The Services of Printed Circuit Board (PCB)

Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs) are an integral part of every electrical and electronic devices. The main circuitry or components that are performing a specific function are placed on to a board known as PCB. There are various methods through which components are placed on the circuit board. One to the ways is to simple solder components on to it, however professionally components are placed on to circuit boards through Surface Mount Technology (SMT).


How to Acquire PCB Services


If you are having any relevance to Electrical or Electronic Engineering either you are student or professional, you may get a requirement in life to make a Printed Circuit Board. Therefore, if you are planning to acquire PCB services from someone online, then you have to take care of numerous factors, else you will regret your decision. As they say, experience is key to success, therefore you have to look for a company having enough experience in the field of PCB manufacturing.


RayPCB is a company offering PCB services. Its services comprise of all steps right from design, schematic testing, layout creation, assembly, prototype creation, testing, and delivering final Printed Circuit Board. RayPCB has a focus on both Flex Printed Circuit Boards assembly as well as Rigid Printed Circuit Board assembly. The process of PCB assembly is of great quality and all processes are ensuring that the finished product will be high quality and efficient in performance.


There are two types of PCB assembly services offered by RayPCB. One is the turn-key PCB which handles each and everything right from manufacturing circuit boards, component order, order tracking, inspection for quality, and assembling the PCB. Whereas the second type is partial-key PCB which includes the ordering of circuit board and components and then remained work is to do by customer.




The Correct Method of Quoting Services of Printed Circuit Board


You may know the way to make an online quote for PCB services, however in order to make a hustle free decision you must know of the best ways.  The following is the way to go to make an online quote for PCB assembly services.


Online Quote for PCBs: You can have an idea of the exact amount needed for making a printed circuit board after selecting few of the options on certain website. However, you have to check on the options that the manufactured PCB must be electrically tested, a prototype must be made and get it checked by you with results. After that you can make an online quote.


Online Quote for Labor Assembly: This is another type of quote where you can have an idea of the estimated costs of labor. This is an instant type of quote and you can get estimated costs within minutes by clicking on few options.


BOM Quote: In case if you are having Bill of Material (BOM) list, then you can upload it on the online portal of the website and get a quote for it. The BOM expected quote is emailed to customer with price for each component including add-ons if required. Along with BOM price, PCB assembly charges are also mentioned. However, the BOM must be detailed i.e. it must have quantity for each component, manufacturer name of the components, reference designators, and manufacturer part numbers as well.



What to do if you have a Quote


In case if you already have a quote for your printed circuit board assembly services, then you are ready to go and place an order on RayPCB website right away. You are suggested to see the comprehensive list of PCB assembly checklist provided on the website for having an overview of the production processes. Following is the detail of our assembly process capacities.


Feature Supported Capability
Assembly Types Thru-Hole Device (THD)
Surface Mount (SMT)
THD and SMT (Mixed)
Double sided THD and SMT (Mixed)
Quantity to Order 1 up to 10 Thousand Boards
Components Passive Components
0201 smallest size
Leadless chips
Terminals and connectors
Packages of Components Cut tape
Bulk and loose parts
tray and tube
Dimensions of board 0.2"x0.2" smallest board
15"x20" biggest board
Shape of boards Round
cut outs
irregular and complex
Types of Boards FR-4 Rigid boards
Rigid-flex boards
Processes of Assembly Lead free or RoHS
Leaded process
Format of Design File Cenroid or Pick and Place
Support and Sales Toll free phone number
web support
Testing (electrical) Optical Inspection or AOI
Functional testing
X-ray inspection
Profile Custom
Turnaround Time 1 to 5 days for PCB assembly
10 to 16 days for turn-key PCB assembly



Procedures for Testing


There are various methods for testing adopted by RayPCB for ensuring a high-quality product to its customers. Testing is done through a prototype in laboratory under specified conditions to have an idea of the performance of the PCB. Following are different types of inspections adopted for each PCB assembly order before delivering it to customer.


  • Visual inspection is a generic check of the Printed Circuit Board. It is to check the board is okay and is not short circuited or its soldering don’t have any bubbling etc. In case of any ambiguities, the PCB is sent back to production unit for troubleshooting.
  • Inspection through X-Rays is done in order to have a better idea of the manufacturing of PCB. It is done in order to check for the QFN, BGA, and bare circuitry etc.
  • Automated optical inspection is done in special cases where checks for soldering paste are required. It is also done for the cases of 0201 components, and components having chance of missing polarity.
  • The in-circuit testing is done for checking the printed circuit board to be working efficiently electrically.


Before placing an order for your PCB assembly services on website, don’t forget to check the ISO certifications. If the company is not having an ISO certification, then it means they are not following the standards required for manufacturing PCBs. Avoid placing orders on such websites. At RayPCB we have all ISO certifications which you can check on our website.