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Features and Benefits of Zuken PCB Design Software

Zuken is a PCB design software mainly built to help in designing multi-chip modules and circuit boards. This software has been used in different applications which include wiring harness, electrotechnical engineering, etc.

Zuken has gained popularity in the PCB and engineering industry as it designs software for electrical and electronic engineering data management (e-PLM). The electronics industry is the main markets of Zuken. It specializes in the design of mobile communications devices, industrial equipment, construction machinery, digital home electrical appliances.

Also, you will find Zuken in other applications that include production of medical devices and automobile parts. With Zuken’s strong presence in the space and aviation sector, this company has been able to make huge impacts in these sectors through its products. Zuken is one of the best EDA companies that deals in the development of PCB design software. Other companies such as Mentor Graphics, Altium, and Cadence Design Systems also specialize in circuit board design software.

What are the Features of Zuken PCB Design Software?

Isola IS550H PCB

PCB design engineers can integrate Zuken in their layout and schematics. This software has standard features to help you achieve a smooth workflow. In Zuken PCB design software, you will find excellent features like:

Schematic design and schematic capture

The process of circuit board design usually commences with schematic design. It prepares you ahead of the PCB design. Zuken provides industry-standard and exceptional schematic capture tools and schematic editors. The PCB schematics is an important aspect of PCB design which requires special tools to create.

Simulation and analysis tools

Zuken is a great platform that offers various simulation and analysis features for both digital and analog systems. It as well provides features for mixed-signal systems.

PCB layout

Another important thing you would benefit from using Zuken is its PCB layout features that helps you arrange components and as well route traces.

Production planning and BOM management

Every PCB design requires a schematic or more. To plan PCB manufacturing, you need Bills of Materials (BOM). Zuken has a standard BOM and generation tools to help you plan your PCB manufacturing process

What is Zuken CR5000?

This is an advanced PCB design software designed by Zuken. Zuken CR5000 is equipped with sophisticated features for laying out multilayer structures like IC packages and circuit boards. This integrated software provides lasting solutions for design issues like electromagnetic compatibility (EMC), power integrity, and signal integrity. Furthermore, Zuken CR5000 offers high-throughput manufacturing.

This Zuken‘s design suite for PCBs and electronics systems focuses at the enterprise market before CR-8000 was released in 2011. CR-5000 comes with a lot of integrated tools which offer the interactive workflow needed for an effective and clear design process. Also, these tools offer the technologies required for the successful development of electronics. These technologies include PCB design, constraints management, system design and analysis.

Also, CR5000 features PCB layout and verification, output manufacturing, and EMC. There are also additional features in CR500 which offer the smooth workflow needed for a successful design process. These additional features include effective documentation system, comprehensive parts library, and parts library manager. Also, Zuken enables co-verificatin and co-design with electrical and thermal design applications.

Other Features of Zuken CR5000

CR-5000 Library Tools

One of the amazing thing about CR5000 is that it integrates common library data all through the entire design cycle. These libraries are very easy to search and edit. Furthermore, there are tools needed for easy and fast component creation.

CR-5000 System Designer

Zuken CR5000 has a system designer. This is a sophisticated and industry-standard design solution for developing advanced electronic products. The system designer is an advanced graphical took used for analysis and design capture. Also, this tool offers support for various textual and graphical design entries. It is ideal for for both analog and digital signal circuit design at the PCB level.

The system designer tool is closely connected to verification, synthesis, debugging, simulation, and timing analysis all through the process of design. Furthermore, the design entry methodology can help in minimizing product size, design time, and product cost.  It can as well enhance the product quality.

CR-5000 Board Designer

The CR5000 board designer by Zuken offer integrated environment for PCB and BGA design. Its user interface combines floorplanning, routing and placement, and schematic capture into manufacturing. These help in guiding the user.

Also, CR5000 board designer works seamlessly across platforms such as Windows and Unix by combining the functions of a sophisticated tool with ease of use. Although the rules are constant all through the process of design, these rules are connected to ensure a high level of flexibility and consistency.

What does Zuken Cadstar Offer?


Zuken created a Windows-based  software that provides solutions to HDI PCBs and high speed layout. CADSTAR is a schematic and PCB design solution specially cretaed for high-speed PCB layout and High density interconnection (HDI). This solution has sophisticated PCB layout functions that help designers to seamlessly realize their design intent.

CADSTAR is an easy-to-use software that helps to reduce design errors and as well provide effective designs with less efforts and in less time.

CADSTAR is equipped with industrial-strength technology and as such, it features the capabilities required to address the design challenges being faced in the PCB and electronics industry. It is an affordable program that offers great functionality and performance.

CADSTAR has many satisfied users across the globe. As a professional and accessible software, CADSTAR is a great option for designers. It is optimized for both mid-sized and small design team.

Features and Benefits

  • Zuken CADSTAR can handle any design, regardless of its complexity.
  • It is a constraint-driven design that defines and integrate high-speed layouts.
  • CADSTAR comes with 3D-MCAD/ECAD integration.
  • The variant manager in CADSTAR enables a design to meet many target market or application requirements.
  • It features excellent performance and manufacturability.
  • CADSTAR is equipped with interactive and automatic placement and routing tools.
  • It comes with a various manufacturing formats.
  • This scalable design solution provides a high level of flexibility that can help you design complex circuit boards.


Zuken is a great platform for designing both simple and complex PCB designs. This software is available in other versions such as CR5000 and CR8000. Zuken is known for its advanced capabilities and benefits.




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