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Your Perfect Guide to XCKU060-1FFVA1156C

FPGAs are the heart of every modern electronic device. That’s why every sophisticated and modern device has an FPGA. If you are into electronics and circuits, then you must know about FPGAs. These FPGAs are versatile and easily configured according to need. As a result, their popularity is increasing day by day.

What Is XCKU060-1FFVA1156C?

Xilinx is a leading provider of FPGAs and logic devices around the globe. FPGAs are electronic components that are easy to program and reprogram to perform specific functions. The XCKU060-1FFVA1156C is one of the most popular FPGAs in the Xilinx product line. That’s why designers and engineers like it. Its unique features make it an irresistible component of any system

Here Are the Specifications of XCKU060-1FFVA1156C

  • This FPGA has 580440 logic cells. As you know, logic cells are the building blocks of an FPGA.
  • This FPGA has 624 inputs and puts pins. That’s why it is easy to integrate with other systems.
  • Number of CLB in this FPGA is 2760.
  • It supports ROHS3 Compliant system
  • These specifications make XCKU060-1FFVA1156C a high-performance FPGA device that can handle complex tasks in various applications.

Break Down the Alphanumeric Code XCKU060-1FFVA1156C.

For many people, these are ordinary alphabets or numbers. Actually, it is not true. Every alphabet and number has some significance and gives you information regarding FPGA. As a result, you can have basin information regarding FPGA.

Sure, let’s break down the alphanumeric code of XCKU060-1FFVA1156C:

  • Every FPGA belongs to a specific family due to its certain characteristics. Here XCKU060 represents the Kintex UltraScale+ FPGA family. Furthermore, The 060 indicates that it has 
  • Sixty percent of the maximum capacity of the family.
  • 1FFG1156 represents the package type. 
  • In addition, it represents the number of in and output pins, package size, and other specifications. 
  • FF represents the package type and size.
  • 1156 represents the number of Input and output pins in this FPGA.
  • C represents the RoHS compliance code and indicates that the device is compliant with the “European Union’s Restriction standards.

Overall, the alphanumeric code of XCKU060-1FFVA1156C provides important information about the device’s family-specific model, package type, and compliance status. That’s why designers and engineers give importance to the specific part number.

 Eminent Features

 The following features make it eminent among all other FPGAs.

1. Monolithic And Next-Generation Technology

 Do you know what is special about this FPGA? This FPGA XCKU060-1FFVA1156C is manufactured on the latest h monolithic and next-generation stacked silicon interconnect technology. You can expect high performance from this particular FPGA. It offers a high level of integration with other systems. In addition, its life expectancy is long, so you can expect more from it. This FPGA has a longer life span, so you can expect it will save repair costs in the future too. Overall, it is a good package FPGA.

2. High-Performance Configuration

 This FPGA has excellent specifications. It has good enough RAM for data storage. Similarly, it has high-performance configuration blocks. These blocks make it enable the configuration from external media.

 It also supports various other protocols. For example, it supports PCIe and easily does configuration without any inconvenience. Sometimes this configuration block provides some additional unencrypted configuration. It has a fairly good amount of DSP slices and a better clock management system. Overall, it is the best FPGA due to its ideal specifications.

3. Optimum Blend Of Capability And Cost

 It is really hard to find a good FPGA with great features. If you look at the specification of this FPGA, then you come to know that it is the optimum blend of capability and cost. Yes, it offers you high DSP and blocks RAM-to-logic ratios. In addition, its next-generation transceivers, combined with low-cost packaging, enable you to do what you want. You can achieve an optimum blend of capability and cost without going beyond your budget. So I would recommend you go for this FPGA to make your dream system integration possible.

4. Footprint Compatibility with Migrating Devices

 When we have to transfer data from one device to another, there are several technical issues.

 This FPGA provides footprint compatibility to facilitate users to migrate designs from one device or family to another without any tension. Any two FPGAs with the same footprint identifier code are footprint compatible. This feature is quite feasible for many new designers and engineers.

5. Packaging Type

This FPGA comes in tray packaging based on surface mount technology. In addition, this FPGA has

CBGA, aka Flip Chip Ball Grid Array packaging. It is a type of modern packaging technology. In this way of packing active ends of components, rare down face. In this case, 1156 is the number of balls.

6. Operating Temperature

Operating temperature means the optimum temperature at which FPGA can work efficiently. For this FPGA, this temperature range is between 0°C to 85°C. This shows that this FPGA can function even in harsh environments. There are some FPGAs that can tolerate -41 to 100°C. But this is, again, a fairly good temperature range for this FPGA. In addition, it has a great moisture sensitivity level that is 72 hours.

 What Is The Difference Between Xilinxxcku060-1FFVA1156C And Xilinxxcku060-1FFVA1156I?


 Both FPGA belong to the same family, so they share some common specifications. For example, both offer higher performance. Both are budget-friendly. Similarly both offers your energy or power saving. But they also have differences in their temperature tolerability range. XilinxXCKU060-1FFVA1156C’s temperature range is 0 to 85 centigrade, while XilinxXCKU060-1FFVA1156I tolerates -41 to 100°C. Overall, both share the same features. So if you want to choose any one of them, then check your temperature requirements.

 Wrapping Up the Things

I hope now you have a better understanding of this FPGA. This FGA has unique features and belongs to the Kintex UltraScale family. This family is famous for its unique features and great FPGA fabric. I also tried to explain the specifications in a simple and easy manner. That’s why if you are looking for the preeminent FPGA for your next project, then you must go for this FPGA. Otherwise, you may regret later for not taking this decision.




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