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PCB Assembly Thailand, A force to Reckon

In terms of Printed Circuit Board assembly and production volume in the whole world, China stands at the very top, accounting for 52% of the PCB “pie.” Taiwan comes second at 11.5%, South Korea third at 10.8, and Japan comes in at fourth place at 8%. Finally, in fifth place is where we find Vietnam and Thailand, which take up 6.7% of the Printed Circuit Board market. But how has Thailand made it to PCBs’ top 6 producers and assemblers?

PCB Assembly Thailand is one of the fastest-growing PCB assembly places. They are very eco-friendly, using water-based solder with non-hazardous materials such as lead-free and RoHS compliant. These factors contribute to their rapid growth and popularity among both customers and suppliers alike.

Thailand, as one of the leading Printed Circuit Board Assemblers

Thailand has been making impressive strides, technology-wise, over the past couple of years. As per the 21st century, this country has been able to produce complex technologies and assemble advanced products that include PCBs and microwaves.

Multiple Printed Circuit Board assembly companies exist all over Thailand, especially in Bangkok, making it easy to find a manufacturer to do the job.

How does the Printed Circuit Board Assembly process take place in Thailand?

If you are a client looking to assemble your Printed Circuit Board in Thailand, you can opt to do it all by yourself, which is pretty pricey. Or you can simply opt to utilize a knowledgeable and experienced manufacturer through deals such as:

–          Turnkey assembly and,

–          Partial Turnkey assembly

Turnkey Assembly

Turnkey is an affordable electronics assembly solution that offers an efficient way for you to build and test your Printed Circuit Board. What’s more, Turnkey utilizes the shortest lead time possible, giving you more time to boost your product’s sales.

For turnkey to work, you should produce PCB files or basically your PCB’s design. After validating your design, you then should hand the design over to a manufacturing company in the form of Gerber Files Format. The manufacturer then works on the PCB and gives back a finished product.

While in the Production Phase, Thailand manufacturers can opt to utilize the following technologies:

Through-Hole PCB Assembly

In this PCB assembly technique, the manufacturer gets to mount and solder through-Hole components onto an empty circuit board.

Surface Mount Technology

In Surface Mount Technology (SMT), the manufacturer directly mounts electrical components onto a Print circuit board. After mounting the electrical components, the manufacturer utilizes solder to bind the component with the circuit board. As a result, SMT assembly requires state-of-the-art equipment, which present in most companies in Thailand.

Ball Grid Array

BGA assembly technology involves the utilization of tiny lead balls. These lead balls make direct contact with the circuit board completing a circuit while at the same time taking up less space as compared to other methods.

Mixed Tech

The mixed Technology assembly simply combines Through-Hole and SMT technology to generate a hybrid assembly process.

Partial Turnkey assembly

In this process, the customer has to participate in the assembly process. They do so by providing the Print Circuit board design and components to make the PCB. The manufacturer then materializes the ideas using the provided data and materials.

To find out whether a company in Thailand is offering these options, you can always review the company online. After going through the company’s data, you can then opt to utilize the company for your project or not.

Printed Circuit Board Assembled in Thailand

Single-sided printed circuit boards

These are circuit boards that consists of one conductive copper layer. The copper layer is found on top of the substrate, and components are attached to this surface.

Double-sided printed circuit boards

A Double-sided Printed Circuit Board features two thin layers (one on the top and another on the bottom of the board) of a conductive component, such as copper.

Multilayer Printed Circuit Boards                    

These boards bear more than just two copper layers. Generally, any PCB with more than two conductive layers falls under this category.

Rigid Printed Circuit Board

These are circuit board PCBs made out of inflexible components, making them inflexible.

Flex Printed Circuit boards

These are circuit boards made out of flexible material, making them flexible too.

Rigid-Flex Printed Circuit Boards

A Rigid-Flex Printed Circuit Board is a hybrid PCB that combines the feature of a rigid and flexible Printed Circuit Board.

Aluminum PCB

These are PCBs with an efficient dielectric metal base that helps in heat transfer. Due to this feature, these PCBs can eliminate issues that arise from the maintenance and management of fragile ceramics.

Getting the Right manufacturer in Thailand to assemble your Printed Circuit Board

Since there are many manufacturers in Thailand, you can opt to filter them out to gain the perfect manufacturer for your project. To do so, you can utilize the following plan:

Check on the Manufacturer’s Customization Qualifications

To check on the manufacturer’s customization services qualification, you can simply download the company’s details online. After downloading the details, check on the customization options that they offer. If the customization services they offer fit your project you can pick the manufacturer. If not, you can move on to the next manufacturer.

Experience Factor

An experienced assembler is bound to produce high-quality PCBs. Therefore, you should check on the assembler’s experience. You can simply head on to the internet and check whether the assembler is well established. If the assembler is well established that that is a green light.


Cost is another factor that you should consider. To find out more about the price factor, you can simply contact the manufacturer, and they can clarify this factor.


Ensure that the manufacturer that you select puts quality above all things.


Check on the manufacturer’s support system. The manufacturer should be able to communicate progress easily.


Thailand is slowly working its way up the ladder of PCB assembly. As per the 21st century, you can get all types of Print circuit boards from this country ranging from a multilayer PCB to aluminum PCBs. Therefore, if you are looking for quality, you can try out the Thailand market, and you will not regret it.