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If you are looking to modify or make important changes in your electronic design, it has to be done with an FPGA. The Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) is so-named because it allows both the designer and customer to make these changes when needed. When it comes to picking one, it could be a bit difficult. With several brands out there and different FPGAs, you may not be sure of the one to go for.

In this article, you will learn about the Xilinx XA3S200-4PQG208Q FPGA. This is one of the Integrated Circuits (ICs) from Xilinx (now known as AMD). The specifications of the circuit are also discussed to help you understand how its components are designed to work.

The Xilinx XA3S200-4PQG208Q Family

No doubt, Xilinx (now AMD) is one of the leading manufacturers of Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGAs). The input in this industry is also evident in the different categories of Integrated Circuits (ICs). The Xilinx XA3S200-4PQG208Q belongs to the Xilinx A family. The Xilinx A family is used to denote the Integrated Circuits (ICs) categorized for use in only automotive applications.

As such, the Xilinx XA3S200-4PQG208Q is primarily used to modify or make important changes in automotive-related electronics.

As a member of the Xilinx Automotive (A) family, the Xilinx XA3S200-4PQG208Q FPGA inherits most of the features. This includes:

Increased System Gates

The IC inherits an increase in the system gates. It would be recalled that Logic Gates are programmable and are often used to implement or facilitate complex digital computations on electronics.

For the Xilinx XA3S200-4PQG208Q, the number of gates is pegged at 200,000. This is well within the range of 50,000 and 1.5 million system gates that are peculiar to FPGAs in the Xilinx A family.

RAM Bits

One of the major features of the Xilinx XA3S200-4PQG208Q is the increased RAM bits. This feature is the same as every other FPGA under the Xilinx A family. The upgrade comes on the heels of the success recorded with the XA Spartan-IIE family.

The RAM bits on the Xilinx XA3S200-4PQG208Q are 221184.

Technical Specifications of the Xilinx XA3S200-4PQG208Q FPGA

Below are the technical components of the Xilinx XA3S200-4PQG208Q and why they matter:

1. Logic Elements/Cells

Like most Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGAs), the Xilinx XA3S200-4PQG208Q includes logic elements/cells. These are usually integrated into the logic blocks and act as a complete block of memory or flip-flops.

The number of logic elements or cells on the Xilinx XA3S200-4PQG208Q is 4,320.

2. Temperature Grade

The Xilinx XA3S200-4PQG208Q operates within the industry-standard AEC-Q100 temperature standard. The minimum temperature is ~40˚C while the maximum operating temperature is 125˚C.

3. Logic Blocks (LABs)

Logic Blocks are an important architecture in a Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA). They can also be configured or reprogrammed to perform a variety of complex computational functions.

Worthy of mentioning is that the logic blocks are also called Logic Array Blocks (LABs) or Configurable Logic Blocks (CLBs). So, don’t get confused when you see it interchanged that way.

Moving on, the Xilinx XA3S200-4PQG208Q has a total of 480 Logic Array Blocks (LABs). This is quite impressive, considering that an ideal LABs consists of only a few logic cells.

4. I/O

The I/O is a part of the “Hard Blocks” on a Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA). These hard blocks are used to improve the functionality of the Integrated Circuit (IC) while reducing the area or space required to place the important components.

The Xilinx XA3S200-4PQG208Q’s I/O is 141. With this, the FPGA tends to provide more area for embedded functions while fast-tracking the implementation or deployment of the speed of those deployed functions.

5. Number of Pins & Package Type

A total of 208 pins are integrated into the Xilinx XA3S200-4PQG208Q FPGA. We like to mention that pins are a part of the “analog” functions of an FPGA. The Integrated Circuit (IC) combines both these analog functions and the digital variant for optimum results.

In terms of the pins, the analog functionality is integrated by a programmable slew rate on the output pins. This integration is helpful in many ways, including:

  • Higher Rate Setting: The programmable slew rate when added to the output pins, helps to fast-track the functionality and the speed of the IC. Ordinarily, in the absence of these pins, the IC would run slowly, especially when it is heavily loaded. But by adding the programable slew rate to the output pins, the speed will be improved via the setting of higher rates upon the heavily-loaded pins operating on high-speed channels.
  • Prevention of Coupling: Sometimes, the operating rate of the pins on an FPGA can be lower than expected. When this happens, the speed or rate on the lightly-loaded pins will be coupling or ringing. The deployment of the programmable slew rate on the output pins helps to stop this from happening.

The package type of the Xilinx XA3S200-4PQG208Q FPGA is also impressive. As the device specifications show, it is a plastic-packaged Integrated Circuit (IC). Its package type is Plastic Quad Flat Pack (PQFP).

According to FPGAKey, the Plastic Quad Flat Package (PQFP) is a type of chip-designed packaging used in protecting the components of an Integrated Circuit (IC). By default, this type of packaging has several thin pins on all sides, with the distance between one pin and another very small.

6. Type of Mount

The Xilinx XA3S200-4PQG208Q Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) uses a Surface Mount Technology (SMT) design. This is in line with the Plastic Quad Flat Packaging (PQFP) package design that requires the engineer to solder the pins on the side of the chip. The soldering must be done in a way that it is affixed to the motherboard of the FPGA.


The Xilinx XA3S200-4PQG208Q FPGA has an obsolete lifecycle but that shouldn’t be an issue. RayPCB is committed to improving the functionality of your next electronics-related project design. We can help modify or make important changes to your devices so that the Xilinx XA3S200-4PQG208Q would function optimally when integrated into these devices.

This Integrated Circuit (IC) spots additional enhancements to the Xilinx Spartan-3 family, combined with advanced process technology to deliver excellent bandwidth and optimal functionality.

Contact us today to process your next Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA)-powered project.

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