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The Ultimate Guide to Choosing Xilinx XC2C64A-5VQ44C

We want to be a part of your decision-making process for the Xilinx XC2C64A-5VQ44C. In this article, we aim to help you learn more about this Complex Programmable Logic Device (CPLD), including the features that matter the most.

Background to Xilinx XC2C64A-5VQ44C’s CPLD

A Complex Programmable Gate Array (CPLD), which Xilinx XC2C64A-5VQ44C is one of them, is a type of programmable logic device designed to provide the architectural features of the Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) and solving the complexity between the FPGA and PAL.

One outstanding feature of Xilinx XC2C64A-5VQ44C’s CPLD is that it uses a macrocell as its “building block.” The macrocell is among many other things, responsible for implementing logics meant for both specialized logic operations and disjunctive normal form.

Technical Specifications


The technical attributes of the Xilinx XC2C64A-5VQ44C include, but are not limited to:

1. Speed

The speed grade for the Xilinx XC2C64A-5VQ44C CPLD is 5, while its propagation delay is pegged at 5 ns.

2. Operating Temperature

Xilinx XC2C64A-5VQ44C has its operating temperature between 0-degree Celsius and 70-degree Celsius. But that is not all because the CPLD can clock a maximum frequency of 263 MHz.

3. Voltage Supply

The supply and transmission of current within the Xilinx XC2C64A-5VQ44C CPLD is as important as the operating temperature.

The voltage supply rating is between 1.7 and 1.9 volts. It tends to have an average operating voltage supply of 1.8 volts.

4. Peripherals

Peripherals as used here refer to the components and designs that make up the Xilinx XC2C64A-5VQ44C. They include a ROMless memory type, 64 macrocells and 1,500 gates.

Features of Xilinx XC2C64A-5VQ44C

Looking for some of the features or characteristics that make Xilinx XC2C64A-5VQ44C a flexible and a better variant to FPGA and PLA?

Here are some of the CPLD’s features:

Excellent Clocking Performance

This is one of the core features you want to look for. The clocking performance of the Xilinx XC2C64A-5VQ44C is not only multiple, but is also flexible.

For example, the CPLD features product term clocks. These are responsible for using the output to enable, set and reset the clocks.

The Xilinx XC2C64A-5VQ44C clocking performance is also adjudged by the multiple global clocks providing phase selection per macrocell. This forms a part of the basis for the global signal options with macrocell control.

The flexible clocking modes for Xilinx XC2C64A-5VQ44C are derived from the CoolCLOCK, Optional DualEDGE triggered registers and Clock dividers.

Advantages of Working with the Xilinx XC2C64A-5VQ44C CPLD

As a Complex Logic Programmable Device (CPLD), Xilinx XC2C64A-5VQ44C has lots of advantages and benefits to using it.

Here are some of the reasons why you should invest in it:

Stability is Assured

Stability in this case has to do with the programming of the CPLD. In that case, Xilinx XC2C64A-5VQ44C can maintain the previous programming without losing it – even when circuit is shut down.

Unlike the Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA), Xilinx XC2C64A-5VQ44C doesn’t use the SRAM memory architecture. That guarantees that information or data will remain in the circuit even if it is turned off or shut down.

Reduced Power Consumption

You don’t need to invest so much to power the Xilinx XC2C64A-5VQ44C. Like every other CPLD out there, it can use low-power and still be efficient.

It is evident in the use of the CoolRunner-II architecture that permits the use of a minimal 50 uA current in most situations.

Data Security

How secure is the data or information stored in the Xilinx XC2C64A-5VQ44C? Most times, it is safer than the data stored in an FPGA.

It is possible because an FPGA uses external memory that could be susceptible to damage. On the contrary, Xilinx XC2C64A-5VQ44C CPLD uses the built-in storage/memory to keep the data “in-house.”


We hope you enjoyed this guide to purchasing the Xilinx XC2C64A-5VQ44C CPLD. Now, go ahead and request a quotation from RayPCB to get an idea of the cost of designing the Complex Programmable Logic Device (CPLD) for you.

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