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Xilinx XAZU2EG-1SBVA484I Fpga Application

For electrical or electronic devices requiring higher performance, there are specific FPGAs used for designing them. Xilinx XAZU2EG-1SBVA484I is one of such. Designed to be used for the highest performance of circuit boards, it is used for designing or reconstructing the internal components of electronics ranging from laptops and televisions.

In this article, we break down the technical specifications or attributes of the XAZU2EG-1SBVA484I, as they pertain to its performance.

XAZU2EG-1SBVA484I’s Family

XAZU2EG-1SBVA484I belongs to the family or series of Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGAs) called Zynq UltraScale + MPSoC. These are FPGAs designed for high-end devices requiring higher performances.

Worthy of mention is that XAZU2EG-1SBVA484I is an embeddable System on Chip (SoC) Integrated Circuit (IC), simplifying the process of placing components on the board.

Technical Attributes of XAZU2EG-1SBVA484I

Here are the specifications of the XAZU2EG-1SBVA484I FPGA:

XAZU2EG-1SBVA484I AttributesDescription
ArchitectureFPGA, MCU
RAM Size1.2 Megabyte (MB)
PeripheralsWDT, DMA
Moisture Sensitivity Level (MSL)4 (72 Hours)
Number of Inputs and Outputs (I/0)128
Connectivity OptionsUSB, CANbus, UART/USART, Ethernet, MMC/SD/SDIO, EBI/EMI
Package/Case784-BFBGA, FCBGA
Logic Cells154,000
Speed500MHz, 1.2GHz
Operating Temperature~40˚C – 100˚C
Core ProcessorQuad ARM® Cortex®-A53 MPCore™ with CoreSight™, Dual ARM®Cortex™-R5 with CoreSight™, ARM Mali™-400 MP2
RoHS StatusRoHS-3 Compliant
Harmonized Tariff Schedule (HTS) Code8542.31.00.01
Type of PackagingTray

How to Buy the XAZU2EG-1SBVA484I FPGA

Ready to buy a Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) and you want to settle for XAZU2EG-1SBVA484I? Indeed, this is an excellent development board for designing high-performance electronic components.

From our research, some FPGA enthusiasts and consumers are still at a loss on how to buy one. Read the buying guide below to be sure of the things to look for before you add the IC to your shopping cart.

1. Determine Your Budget

Indeed, there are several suppliers of the XAZU2EG-1SBVA484I out there, with each of them offering different price ranges. Your budget is a critical factor to consider anytime you want to buy a Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA).

The cost of the development board can be anywhere between $100 and a few thousand dollars. Depending on your budget, you may want to opt for the lowest cost before committing a lot of funds to buy the high-end variants.

To that end, shop around different vendors (Xilinx outlets mostly) to get a price range you are comfortable with.

Thereafter, get in touch with an FPGA designer that would handle the configuration of the board. RayPCB is at your service. With our professional team, a knack for quality service delivery, and round-the-clock working ethics, we will deliver just what you want.

2. Holistic FPGA Design Experience

What is your experience likely to be when interacting with the XAZU2EG-1SBVA484I? For what it is worth, the experience could either be exciting or difficult. For example, beginners may find it hard to follow up with the design specifics.

This is why it is important to choose Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) that improves your learning experience. We think that the XAZU2EG-1SBVA484I does just that. As a System on Chip (SoC) FPGA; it sure throws in a few punches of learning for the users.

Here is the idea: the SoC design typically comes with two programmable components. These components are Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGAs) and a hard processor core. With these two, there is no limit to what you can make out of the development board.

For example, you can choose to stick with the FPGA, which is represented by several programmable logic. This is ideal for beginners because the process is less cumbersome. What you will do most of the time is to use programmable logic to construct your design for the board.

However, if you are good at FPGA design or looking to learn how to, consider using the hard processor core. Albeit complex, it aids in writing, reading, and storing the data in the configurable hardware of the board.

The best part of the two programmable components is that they can be used to establish a connection between the processing system and the programmable logic on the board.

Moreover, the System on Chip (SoC) design of XAZU2EG-1SBVA484I makes it simpler for the different components and technologies required for the configuration to be on the same chip.

3. Bitstream Transfer Source

How can data/bitstream be transferred out of the external devices like PCs to the Integrated Circuit (IC)? There are several ways to do this but the complexity is to be considered. Beginners often Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGAs) that have a Universal Serial Bus (USB) interface. Through this interface, bitstream transfer can be completed in the shortest time possible.

However, the use of the USB interface is not the only method of transferring bitstream to the FPGA. You can also use JTAG (more complex), Micro SD Card, and SPI – Flash Interface.

4. Consider the Memory Options

This is another important factor to consider. How do you maximize the data storage on the board? There are a couple of factors to look out for. These include:

SDRAM Volatility

SDRAM is one of the memory options to watch out for. It is commonly used to store the configured bitstream (data) within the Integrated Circuit (IC).

However, the SDRAM has some downsides that include losing the stored or pre-configured program when the circuit board’s power is recycled.

For this reason, consider going for a better option, which in this case, is the DDR SDRAM. With this, you will be able to write and read data (bitstream) with ease. In addition, it bolsters the local storage of data on the Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA).

5. Community Support

Would you be able to get support from the community when the need arises? Xilinx, now a part of AMD, does exceedingly well in this regard by providing community support for the users. Through the helpful topics in the community, as well as loads of information in The Zynq Book, you can get quality information anytime you want it.

Final Thoughts

XAZU2EG-1SBVA484I is an embeddable, high-performance FPGA used for designing and configuring FPGAs used in a wide range of high-end use cases. As a consumer, it is important to get quality service delivery – which is why you should allow RayPCB to handle your next XAZU2EG-1SBVA484I FPGA design.

Contact us today to get a quote and have your XAZU2EG-1SBVA484I development board programmed to the fullest performance.