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Electronic Components Procurement

Electronic Components Procurement


RayMing - Bill of Materials (BOM) Management (Enquiry pls send to Sales@raypcb.com )
As a Buyer or Program Manager, you have a lot of work on your plate. You need one supplier to help simplify your work and make you as efficient as possible. RayMing Components now features our Bill of Materials (BOM) Management Team to help.


✔ Send your lists from excel, csv or txt to get started quickly
✔ Add part numbers to existing BOMs on the fly as changes come up
✔ Leverage our library of valid part numbers to scrub and validate the items on your BOM
✔ See real-time costs and lead time for your entire list
✔ Place orders with ease and repeatedly as your production needs require
✔ Manage you BOMs with changes as you go to keep them current
Send your Bom , RayMing's customer support will handle it for you .


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RayMing is proud to offer low cost electronic components procurement in China by leveraging convenient market availability for all types of requirements. We have grown to become the most preferred turnkey PCB assembly house for such services because of our firm knowledge and understanding of the global procurement market. We readily source affordable components from our trusted distributors.


Over a span of years, RayMing has developed highly strong relationships with most of the distributors worldwide, which has enabled us to source requisite quality parts from local vendors, authorized suppliers, and manufacturers by following a rigorous procurement process.


We have created extremely well-organized and most accurate procurement methods for electronic components. This has enabled us to source only the required parts, and those which are suitable for satisfying customer requirements. This streamlined process has helped us to purchase the highest quality parts from the most reliable distributors.


Electronic parts procurement is not exclusively about getting the best possible price, but also sourcing high quality components. Clients are sometimes worried about the quality of components sourced in China, but with Rayming’s support our customers can rest assured due to their awareness of our sourcing capabilities and inspection techniques. We update our users about the stringent quality methods followed, despite sourcing the parts from branded suppliers in China, which has further enabled us to pass the benefits to our consumers.


As we purchase high quality parts from known distributors at the most affordable rates of any turnkey PCB service solution, we pass on the benefit of low cost to our clients. Our clients get the dual benefit of competitive sourcing of the best components, along with time to give required attention on their main business. We have a created strong network in China with the local suppliers so as to get the mandatory components and meet the customer specific demands at a relatively low cost. This has also led to an advantage in handling charges, which is further passed on to the end users in terms of low priced parts. You can also reach us at sales@raypcb.com for added information regarding the procurement of unique IC components.


We have our own distinctive and comprehensive IC sources, so as to meet the ever increasing specs of our clients. We normally procure ICs in Taiwan, Korea, Japan, and other regions across Asia at a fairly low price compared to other Turnkey PCB assembly houses. This has further helped to win the trust of our customers for us.