What checks need to be done after the PCB board is designed?

What checks need to be done after the PCB board is designed?

In the manufacturing industry, after the process designer has completed the PCB board design through EDA software, is it necessary to test the design results? The answer is yes, and there is more than one test.


The first is the DRC test. The DRC inspection, also called design rule checking, is a design used in PCB design software (EDA) to check and find inconsistencies with predetermined design specifications in real time during the PCB layout process. The starting point for ensuring design correctness and meeting conventional design specifications is an indispensable part of PCB design. Based on the role and purpose of the DRC, its inspection items generally do not exceed 100 inspection details.


The second is the DFM test. DFM inspection, also called manufacturability design analysis, is based on PCB design data through real 3D component model and actual manufacturing process simulation, PCB and PCBA comprehensive manufacturability design review before manufacturing, the first time found design defects Insufficient, difficult process, manufacturing risk, design and process mismatch factors, to ensure that the design and process capabilities are fully matched, substantially reducing the number of product trial production, saving production costs and improving product reliability.



These two tests are different tests designed at different stages and are indispensable. DRC is a PCB design software used to ensure that it does not violate its own design specifications (constraints). Meeting DRC inspection is the most basic requirement for PCB design. If DRC is not representative, it must meet the manufacturability requirements. DFM is the bridge between PCB design and manufacturing process. It belongs to the process design category. It can find the mismatching factors of design and manufacturing process, evaluate manufacturing difficulty, manufacturing risk, etc. These are all DRC in PCB design software. Covered.


There is no conflict between the DFM itself and the DRC check. The problems solved by the two are different, the phases are different, and the final purpose is different. Therefore, the difference is also very obvious.


1.The difference between the yuan library:

EDA component library = pad package library


DFM component library = 3D physical model


  1. 2. DFM: PCB + component model + process = assembly simulation




  1. 3. DFM: Real 3D simulation assembly simulation analysis



Therefore, in the post-PCB design inspection, different inspections should be carried out at different stages to ensure that the product achieves the desired results.