Tutorial to Design PADS PCB

Mentor Graphics have created package for PCB design known as PADS. The package is available in 3 different versions i.e. professional, standard plus, and standard. The package is known for its professional high quality results. It has numerous fantastic features such as advanced automated router, functions for integrity analysis, project management support functions, and analysis opportunity for thermal design.

All the versions of the PADS package are having its own capacities and are supposed to be used by different users. Following is the comparison of all three packages of PADS design.


Standard Version: This version is dedicated to engineers who are mainly have a focus on PCB design and its schematics. The version is capable of detailed documentation design with PDF output. One can create a custom design through it and do the IPC compliant patterns. It has filtering options with powerful search. It also has instantiation and selection for component parts.


Standard Plus Version: The version is dedicated for engineers who work on hardware and are also looking for verification and analysis of the designs created. The capabilities of this version comprises of highest signal integrity having crosstalk. It has built-in routing, constraint management along with centralized library, analog, and thermal simulation.


Professional Version: This version is specifically for independent individuals who have good command on hardware, and are working with industries. The capabilities of this version comprises of built-in design flow, 3D view, PI, DFM, SI, and thermal validation. This version reduces the design time with its features of high tech layout options, analysis, and constraints. The designs can be easily deployed through this version and is a good option for designing complex PCBs.


Capturing Schematics


Click over the button “Create” for starting a specific schematics. After that the required features of the selected parts should be chosen. A sample is shown in the image below.


Capturing Schematics-PCB Design


There are different tools to be used in the circuits which are displayed on the toolbar present on the top. Users can make various selections from the tool bar depending on requirements.


PCB Design -Different Tools


The next step after capturing schematics is testing the design of the circuit. Going to libraries option and clicking on common and select the tool of central library synchronization. This will display the parts of the circuits which has problems. The parts having yellow indications will have problems.


The management of Components


Access to all of the components management is possible through a solitary spreadsheet in PADS. There is no concerns about several libraries, redundancy of data, and tools which are too much time consuming. Through PADS, one can very easily integrate the corporate components along with MRP databases with the help of a tool known as Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) which enables geographical diverse designs access with a single informational page.


The component management of PADS can be utilized in a number of different ways. For example, finding a unique components you have to enter the search criteria and then PADS will be displaying all sorts of available parts which are meeting the given criteria. Now the search can further be narrowed down through giving other parameters such as shape and the filter results will become better.


For reviewing and selection of various parts, the respective candidate parts along with its properties must be observed in the components management sheet. The datasheets of components are opened by clicking on the links and details of its each parts can be acquired at fingertips. A generic component may also be fed in to the schematics.


The management of Components in PCB Layout and Design


PADS will be displaying the list of all possible PCB manufacturers available when selecting the components as well as availability of all manufacturers along with availability of parts. The criteria of displaying such information might be based on the factors such as price, lead time, and level of inventory etc.


The PADS is also being utilized for the verification of integrity of whole circuit design and it is ensured that the information of the schematics is reliable to the corporate databases. The component management of PADS is also advising the parts of the design which are not identified or are unique. PADS is also helping in the search of a unique reuse block which is meeting a specific criteria. It is making it very easy for the incorporation of right reusable design in schematics.


The Layout of PCBs


The powerful capability of PADS layout for the designing of advanced circuit boards can be used easily and quickly irrespective of the circuitry, digital/analog, and RF category etc. The complexity of design is not a matter as PADS is handling each step of the design with ease and efficiency.


The design can be acquired faster having powerful compelling design reuse and simple to use manufacturing prep along with its layout in 3D. PADS is assisting to work at a faster rate with less spins and re-spins for getting a better finished products. Standard plus version of PADS is offering features such as support for IC packaging, design for test (DFT), and lightning fast automated routing.


PCB Layout in Chinese PCB Manufactuer


The complete 3D view of PCB is comprising of the traces, components, silkscreen, vias, pads, soldermask, and silkscreen etc. The 3D view is allowing an accurate inspection of the boards before the manufacturing is in process and troubleshoot any problem present in design. The 3 dimensional illustration is also delivering a view of internal layers of boards offering required information which is needed for the designing a fully customized PCB.


The object to object possible minimum displacement can also be measured for checking the distance of the objects grounded on the constraints set by users for designing PCB. The covers, heat-sinks, chassis, and other plug-ins may also be imported on PADS for accurate design.


PCB and PCB Assembly Manufactuer Provides Layout Service


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