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Top 10 Soldering Paste Manufacturers for SMT Assembly

Electronics have undergone several advancements over the years. The components have also been revamped so the devices can function properly as per the latest trends in technology. Something similar happened to SMT assembly in the automation domain. One factor that brings together the SMT assembly is the solder paste.

The finer the solder paste would be, the better the results will be. Now you need to think about how you would get the best solder paste for SMT components. Because without a good solder paste, the components won’t be able to stick together in the long run. We are going to save you from this hustle by discussing the top 10 soldering paste producers for SMT assembly in this post! So let’s get into it!

What is solder paste?

Solder paste is a fine substance that you use during the SMT assembly to join PCB components together. There is an alloy powder that you will melt to change it into a paste-like consistency. 

Different constituents like surfactants, solvents, thixotropic agents, and rosin make up a perfect solder paste. The alloy powder is of tin, and the precision of a solder paste mainly depends on this powder. So it’s better that you use all the constituents in appropriate proportions to develop an industrial-grade solder paste. 

Top 10 Best Solder Paste Manufacturers 

soldering flux paste

1.   Rayming Technology

  • Rayming is among the most appreciated solder paste producers around the globe. They operate from Shenzhen and are a full-range PCB producer. 
  • Their PCBs pass through strict quality control methods to make sure that they are up to the mark for performing precisely. 
  • Similarly, for their solder paste, they never compromise on its quality. So that the clients can get the desired solder paste from Rayming Technology. 
  • They rely on industrial-grade raw materials for developing solder paste to maintain its quality. 
  • It is not wrong to say that they have no parallel in ensuring quality control of solder paste and PCBs. 

2.   ALL PCB Manufacturing

  • It is another remarkable solder paste producer for private projects and commercial production of PCBs. There are different reasons that you must consider this producer, and we are going to discuss a few of them down below:
  • The company’s backbone is the engineers who maintain the consistency of solder paste. It is never too runny and too thick, which might later ruin the PCB assembly. For this reason, the engineers are adept enough to analyze the texture of the paste during development.
  • They also specialize in PCB stencil solder paste which comes in handy when you are dealing with complex PCB assemblies.
  • They never leave any stone unturned for the quality control of the solder paste. The company is happy to invest its efforts in PCBs and solder paste to make sure everything is in place for its clients and users. 
  • If your purpose is to use PCB stencil solder paste, then collaborating with ALL PCB is going to benefit you in the long run. 

3.   Shenzhen libixing Industrial Co. LTD

  • The company has been operational for many years. They are experts in producing FR4 PCBs for their clients. The customer reviews say that they have no parallel in living up to their expectations. Let’s see why their customers think like that:
  • They are efficient in delivery, which means you don’t have to wait for your PCBs and solder paste to wind up your projects. 
  • They are reliable due to their integrity and brand values, which are to maintain trust among their clients and users. 
  • They are also experts in PCB stencil solder paste and are improving their qualities to meet the latest trends in technology. 
  • Their solder paste is reliable enough to give you desired results during SMT assemblies since it creates strong bonds between all the components. 
  • Now here is the best part: Their solder paste is not too expensive, and they will deliver it to you in the less time possible, no matter where your location is. 
  • They incredibly maintain the authenticity of the solder paste so that it can serve you better every time. 

4.   Viscom

  • It is a German solder paste producer and has developed deep roots in connections and a trusted bond among its customers. The company came into existence in the year 2006. Ever since Viscom has been exceeding the expectations of the customers, and here’s how:
  • The company relies on in-house automated testing equipment and tools to ensure 100% quality of the PCBs and solder joints. 
  • They have a remarkable system of automated machinery that makes it all possible, including X-ray detection machines and optical equipment. 
  • It gives Viscom an edge over its competitors in the market. Their products have integral applications in multiple domains as well.
  • You can rely on Viscom for 3D solder paste detection services. If you haven’t tried their component mounting and solder joint assembly services for PCBs, then you are running late. 

5.   VCTA

  • VCTA is a seasoned payer in this field. It is a Chinese producer and has a firm position among other producers of solder paste producers. Also, you might be surprised to know that it has its own research facility in the US Silicon Valley. 
  • There is no equal for VCTA in solder paste inspection and optical inspection. 
  • If you ever need to analyze a sample of solder paste, there is no better option than VCTA at all. Their experts are skillful in inspecting the solder paste with efficient quality control systems. 
  • It uses special SPI techniques to identify faults, electrical disturbances, and technical issues with the SMT assemblies and even in PCBs. 


  • Vi TECHNOLOGY is another competitor among the solder paste producers, and its qualities won’t let us leave it behind for this discussion. Let’s see why you need to consider Vi technology:
  • Customers love their optical inspection methods to ensure quality so that there will be no damage to the PCB assembly at all. 
  • Also, the company relies on its AOI services to serve its clients in the best possible so that they can experience perfect and flawless PCB assemblies without any extreme defects.
  • It is a one-stop solution when you need to inspect your PCBs for the domains of aeronautics, defense, and automotive industries. 

7.    Orbotech

  • We have Orbotech to discuss. It has been functional since 1981, stunning its competitors with its potential, remarkable services, and huge consumer base in different regions of the world. 
  • The major services of Orbotech include direct laser imaging and automatic repair equipment. They leverage these methods to ensure their PCBs and solder paste stand the best among the others. 
  • They offer their services to huge electronics companies to help them step ahead of their rivals and meet the expectations of their clients. 
  • You can rely on Orbotech because of their products that come in handy for PCB assemblies, Flat panel display systems, and encapsulation

8.   Saki

  • They have been in the field and making their clients happy for many years. 
  • Saki has been able to set the direction for automated recognition with the help of robotics vision. 
  • They specialize in 3D solder paste production, and not just this; you can depend on them for AOI, SPI, and AXI services as well. Believe it when you hear this, they have no match for these services at all. 
  • Other than this, you should check out their data-capturing systems that are inevitable for M2M communications. 
  • It is a Japan-based firm and has an impressive consumer base with a stellar portfolio as well. 

9.   SEHO Systems GmbH

  • SEHO is also a contender among the solder paste producers. It is a full-range PCB firm that extends its services to major innovative systems as well. 
  • It has been the only producer that has stepped forward to offer services that go well with the domains like integrated solutions, AOS inspection, and automated soldering. 

10. TRI

  • It is another Chinese firm that we cannot ignore for this discussion. It is because of their qualities and values that they attract the masses of customers to buy their products and services. Not just it, they happily collaborate with other manufacturers to offer their services. 
  • The company is among the biggest producers of solder paste in Taiwan. 
  • Over the years, they have maintained their values and fulfilled the promises that led them to secure a soft corner in the hearts of their customers. 

Factors to Consider

smd soldering paste

You cannot ignore the importance of soldering wires and soldering iron when it comes to developing the latest circuits and also when you are fixing damaged and broken circuits. Irrespective of your case, such components make your task easy. Not just this, you need to have a look at some other factors for this pursuit. Let’s check them below:

  • Weight: When you’re using soldering flux, you need to maintain its weight. Or in other words, use a solder flux of appropriate weight. It is recommendable to use solder flux ranging from 4 ounces to 16 ounces to keep the complications at bay. 
  • Compliance: There is no thumb rule for using a single type of soldering flux. Since different electronics need several types of solders, which means you can use any of them. However, it is better to see if it is compliant or not by testing for its quality. Always go with RoHS-compliant solder for safe and efficient use. 
  • Warranty: Solders have a blend of different chemicals which means you need to consider their shelf life. So it’s better to check the warranty before using any solder. 

Final Words

We have to say choosing the best solder paste for PCB assembly is a tough job. Different types of pastes make it more confusing for you, and it’s normal. Therefore, this guide will serve you with all the knowledge about choosing from the best solder paste producers. You can further check them out through their websites, where you can learn more about them. We will see you in the next one!




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