How to make a simple 100W high frequency inverter?

How to make a simple 100W high frequency inverter?



The SG3525 is a popular chip that outperforms the TL494 in many ways and requires only a few external components. The inverter oscillating frequency produced today is above 20KHz, and no sound can be heard during operation. It can satisfy the general energy-saving lamp. The incandescent lamp is powered, and the PCBA can be completed with only a few simple components. The debugging of this machine is simple. Just adjust the 20K potentiometer to adjust the no-load and the minimum current. My inverter has no-load current of about 55MA. I am satisfied with this result. Power: 100W, with 300W for a short time. It is necessary to increase the heat dissipation for a long time, and the 60W incandescent lamp is basically not heated, as long as a small fan 300W is added, there is no problem.  Let us "Rayming Technology" to introduce for you, First schematic

pcb schematics

Actually, three 2K resistors, one 51-ohm resistor, one 20K potentiometer, one 222 ceramic capacitor, one micro-method, 3300 micro-method, one 220 micro-capacitor, one EE42 core and many enameled wires are used. One SG3525 chip, the inductor can reduce the influence of high frequency on the IC by winding 20 turns on any magnetic ring.


The venue uses the IVR3205 of 55V110 amps. I used two pairs so the heat is very small. In fact, it is perfectly enough to add a pair of heat sinks. It is best to buy a new one, and the pressure resistance of the disassemble is not good. In addition, it is better to have a chip holder when soldering the SG3525.

connect wire

Building on the hole plate can save the design PCB, but it is a little bigger, but it doesn't matter, it is used by itself.



I used two or two parallel powers, and must be arranged as shown in the figure to facilitate heat dissipation. 3300 microfarad capacitors are connected by flexible wires, so that the FET is easy to dissipate heat.

make pcb board

I used two windings in the transformer secondary, the primary 4 plus 4, the secondary 90 or so, listening to the HHWX-LYHNH of the altar said that the secondary is not a simple calculation method, to be less, thank you again. The following is the renderings. The battery has only 11 volts of power left. The maximum power was measured with the chassis power supply. Now it is not at hand. Use this replacement.

make pcb board


The incandescent lamp is not too bright. It was experimented with a full battery and it was very bright. Since the battery has no electricity, the input is measured at around 30W. Finally, Rayming Technology wish you all a happy DIY.

led light