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The 50th NEPCON JAPAN 2023

NEPCON JAPAN, Asia’s Leading Exhibition for Electronics R&D, Manufacturing and Packaging Technology.

Date: January 16 (Wed) – 18 (Fri), 2023

Address:Tokyo Big Sight, Japan

The 48th NEPCON JAPAN 2019

Exhibition criteria:

1. Main exhibition area: SMT machine, solder paste printing machine, dispensing device, carrier tape, feeder, marking system / inkjet, ERP/SCM, punching machine, sealing machine, washing machine, electromechanical parts, tools, software , completion / maintenance machine, mask, tape machine, tape forming equipment, laser processor, precision welding machine, factory control adjustment system, PCB separator, nylon cable ties, inspection / testing / measuring equipment, electronic materials, other Related Products;

2. EMS / electronic foundry: EMS (with industry electronics manufacturing services), talent dispatch services (engineers), factory contract / solutions, consulting services, various outsourcing services;

3. Welding and area: welding machine, reflow soldering machine, desoldering machine, soldering iron, soldering groove, flux applicator, PCB soldering material/flux;

4. Material handling equipment area: feeder, unloader, conveyor, automatic classification system, palletizing robot, depalletizing machine, sorting machine, vertical transportation system, self-guided vehicle, truck, shelf, raft Shelves, pallets, containers, other storage facilities;

5. dust-free / static protection zone: clean room, laminar flow hood, air shower, particle counter, ion generator, anti-static products, clean room supplies (dust-proof clothing / gloves / mask), clean cloth, Vacuum cleaners, other related products;

6. Factory/plant equipment area: environmental protection/recycling products, plant equipment, environmental protection measures, storage containers (shelf containers, etc.), various tools;

7. Cleaning equipment & cleaning agent area: wet cleaning type cleaning equipment, dry cleaning type cleaning equipment, cleaning agent, peripheral products and related equipment.

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