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Things that should be kept in mind while choosing reliable electronic contract manufacturer

Numerous factors need to be considered while choosing reliable contract manufacturer but all of them boil down to the project requirements and norms of buyer company. There are dozens or hundreds of companies out there ranging from multinational to local vendors offering a variety of services, delivery times, fault detection tests and anymore. To help you cut through this cluster, and share some of our insights from more than a decade in this electronic assembly business, we would like to share few elements that we’d consider most crucial while choosing a reliable electronic manufacturer.

values of competent electronic contract manufacturer

Quality management:

The most important thing to look for while choosing appropriate electronic contract manufacturer is its certifications regarding quality management. ISO is a globally recognized organization that assures the consistently improved quality of the products by checking the tools and working environment of the firm. Rayming PCB and Assembly is ISO 9001 certified that promises the enhanced quality of its products. Moreover, RayPCB is UL certified which states that all the products go through proper safety analysis before dispatch.

Technical support:

Engineers at Rayming PCB and Assembly are always ready to help their clients in solving their problems associated with the designing and assembly of products. The aim of manufacturing company should be optimizing of design while achieving all the required functionalities, stated by the client. Engineers at RayPCB are competent enough to cope with any sort of crisis and can redesign or provide guidance to remove any sort of faulty condition from the design provided by user to ensure quality enhancement. One can always contact at to seek help from engineering department of Rayming PCB and Assembly.

Cost minimization:

Your electronic manufacturer should be the one who’s interest should be client satisfaction. All a client need is minimum cost with maximum performance. The contract manufacturer should suggest material for PCB designing depending on the application or frequency range to minimize the assembly cost and circuit dimension. Engineers at RayPCB can be contacted any time to choose material for standard PCBs, Flex PCBs and Metal core PCB depending on the operating frequency, sensitivity of circuit and dielectric constant required for that specific application.

Fault detection facilities:

Detection and removal of faults from the product before dispatch is the second most important thing to be considered while choosing contract manufacturer. Higher-precision circuits with fewer faults requires significant hardware investment. The company should have state of the art facilities to check and eliminate any sort of fault from the electronics before dispatch. Testing facilities to check open circuit, short circuit faults and proper component placement is a must. Rayming PCB and Assembly is SGS RoHS certified that assures the installment of all the fault removal hardware at RayPCB.

Communication with client:

Keeping the client up to date regarding progress or any sort of delay in the production is the key to long term relation between manufacturer and client. The contract manufacturer should provide user friendly and easily accessible means to ensure clear communication between the two. At RayPCB we provide fluent 24/7 services to keep in touch with our valued customers.

Best quality components:

High precision and exact output require original and high-quality components to be used during prototype PCB assembly. The more precise the components used, more will be the efficiency of device manufactured. Same results can be achieved using low quality components but this decreases the life of device and such type of electronics can not bear a slight variation in the operating conditions. RayPCB aims to provide long lasting and reliable services to its clients that’s why we prefer costly but original electronic components over low costing faulty components to ensure best services.

Time management:

Time management is the key to success and long-lasting vendor-client relation. Sticking to the timeline provided by the client is necessary. Any sort of delay or deviation from the timeline should be communicated to client for having their confidence in you. At RayPCB whole project cycle is divided into small milestones having specific timeline associated with them. We take care of the entire process, including preparation of printed circuit boards, procurement of components, online order tracking, monitoring of quality and final assembly at every stage.

Customer evaluation:

Information shown on the company’s website is nice, but it does not tell the whole story. If your manufacturer isn’t willing to display the evaluations of its past clients then it depicts that their something wrong with the services offered by the company or the experience of previous clients was not promising. Famous and decent manufacturers display at least few references that can vouch for their values and standards.

If you are seeking best and competitive contract manufacturer for your electronics business, contact RayPCB today. With state-of-the-art machinery, compact prices, advance fault detection and removal apparatus, custom designing and competent engineers, we could be the best PCB manufacturer and assembler for your business.