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What You Need to Know before Buying the Xilinx XC2C64A-7QFG48I

The best way to buy or invest in a Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) is to be certain of what it has to offer. Today, we have more FPGA consumers that are either unsure of the capability of the board or simply don’t know the components that make it up.

We hope to simplify the process for you so you can make an informed decision. In this article, you will learn more about some of the important features and technicalities worth knowing before buying the Xilinx XC2C64A-7QFG48I.

What is the Xilinx XC2C64A-7QFG48I?

Xilinx XC2C64A-7QFG48I is a part of the CoolRunner-II series. For emphasis, the series include Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGAs) and Complex Programmable Logic Devices (CLPDs) designed to help bolster the performance of the circuit board.

As a consumer, it is expedient that you understand how these components can come together to make a unified circuit board peripheral.

According to Xilinx, the manufacturer of the Xilinx XC2C64A-7QFG48I, the FPGA cum CLPD can be used in both high and low applications. In that case, it can be used for low-powered applications, while helping in the improvement of higher performances in the applications.

Technical Specifications of Xilinx XC2C64A-7QFG48I


In this section, we give a breakdown of the specifications, parameters and components that make up the technical attributes of the Xilinx XC2C64A-7QFG48I.

Logic Components

The logic components making up the Xilinx XC2C64A-7QFG48I are the Logic Elements (LE) and Logic Array Blocks (LABs). As CLPDs and FPGAs cannot make do without these, the provision thereof help in bolstering the performance of the IC.

First, the Logic Elements (LE) or cells are made up of 4 blocks. Second, the Logic Array Blocks (LABs) are made up of the same composition – 4.

On the other hand, the Xilinx XC2C64A-7QFG48I is made up of 1,500 logic gates. These logic components come together to combine functions that make Xilinx XC2C64A-7QFG48I one of the best CLPDs you can work with out there.

Operating Temperature

Xilinx XC2C64A-7QFG48I’s operating temperature is a little bit above the industry standards. The rating is 40-degree Celsius minimum and 85-degree Celsius maximum.

The regulation of temperature and heat dissipation is an important element worth considering in the FPGA design process.

In addition to the operating temperature, Xilinx XC2C64A-7QFG48I also has a rated Moisture Sensitivity Level (MSL) of 3, equivalent to 168 hours 7 days. What this means is that after 7 days of exposure to ambient room conditions, the Xilinx XC2C64A-7QFG48I may be susceptible to certain damages.

Mounting Technology

The Surface Mount Technology (SMT) has become a standard of sorts for placing components atop an electronic device.

The same is the case with the Xilinx XC2C64A-7QFG48I. It uses the Surface Mount Technology (SMT) to place components on the CLPD using Surface Mount Devices (SMDs).

Voltage Supply

Last but not least is the voltage supply. It has to do with the supply of current (voltage) throughout the CLPD and at which rate?

Xilinx XC2C64A-7QFG48I’s internal voltage supply is between 1.7 volts and 1.9 volts. The rated operating voltage supply is 1.8 volts.


You can be confident of getting value for money when working with the Xilinx XC2C64A-7QFG48I. Contact RayPCB with your specifications and to get a quotation.