The Services of Prototype PCBs

RayPCB is among the best places from where you can get services of prototype printed circuit boards. At RayPCB, we are offering our consumers simple, fast, no fuss, and reliable prototype PCB services. The data given by customers is analyzed by expert employees and its compliance with policies and procedures of company is verified along with technical specifications and then circuit boards are sent to production for its prototype. Certain options such as colors of solder masks, finishing, via-filling, peelable masks etc. are avoided because these are not crucial for the making of a functional PCB prototype. This is the best approach we adopt for fast and reliable delivery of orders of customers with lucrative prices.




What will you get in Hiring for your PCB Prototype services?


  • 1 to 5 PCBs in 3 to 4 working days either single or up to 4 layers.
  • Completely finished PCB with 2 silk-screen and solder masks.
  • The finishing will be lead-free.
  • Choice of either nickel or lead-free HAL or gold immersion for surface finishing.
  • RoHS-FR4 compliance.
  • None of tooling charges or minimum number of PCB requirement.
  • Manufacturing check before production.
  • Before pricing, PCB configurator for checking upload design parameters.
  • Before placing an order, PCB checker and visualizer for design analysis.


Placing order and Pricing


  • Login to the website and click on PCB prototype and calculate.
  • Click on the price calculator and enter necessary details. Analyze data for getting in to PCB configurator for analysis of entered data. Here, enter all of design parameters in to menu of price calculator.
  • Enter details of delivery and quantity of PCBs along with information of dimensions and layers. Press enter and you will see approximate pricing.
  • Place order but before upload all necessary files.
  • The analysis of the PCB visualizer will start right away.
  • Click on PCB visualizer for checking results. If all good then go to checkout and place an order.


The PCB Prototyping


The prototyping of printed circuit board is a very crucial stage of the development of a specific project. At RayPCB, customer service agents are there for helping you all the way. At RayPCB we are considering the PCB prototype to contain the running fabrication of not less than 25 units. As RayPCB is an ISO certified and has IPC compliance as well, therefore RayPCB is having the highest quality standards that a professional company must possess. We are an expert company specializing in production of cheap but high-quality printed circuit board prototypes. We are having an advantage because of running our own production unit in China. This is why we are offering the best quality prototype of printed circuit boards with affordable price range. So, don’t miss out and start a quote right away.


We are offering a vast range of prototype solutions right from services of bare board till making up an entire full turn key PCB prototype. The services of our prototype are comprising of multi-layered FR4, flexible and rigid-flix printed circuit boards, heavy copper, buried/blind vias, metal core, and burn-in etc. We are having capacity of producing circuit boards up to 30 layers. We are having capability of fabricating the toughest and complex designs as well.


RayPCB is also offering services of design for manufacturing (DFM) in order to minimize the pointless expense of money and time along with needles stresses accompanying all these stresses. Our design for manufacturing services are confirming that there is going to be no defect in the manufacturing process of your project. This is all achieved through our experienced and well-qualified engineering team. Through the authentication of the integrity of project before the production process, almost all complications are eliminated in a rapid manner while eradicating need for expensive rework of the product.




The Process of PCB Prototyping


 For starting the process of PCB prototyping, we are going to analyze the design files submitted at placing an order. We are preferring that all submitted files should be in Gerber RS274X or any Gerber format. Naming the project before placing an order is helping us to save time by helping us to give you a quicker quote. In case if you require you PCB prototype to be populated with the components as well, then you are supposed to provide the bill of material (BOM) list as well along with the files of design. After we have received your files, our experienced and specialist team will work leap and bound for providing you with an official quote in response to your submitted project files. RayPCB is also performing electrical testing as well on all bare printed circuit boards by following specifications of IPC-9252. Through use of our various inspection tools and equipment, our design team will make it sure that your project is produced as per your specifications.





Benefits of PCB Prototyping


The production of a prototype has a number of benefits as well. Some of the major benefits are mentioned below in detail.


  • The prototype manufacturing is the best way for the testing of functionality of design and to make necessary revisions if any before final production is started.
  • The prototyping is also offering help in elimination of failures and it also assist in avoiding production costs if the boards are faulty.
  • It is expected that the prototype will not always fit the footprint of finished product that you want to achieve.
  • In most cases, the prototype is developed in oversize so that addition of test points is allowed and other features may be added which are easing the testing functionality.
  • By the time design is verified and finalized, the prototype is providing a very good foundation for reworking for final product.
  • Functional prototype is always helping in the reduction of risks.


It is to bear in mind that before making a final quote on our website, you have to upload the necessary Gerber files and quantity of PCB prototype to be built. If you will upload the mentioned files, it will be easy for us to process your order and get you a final quote pricing as soon as possible after all files are analyzed by our professional team.