The High Glass Transition (TG) Printed Circuit Boards

TG is abbreviation of glass transition temperature. Basically, Tg is the basic parameter material which is standing for the temperature. Temperature is measured in (°C) due to which the basic material is having an instability with mechanical aspects. Tg is considered as the core value due to which mechanical stability of a material is guaranteed. The mechanical stability of such PCB is also guaranteed by Tg value during the PCB’s entire operational lifespan.

RayPCB is having an immense experience when Tg Printed Circuit Boards are considered. The RayPCB is guaranteeing the quality which is necessary for the electronic products of various industries. Therefore, if you are intend to use the printed circuit boards which would be subjected to higher temperatures, then Tg PCBs are the best choice. TG PCBs are taking enough heat and avoiding all troubles that may arise due to heat. At RayPCB a wide variety of Tg Printed Circuit Boards are designed, manufactured, and fabricated which are capable to withstand extreme temperatures.


The Tg Printed Circuit Boards which are designed by RayPCB are having good quality and are withstanding extreme rated values of temperatures of glass transition and are also capable to retain the integrity so as to utilize the high higher TG boards with ease. The customer satisfaction rate of our company is almost 99 percent and we are well aware of the needs of customers. Our reliable products are making our customers to have trust in us and our high quality and fast services are open proof of our experience and best quality products.


In case if you are not having surety whether you are having a requirement of FR-5 Tg printed circuit boards or you are not having exact information of how such boards are protecting the high sensitive circuits that your products have, then we are really happy to tell you that we are here for giving you all information. At RayPCB you will get the needed information about FR-5 Tg printed circuit boards and all relevant data that you must know. Therefore, this article is having all necessary information that will be helpful for making you understand the working of PCBs which are working under high temperatures. After you are fully satisfied with the FR-4 PCB board working, you can have an order through us. You will be able to get a free quote of the PCB after filling online requirement form.


The High Glass Transition (TG) Printed Circuit Boards Manufacturer


The Specifications of High TG Printed Circuit Boards


The Tg printed circuit boards which are also known as Tg or glass transition temperature PCBs are indicating points to which material of these printed circuit boards are beginning to transform. In case where the temperature of operation is exceeding the value of Tg then the board is beginning to have a change from the state of solid to state of liquid due to which there is an adverse impact on the capabilities of the various functions.


Standard printed circuit boards are being designed which are having a value of TG up to 140 degrees Celsius and it can bear an operating temperature of more than 110 degree Celsius. However, such PCBs are not good to be used in products where the temperature is too extreme such as automotive industries. In such situations the PCBs which are composed of FR-5 material are best substitutes to be used.


The Multi-layers High Glass Transition (TG) Printed Circuit Boards Manufacturer


The Explanation of FR-4 Material


The FR-4 material can be defined as the material for the grade designation of the fiberglass which is flame-retardant and is like a strengthened epoxy material. The PCBs which are composed of FR-4 material are having a greater strength and offer higher resistance to heat when compared to standard or local PCBs. The classification of FR-4 printed circuit boards are made in to 4 different categories. The categories of the FR-4 material are distinguished on the basis of traces of copper layers of the respective PCB.


The FR-4 material printed circuit boards are of the following types:


1. Single Layered PCB.


2. Dual Layered PCB.


3. Multi-layered PCB.


RayPCB; delivering you Right PCB as per Requirements of your Application


At RayPCB we are offering a wide range of high temperature tolerant PCB products and associated services of FR-4 or other high quality materials. RayPCB has capacity of performing fabrication of high temperature resistant PCBs for various industries such as automotive and electronics having high temperatures. We are having capability to manufacture Tg Printed circuit boards with value of Tg above 180 degree Celsius.  The table below is having an illustration of most common material used for making high temperature tolerant Tg Printed Circuit Boards.


Type of Material TG 
(DSC, °C)
(Wt, °C)
S1141 which FR4 material 175 300 55 8 /
S1000-2M which is FR4 material 180 345 45 60 20
IT180 180 345 45 60 20
Rogers 4350B 280 390 50 / /


RayPCB is having solution for every problem related to the application of your needs as our staff is highly qualified and experienced in the design and fabrication of customized PCBs meeting your requirements. Following table is illustrating the capabilities of our company.


Features Capabilities
Grade Quality IPC 2 Standard
No. of layers of PCB Single to multi-layers up to 40layers
Quantity of Order 1 to 1000 plus pieces
Delivery of orders Single day till few weeks depending on requirements
Used Materials Rogers 4350B, IT180, S1000-2M (FR4), and S1141 (FR4) etc.
Size of Boards Max available size 500mm x 900mm | Min 6mm x 6mm available size
Thickness of Board 0.4mm - 6.5mm
Weight of Copper 0.5oz - 2.0oz
Minimum Spacing / Tracing 3mil/3mil
Number of slides of solder mask As per requirements
Color of solder mask Yellow, Red, Black, Blue, White, Green
Sides of Silkscreen As per requirements
Color of Silkscreen Yellow, Black, White
Surface finishing of PCB RoHS, ENIG, HASL, Immersion Silver Ro HS, Immersion TIN RoHS, OSP RoHS etc.
Minimum size of Annular Ring 4mil (diameter)
Minimum size of Drilling Hole 6mil (diameter)


The Specifications of High TG Printed Circuit Boards


Calculation of Estimated Price of Tg-PCB


The price calculator at our website can be used for the calculation of the estimated cost of the PCB. All you need is to put the required specifications and submit the quote.