning and navigation tasks during flight operations. Antenna devices such as cover of radar are specially designed as a composite structure. This cover must possess some mechanical requirements due to exposure to external factors and high speeds. ROHACELL offers dielectric properties that meet requirements of the radar system. Also, ROHACELL is widely used in mobile phones’ loudspeaker membranes.


ROHACELL is ideal for use in several modes of transportation like trains and ships. Its lightweight nature offers several advantages in the air and on the road. Cars, ships, trains built with lower weight materials save fuel and also enable minimized emissions. Reducing the weight of vehicles is a great advantage for electric cars as it helps to improve range. Also, you will find Evonik ROACHELL in advanced racing cars.


ROHACELL has played a significant role in the aviation industry for a very long time. It is a light and efficient alternative to metal materials. For instance, rotor blades of helicopters feature ROHACELL. The sandwich design protects the rotor blades from local buckling.


Evonik ROHACELL is a high-end core material in PCBs and other electronics. It serves a wide range of functions and offers unique benefits.




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