The Advantages of Aluminum Substrate PCB

The advantages of aluminum substrate PCB



a. The heat dissipation is obviously superior to the standard FR-4 structure.


b. The dielectric used is usually 5 to 10 times the thermal conductivity of conventional epoxy glass and 1/10 of its thickness.


c. The heat transfer index is more efficient than the traditional rigid PCB.


d. You can use lower copper weights than those shown in the IPC recommendation chart.



Aluminum Substrate PCB

Aluminum Substrate PCB



Application of Aluminium substrate PCB


1. Audio equipment: input, output amplifier, balanced amplifier, audio amplifier, preamplifier, power amplifier, etc.


2. Power supply equipment: switching regulator `DC/AC converter `SW regulator, etc.


3. Communication electronic equipment: high frequency amplifier <filtering appliance` reporting circuit.


4. Office automation equipment: motor drives, etc.


5. Car: Electronic regulator `igniter` power controller, etc.


6. Computer: CPU board `floppy disk drive` power supply unit, etc.


7. Power module: Inverter 'solid relay' rectifier bridge and so on.


Aluminum substrates are widely used, and there are aluminum substrate PCB in general audio equipment, power equipment, communication electronic equipment, office automation equipment, automobiles, computers, and power modules.



Aluminium LED PCB



Three differences between Glass Fiber Board and Aluminum substrate PCB


a. Price aspects


The important components of LED fluorescent tube are: circuit board, LED chip and driving power supply. The common circuit board is divided into two types: aluminum substrate board and glass fiber board. Comparing the price of glass fiber board and aluminum substrate board, the price of glass fiber board will be much cheaper, but the performance of aluminum substrate will be better than that of glass fiber board.


b. Technological aspects


According to the different materials and fabrication technology, the glass fiber board can be divided into three kinds: double-sided copper foil glass fiber board, perforated copper foil glass fiber board and single-sided copper foil glass fiber board. Of course, the price of the glass fiber board made from different materials will also be different. The price of glass fiber board made by different materials and techniques is also different. The heat dissipation of LED fluorescent tube with glass fiber board is not as good as that of LED fluorescent lamp tube with aluminum substrate.


c. Performance aspects


We all know that aluminum substrate has good heat dissipation performance, its heat dissipation performance is much better than glass fiber plate. Because aluminum substrates have good thermal conductivity, aluminum substrates play an important role in the field of LED lamps.