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Water heater working principle analysis schematic diagram

A water heater is a device that changes the temperature of a cold water into hot water for a certain period of time through various physical principles. According to the principle, it can be divided into five types: electric water heater, gas water heater, solar water heater, air energy water heater and speed magnetic water heater.

Due to the actual situation and usage habits in China, gas water heaters are still the first choice of many consumers. The safety of gas water heaters is also the most concerned issue. The state prohibits the production and sales of direct-flow gas water heaters.

Whether the toxic gas can be removed in time is the key to the safety of gas water heaters. From the development of European and American countries, forced venting is an inevitable trend in the development of gas water heaters.

The following is a schematic diagram of the working principle of a gas water heater:

water heater schematics

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