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Where to Print Easy PCB Cheaper

PCB printing is an important aspect of PCB design. A circuit board is an important part of most electronic devices. Therefore, all aspects of manufacturing this board are very important. There are different factors that contribute to the cost of printing an Easy PCB. The type of software used will determine the cost of printing Easy PCB.

There are different programs designed to help you print Easy PCB cheaper. These programs offer you features that make it easy to print Easy PCB. Therefore, we will explain further on these programs.

Softwares that Print Easy PCB Cheaper

Design SparkPCB

This is free software for PCB design. With Design SparkPCB, you can get designs and 3D diagrams for closed conduits. Also, this software offers unlimited size of schematics. It can use several layers for a closed circuit.

In addition, this software features several PCB design tutorials. These tutorials help users familiar with Design SparkPCB. Also, this software is suitable for both beginners and experts. It also allows you to import and export files in your desired format. Also, you can create your own library if you don’t want to use its extensive library.


KiCAD is open source electronics design software. This PCB design software can print Easy PCB. Also, it can create PCB layouts and electronic diagrams. It features a schematic editor and a PCB editor. The PCB editor can create PCB layouts with about 32 copper layers. KiCAD is free and doesn’t require any paywall to utilize some of its features.

Also, this software has a component and schematic editor. There is also a footprint selector and a Gerber file viewer in this software.  Also, KiCAD features a project manager and a PCB calculator. It allows you to create footprints or components from bitmap images. KiCAD can run on Linux, Windows, and Mac. Also, you can run it with other distributions like Linux Mint and Ubuntu.

KiCAD has evolved overtime. The KiCAD Developers Team community manages this software. Also, this software is compatible with layer design and Schematic Capture. Also, it can obtain Gerber-type output files. Some of the most recent upgrades in this software include libraries for Path settings and 3D modeling. Also, it features Cairo canvas printing.



This is special software designed for printing Easy PCB. EasyEDA is free software that offers a powerful schematic capture and libraries designer. Asides these features, this software offers a project management tool and a team collaborator.

Also, this software integrates with for offering real-time stocks. EasyEDA is a desktop and online based platform. Furthermore, EasyEDA is a cross-platform that supports Mac, Windows, and Linux.


This is power PCB design software that allows you to print Easy PCB. Eagle is a new software designed by Autodesk. Also, this software provides powerful features and a great interface. It is very easy to use this software. Therefore, it is ideal for beginners.

Eagle features powerful modules like PCB editing, PCB printing, and schematic editing. This software can meet different PCB design demands. Also, Eagle allows you to modify a design and import information from other designs. In addition, this software offers a special feature known as automatic routing.

Eagle offers the following function:

  • Online backward and forward function
  • Interactive follow-up router
  • Importing of information from other designs and conversion to other formats

ExpressPCB Plus

This is EDA software that creates and designs PCBs. ExpressPCB Plus features ExpressSCH Classic for schematics drawing. Also, it offers ExpressPCB Plus for PCB layout. The ExpressPCB Plus helps you view the instant quotes for your PCB board.

This software features new enhancements. These include Netlist validation tools and schematic links. Also, this software allows users to correct mistakes and validate edits. With this software, you can create PCB layouts and create design schematics.

Furthermore, this software is suitable for engineers and students. This software integrates the tools necessary for an electronic circuit design. Also, ExpressPCB Plus allows you to add components by directly choosing from some components in the program database. With this software, you can choose the number of layers needed for a project. Also, you can choose the PCB size that would accommodate your components.


This is a simple PCB designer that allows you to print Easy PCB. TinyCAD is open-source software that supports custom and standard symbol libraries. Also, this software supports PCB layout programs featuring many netlist formats. Also, it can produce many netlist formats.

TinyCAD can create flowcharts and single-line diagrams. Also, this software can create technical drawing for presentation purposes. However, this software is available only in the windows version.

CircuitMaker By Altium

This software offers free PCB design and printing services. CircuitMaker By Altium allows users to work on the same premises.  This software features an editor that allows you to design great schematics and layout. Also, there are no limits on board area and layer counts. Users have the freedom to design with about 16 plane layers and 16 signal layers.

Also, there are no restrictions to the dimensions of the PCB. However, you can only share your projects with the authors you want. This software features a native 3D technology.

PCBWeb Designer

PCBWeb Designer is a free software for manufacturing and designing electronics hardware. This software offers a schematic capture for designs. Also, it offers PCB layout support multilayer. This software is available for Windows only.

The library editor on this software is very simple and easy to use. Also, this editor has features like auto placement of 4-row components. The schematic layout is also powerful for some projects. PCBWeb Designer is a good software for users that need free PCB design software.  Also, this software is suitable for all in early PCB-creation.


There are several software that offer great features for printing Easy PCB. This article has discussed some software that helps you print Easy PCB cheaper. Most times, the most powerful software is not usually free. Howe




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