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INTERSEC, The world’s premier trade fair for Security, Safety & Fire Protection. This event will present over 1,300 exhibitors that will showcase a truly comprehensive range of products across 7 broad product sections- Commercial Security, Smart Home, Information Security, Fire & Rescue, Safety & Health, Homeland Security & Policing and Perimeter & Physical Security.

Date: 20-22 January, 2019

Address:Dubai World Trade Centre, Dubai, UAE


Exhibition criteria

1. Commercial security and information security categories:access control equipment, alarms, iDVR, closed circuit television, identification systems, monitors, visual access control equipment, identification equipment, locks, safes, security service equipment, security sensors, voice control Equipment, wireless remote security equipment, hardware and data system security software;

2. Sanitary and personal protective equipment categories: personal protective equipment, head and ear protection equipment, arm hand protection equipment, foot protection, protective clothing (chemical / biological / high temperature / special weather / life jacket), marking equipment, special Signal lights, safety guidance equipment, protective equipment for high altitude areas, work security products (ropes/hooks, etc.), ladders/scaffolding, special containers, first aid equipment (medical), high-risk work protection equipment, construction/open-air work safety equipment, none Bacterial environment / professional disinfection equipment, air pollution treatment equipment, waste recycling equipment, etc.;

3. Fire and rescue equipment categories:fire extinguishing equipment, fire trucks, water fire rescue equipment, fire prevention equipment, fire alarms, emergency alarm equipment, fire ladders, defibrillators, oxygen cylinders, fire breathing apparatus, early warning systems, fire prevention Systems, evacuation equipment, fire extinguishers, radios, radios, fire training and education systems, fire pumps, fire rescue tools, gas detection equipment, command systems, hoses, emergency vehicles, fire sprinklers, environmental protection equipment, fire brigade Equipment, fire drill equipment, high pressure faucets, etc.;

4. Guard and homeland security equipment: police vehicles, police armored vehicles, police communications equipment, reconnaissance and removal of bomb equipment, police uniforms, court equipment, biometric equipment, traffic control equipment, radar equipment, rescue equipment, Radiation detection and processing equipment, weapon simulators, police roadblocks, drug detection equipment, X-ray inspection equipment, monitoring and anti-monitoring equipment, etc.;

The INTERSEC 2019 in Dubai