Understand some important steps in the design of pcb boards

Understand some important steps in the design of pcb boards

1, pay attention to the relationship between the hole, the pad, the trace and the gold finger


The vias should not be too close to the pads, traces, and gold fingers during routing. The vias of the same property should be at least 0.12 mm away from the gold fingers. The vias of different properties should be far away from the pads and the gold fingers. The through hole should be at least 0.2mm of the inner hole 0.35mm.


2, pay attention to the distance between the pad and the original


The distance between the SMT pad and the DIE bond pad and the SMT component should be more than 0.3mm. The distance between one DIE bond pad and another DIE should be kept above 0.2mm. The signal trace is a minimum of 2MILS with a pitch of 2MILS. The main power trace is preferably 6-8MILS to enhance the substrate strength.


3, pay attention to the size and spacing of the pads


The binding pad (single wire) has a minimum size of 0.2mmX0.09mm and 90 degrees. The minimum pitch of each pad is 2MILS, and the ground wire and power line pad width of the inner row are also required to be 0.2mm. At the same time, the angle of the bond pad is adjusted according to the angle of the component wire.


4, pay attention to the manufacturing process of the substrate


Each line must be plated with a plating wire to form a pad and trace. Even if there is no pad on the network, the pad must be plated in a certain mode. Otherwise, the wire will appear. The pad has no copper results.