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The Services of Manufacturing Electronics

The Services of Manufacturing Electronics

RayPCB is one of the most experienced and famous suppliers of electronics manufacturing services. The RayPCB is having profound experience in delivering assembly services of high technology based devices and systems to various industries such as telecommunications, power, consumer electronics, aerospace, medical care, lightening, IoT, and automotive etc. The services start from co-engineering and co-designing to prototyping, manufacturing, and assembling the required products.

The Co-Engineering and Co-Designing

For meeting the requirements of customers RayPCB is well equipped with a team of professional designers and engineers. The engineers and designers have specialization in helping the customers to have a balance among performance, cost, manufacturing, and efficiency of their desired products.

At RayPCB, we are offering our customers the shortcuts to have a best quality product within lowest manufacturing and fabrication cost without a compromise on efficiency. There are various tests conducted for the guaranteeing the better process of manufacturing such as DFA and DFM etc. These tests are allowing to have a check and balance on the systems for minimizing time for checking products and to reach market in time. It is said that “time is money”, and our dedicated staff knows it well.

The Process of Prototyping

RayPCB is offering fast services of prototyping grounded on the demands of customers. Automated or manual soldering technique is utilized based on needs of customers for the services of prototyping as far as the requirements are in favor of the product to be made. We are experienced in turning a concept in to real products with satisfaction of our customers.

The Process of Prototyping

The Process of Manufacturing

RayPCB is abiding by standards and rules of IPC and ISO9001:2008. During entire procedure of manufacturing of electronics product Valor manufacturing system solution (MSS) is utilized for having a better performance and incorporating all innovative technologies used for manufacturing so that lower defects in products are ensured and its efficiency is made possible. The major manufacturing lot of our company encompasses prototype PCB assembly, fabrication, designing, integration, and conduction of various tests etc.

The Process of Manufacturing

The Process of Fabrication

Right from the manufacturing process of PCBs, RayPCB is having a strong foundation in the manufacturing of electronics. We are experienced in fabrication of various types of PCBs such as FR4, thick copper, high frequency PCB, high Tg, aluminum, flex, and flex rigid PCB etc. We are also offering services of fabrication of various mixed types of PCBs such as the PCBs which are laminated with FR4 material etc. The capacities of our company comprises of following aspects.

The Process of Assembly

The RayPCB is having capabilities of implementation of a one stopped automated electrical services of assembly right from the printing of solder paste, mounting of components, pcb soldering, inspection, and testing. Prototype assembly services are also offered for those projects which are too dedicated.

For a reliable and timely delivery of the services we have some high-tech tools such as GKG printer, high speed chip mounter of Samsung, high resolution AXI and AOI devices, reflow oven which is lead free. All these tools are helping in delivering better products to customers.

Following is the table illustrating detailed capacities of RayPCB in a summarized form.

Offered ServicesCapacity of RayPCB
Grade QualityIPC 3 Standard
Type of AssemblyPress Fit, PTH, SMT, Single sided, multiple Sided, and POP
Type of SolderingReflow Solder which is lead free and  Wave Solder
Types of ComponentsSMD 01005 or larger BGA 0.4mm pitch
Sizes of PCBMin: 30mm*30mm and Max: 500mm*450mm
Utilized TechniquesFunction Test, IC Programming, Test of Flying Probe

The Integration of System and Tests

There are numerous stages of manufacturing PCBs but still RayPCB is having a dedication to keep its performance and efficiency of final products the very best, therefore integration of system is a main procedure followed. For gaining a suitable integration of system, engineers of RayPCB are conducting professional analysis and discussion on the thermal management, IC programming, and structural analysis for capturing better optimization and having a linear monitoring.

Inspections and tests are one of the main essentials of testing efficiency of electrical and electronic products. During the stage of designing, our designers and engineers are optimizing the design offered by customers and DFT (Design for Test) is performed for analyzing the efficacy.

For guaranteeing a top notch product, RayPCB is offering various methods of inspections. The most common techniques used for inspection are automated X-ray inspection, visual inspection, and automated optical inspection etc. Visual inspection is always conducted by a professional and well-trained engineer having years of experience in designing, fabrication, and manufacturing of PCBs. In visual inspection factors such as placement of electronic components and soldering are checked.

The Integration of System and Tests

The PCB Quality Control

Quality is the main essential of an electronic product and quality control is considered in almost all stages of manufacturing of the product. RayPCB, being an electronic manufacturing services provider is serving various industries, hence quality of products cannot be compromised. For having a better quality control process, at the completion of each stage of an electronic product extensive inspections are conducted and all defects are observed. Rework is done and required or suggested modifications are performed. After modification, further inspections are made such as X-ray inspection for eradicating all sorts of defects.

PCBA Quality Control

The Supply Chain Management

RayPCB is considered as the one stop manufacturer of electronic products, hence professional supply chain management is undergone in the company. This is because, supply chain management is directly connected to the guarantee of quality and hastle free manufacturing process. We are having specialization in aspects such as component sourcing from that of recognized distributers and manufacturers. Moreover, each and every manufactured component is undergone through expensive checking and inspection processes before involving distributors.

For a long standing partnership with customers, we are not only offering one time PCB and product assembly services. We are also storing components and products for our customers in a very professional cabinet ensuring high security, required temperature and humidity conditions for maintaining good quality of the products.