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Main Types of ThinFlex Materials for flex Board

As the demand for flexible PCBs grows, so does the need for flexible materials like coverlays and flexible copper clad laminates. Flexible copper clad laminates are crucial in the manufacturing of flexible circuits. There are different brands of FCCLs. However, some brands offer more reliability and greater performance. An example of such a brand is ThinFlex.

ThinFlex PCB Company has earned a great reputation in the production of quality flexible copper clad laminates. Also, this industry-leading company ensures its products offer the best performance in any application.

What are the Capabilities of ThinFlex PCB Company?

ThinFlex is a PCB company that specializes in the manufacturing of coverlays and flexible copper clad laminates (FCCLs). This Taiwan-based company is an industry leader in FCCL manufacturing. Flexible copper core are a core part of flexible printed circuit boards. ThinFlex has a long term experience in producing coverlays and FCCLs.

With its cutting-edge technology, this company offers the best quality IC packaging and FCCL. It is a leader in the FCCL industry. In the late 1890s, the flexible copper clad laminate comprises wax paper substrate. After some years, engineers used copper foil on thermoplastic film to generate circuit patterns on flexible boards.

ThinFlex Corp. engages in the manufacturing and supply of electronic components, fine chemicals, and synthetic resin. Also, ThinFlex has more than twenty years experience in FCCL manufacturing. This company also produces three-layer flexible CCL.  The 3 layer flexible CCL is also known as adhesive FCCL. On the other hand, the 2 layer FCCL is also known as adhesiveless double-sided PCB.

Main Types of ThinFlex Materials

Flexible copper clad laminates

ThinFlex manufactures adhesiveless double-sided and adhesiveless single sided flexible copper clad laminates. Also, flexible copper clad laminates comprise polyester film or PI film. They are substrate materials that offer a great level of flexibility. FCCL is lightweight and ultra thin. Also, flexible circuit boards that feature FCCL are applicable in a wide range of electronic devices like laptop, cell phone, and automotive GPS among others.

Over the years, FCCL has received recommendations among PCB manufacturers. Also, these laminates are indispensably used in consumer electronics, medical devices, and a lot more. Flexible copper clad is a combination of copper and plastic film. Therefore, it has the qualities of both copper and plastic film. Also, this makes these laminates ideal for use in applications where standard PCBs would fail like uneven or curved surfaces.

FCCL manufacturing process involves depositing a thin copper coating on a flexible substrate. This process refers to tape casting. Polyimide or polyester are types of materials for substrates. Single sided flexible copper clad laminate

Single-sided flexible CCL features excellent dimensional stability, high textural endurance, and high tensile strength.

Double sided flexible copper clad laminate

Double-sided flexible CCL has excellent chemical resistance, finer line etching capabilities, exceptional heat resistance, and high flexural endurance.


Coverlay acts as a solder resist for flexible boards. It comprises a layer of epoxy based adhesive and a layer of polyimide. Also, the adhesive bonds the polyimide to the flex boards. A coverlay is widely used in a flexible PCB to encapsulate and shield the external circuitry of this PCB. Also, this flex PCB material offers similar function as a solder mask used on rigid PCBs.

The major difference here is the level of flexibility offered by coverlays in flex PCB design. ThinFlex Corp. specializes in the production of coverlays for flexible printed circuit boards. Also, a coverlay is usually applied on flexible boards to protect the copper structure of the flexible circuits.

Coverlays feature high resistance to temperature which makes them withstand the heat from ovens and heaters. Also, flexible PCB coverlay offer more ductility than soldermasks. In addition, coverlays are the ideal solution for encapsulating layers of external circuit of a FPC. This material offers a more robust and durable solution.

Benefits of ThinFlex Material

FCCL is a ThinFlex material that offers several advantages. Also, this ThinFlex material comes with unique features which contribute to its performance in flexible printed circuits. Below are some benefits you will enjoy when you use FCCL by ThinFlex.


ThinFlex FCCL is lightweight, thin, and very flexible. Also, it helps in manufacturing very lightweight electronic devices.

High heat tolerance

ThinFlex material is ideal for manufacturing electrical devices subjected to high temperature conditions. Also, this material features high thermal conductivity and as such, it is resistant to high heat. Therefore, ThinFlex flexible copper clad laminate can tolerate very high temperature applications and perform with minimal issues.

Chemical resistance

The double sided flexible CCL by ThinFlex features high chemical resistance. Also, chemical resistance is useful in devices used in applications exposed to chemicals. In addition, this ThinFlex material can protect devices that function in chemically active environments.

Exceptional electrical properties

ThinFlex material features outstanding electrical properties which enhance its overall performance. For instance, the double sided FCCL features high flexural endurance which enhances its flexibility.

Easy storage conditions

It is very easy to store ThinFlex materials. Also, the storage process doesn’t require any refrigeration system.

Applications of ThinFlex Materials

ThinFlex materials are mainly applied in the production of some electronic devices like cell phones, cameras, and more. Also, they are widely used in applications such as:

Consumer electronics

Consumer electronics like cell phones, laptops, cameras, calculators, and more feature ThinFlex materials. Also, these materials feature great electrical and chemical properties which make them ideal for use in these applications.

Aerospace products

Some parts of aerospace devices comprise ThinFlex materials. These materials are commonly used for the flexible parts of these devices.

 Medical equipment

Medical equipment like implantable devices comprise coverlays and flexible copper clad laminate. Also, these materials are important for medical applications especially those that are in the human body.


Modern automobiles feature flexible printed circuits. Parts of automobiles like air bag controllers, dash systems, and anti-locking braking systems include flexible copper clad laminates and coverlays.


ThinFlex has earned great reputation in the production of flexible copper clad laminates. These materials can withstand varying environmental conditions. Also, they have excellent electrical, thermal, and mechanical properties. They are suitable for fabricating flexible printed circuits.




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