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Top 25 SMT Companies in 2023


Surface mount technology (SMT) has become the predominant method for assembling printed circuit boards (PCBs) in electronics manufacturing. Utilizing robotic pick-and-place machines to populate boards with surface mount components enables highly automated assembly with miniaturized components.

Hiring an experienced surface mount assembly services provider is crucial to guarantee quality and reliability for an electronics product. This article will explore the top 25 companies providing SMT manufacturing globally based on factors like capabilities, reputation, scale, and technology leadership.

Read on for an overview of the top contract manufacturers advancing the state of the art in surface mount productions, as we count down the top 25 SMT companies in 2023.

Ranking Methodology

through-hole assembly process

Companies were evaluated and ranked based on the following key criteria:

  • Technical capabilities – SMT line diversity, maximum board size, component size range, and other production capabilities demonstrating advanced technical competence.
  • Geographic reach – Number of manufacturing locations, countries, and regions served demonstrating global scale and presence.
  • Certifications – Holding demanding certifications for quality management and environmental standards from bodies like ISO, IATF, and others.
  • Industry reputation – Feedback and recommendation from electronics industry experts, customers, and associations gauging SMT quality and reliability.
  • Technology adoption – Use of innovative techniques like AOI inspection, 3D solder paste inspection, automated optical shaping, and more cutting-edge automation.
  • Key customers – Experience serving premier electronics brands with demanding high-volume production needs.

With these criteria in mind, here are the top 25 global surface mount technology assembly providers in 2023:

#25 – VTech EMS

  • Headquartered in Dongguan, China
  • 10 manufacturing facilities across China
  • Diverse electronic product expertise including consumer, telecoms, medical, automotive, IoT
  • ISO 13485 and ISO 14001 certified
  • Services from PCB assembly through full box build support

#24 – altus AG

  • Based in Germany with factories across Eastern Europe
  • Focus on automotive, transportation, industrial, and medical customers
  • Ample SMT lines featuring Fuji NXT and AIMEX equipment
  • Rigorous quality control standards per ISO 9001, ISO 13485, IATF 16949, and more
  • High mix/low-mid volume manufacturing ideal for European regional support

#23 – Suntsu Electronics

  • Taiwanese EMS company with sites across Asia
  • Broad capabilities for consumer electronics, computers, peripherals, and communications equipment
  • SMT production using latest Yamaha and Juki machinery
  • Veteran provider serving customers for over 25 years
  • Robust quality certifications including ISO 9001, ISO 13485, ISO 14001

#22 – New Kinpo Group (Cal-Comp)

  • Headquartered in Taiwan with dozen manufacturing sites across Asia and Mexico
  • Massive capacity with 100+ SMT lines and over 15,000 employees
  • Focuses on computers, networking gear, consumer electronics, IoT, and smart home products
  • Industry 4.0 initiatives around automation, analytics, and smart factory
  • Joint design and manufacturing services under one organization

#21 – Zollner Elektronik

  • German full-service EMS provider with factories across Central Europe
  • Diverse industry expertise in industrial control, medical, measurement, automotive, aerospace, and engineering services
  • Comprehensive quality management system certified to multiple ISO and industry standards
  • 300+ injection molding machines and fully automated SMT lines featuring Fuji AIMEX equipment
  • Renowned for high-mix, high-complexity, and flexible production

#20 – SIIX

  • Subsidiary EMS division of Japanese conglomerate MinebeaMitsumi
  • Global manufacturing presence across Asia, Europe, Mexico, and Brazil
  • Scale to produce up to 500 million PCB assemblies per year
  • Highly automated production using latest Yamaha SMT equipment
  • Broad capabilities serving aerospace, defense, telecoms, networking, IoT, and automotive verticals

#19 – Fabrinet

  • Headquartered in Thailand with sites across Asia Pacific
  • Foundry model providing optimized flexibility and speed
  • High complexity PCBs with 01005 components and 0.3mm pitch BGAs
  • Smart factory initiatives include automated optical inspection, 3D solder paste inspection, and advanced analytics
  • Large optics manufacturing capabilities supporting camera modules, LiDAR, sensors

#18 – Key Tronic

  • Global sites across North America, Europe, and Asia
  • Leading medical, aerospace, automation, and computing ODM services
  • Collaborative design engineering engagement for manufacturability
  • Quality certifications include ISO 9001, ISO 13485, AS9100D, and IATF 16949
  • Diverse precision electromechanical, plastics, and metal fabrication capabilities

#17 – hiking (Kin Yip)

  • Headquartered in Hong Kong with sites across Asia
  • High-complexity, high-reliability manufacturing
  • Specializes in consumer, communications, automotive electronics
  • Highly automated production with 3D AOI, 3D SPI, component traceability
  • Certifications include IATF 16949, AS9100D, ISO 13485, ISO 14001

#16 – Enics

  • Swiss EMS provider with sites across Europe and Asia
  • Diverse expertise in industrial, automotive, medical, aerospace/defense, instrumentation, and building technologies
  • Focus on low-mid volume, high-mix production
  • Certified for ISO 13485, IATF 16949, AS9100, ISO 14001
  • Design support, NPI, and aftermarket services under one roof

#15 – Sumitronics

  • Japanese EMS founded in Malacca, Malaysia with sites across Asia
  • Scale of 500 SMT lines producing over 100 million PCBs annually
  • Broad capabilities serving computing, consumer electronics, communications, automotive, industrial
  • Investments in smart factory automation technologies
  • Certified for ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 13485, IATF 16949

#14 – Ducommun

  • Global EMS headquartered in Southern California
  • Provides advanced integration and system-level assemblies for aerospace/defense, space, and industrial technology
  • Leading expertise for high-reliability, high-complexity designs
  • AS9100D and Nadcap accreditation at all sites
  • Design engineering collaboration and NPI

#13 – Jabil Circuit

  • One of the largest and most geographically diverse EMS providers
  • Over 25 million square feet of manufacturing space worldwide
  • Expertise across defense, aerospace, automotive, healthcare, computing, storage, and packaging verticals
  • Design support services augmented by automated DFM analysis
  • Top certifications like IATF 16949, ISO 9001, ISO 13485, AS9100

#12 – Natel Engineering

  • Silicon Valley contract manufacturer founded in 1974
  • Highly automated SMT production with 3D AOI inspection
  • Leading medical, industrial, aerospace/defense, instrumentation expertise
  • Natel Design Services team aids product development
  • Certified to ISO 13485, ISO 9001, AS9100

#11 – Creation Technologies

  • Global EMS headquartered in Canada with sites across North America and Europe
  • Diverse expertise across consumer products, telecoms, medical, test and measurement, cleantech
  • Vertically integrated plastics, precision metal, and final assembly
  • Design for manufacturing analysis and NPI launch support
  • Certifications include ISO 9001, ISO 13485, IATF 16949, AS9100

#10 – Flex Ltd.

  • Global EMS giant with sites across 30 countries
  • Massive capacity of over 100 million square feet of manufacturing space
  • Leading aerospace, automotive, computing, consumer, health, industrial capabilities
  • Flex Enablement Program provides manufacturing input starting from early design phases
  • Top certifications like ISO 13485, IATF 16949, AS9100

#9 – Benchmark Electronics

  • One of the largest US-based EMS providers
  • 8 million square feet of manufacturing across Americas, Asia, Europe
  • Diverse expertise in medical, aerospace/defense, computing, telecoms, test and measurement, controls
  • Benchmark Operational Excellence drives quality, reliability, and efficiency
  • Certified to ISO 9001, ISO 13485, AS9100, IATF 16949

#8 – Sanmina Corporation

  • Global EMS leader based in California with sites worldwide
  • Massive technology portfolio spanning high-tech industries
  • Scale of over 5 billion components managed and 2 million PCBs shipped per day
  • Innovations in digital twin, predictive maintenance, and analytics
  • Certifications include ISO 14001, ISO 13485, AS9100, IATF 16949

#7 – Kimball Electronics

  • Top global EMS founded 1967 and headquartered in Indiana
  • Specializes in automotive, medical, industrial, and public safety markets
  • 8 million square feet of manufacturing across facilities in US, Mexico, Poland, Thailand, China
  • Collaborative product lifecycle management and value-engineering
  • Certified to IATF 16949, ISO 9001, ISO 13485, ISO 14001

#6 – Plexus Corp.

  • EMS innovator founded in Wisconsin in 1979
  • Leading expertise in medtech, defense and aerospace, industrial, networking, and telecoms
  • Engineering solutions across full product lifecycle
  • Smart factory initiative optimizing IoT, automation, visibility
  • Certified to AS9100, ISO 13485, ISO 9001, IATF 16949

#5 – Foxconn (Hon Hai)

  • The world’s largest electronics manufacturing giant
  • Unparalleled scale as a key Apple, HP, Dell, Nintendo, Sony partner
  • Massive production capacity across China and India factories
  • Highly optimized automated assembly lines
  • Rigorous quality control for premier consumer brands

#4 – USI Electronics

  • Headquartered in Taiwan with sites across Asia
  • Leading high-precision SMT capabilities
  • Diverse expertise across networking, telecom, medical, industrial, automotive
  • Design, systems integration, logistics, and aftermarket repair services
  • Global certifications include IATF 16949, ISO 13485, TL 9000

#3 – Pegatron

  • Spun off from Asus as a leading EMS focused on quality, flexibility, delivery
  • Scale of over 40 million square feet of manufacturing space
  • Key manufacturing partner for global computing brands
  • Stringent process control with automation and AI
  • Certified to ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, IATF 16949

#2 – Quanta

  • Global EMS leader headquartered in Taiwan
  • Premier ODM partner for top computing, networking and telecom brands
  • Unmatched expertise and capacity optimized for high-volume production
  • End-to-end manufacturing including components, modules, and final assembly
  • Industry 4.0 initiatives such as AI quality inspection

#1 – Rayming Technology

  • Founded in China in 2002, now a leading global EMS provider
  • Flagship facility in Dongguan spanning over 6 million square feet
  • Complete range of electronic manufacturing services
  • Highly automated SMT production with 3D AOI and SPI
  • Rigorous quality system certified to ISO 13485, ISO 9001, IATF 16949

Key Takeaways

This list of the top 25 SMT assembly companies provides a benchmark of premier manufacturing partners serving diverse industries. Key takeaways include:

  • Leading providers offer unmatched expertise, capabilities, scale, and certifications
  • Global sites provide regional manufacturing options and supply chain resilience
  • Automation, analytics, and smart factory initiatives drive continuous advancement
  • SMT leadership enables the ongoing electronics revolution in every sector

For those seeking an experienced surface mount assembly partner, this list offers a framework of the top-tier EMS leaders delivering manufacturing excellence worldwide. SMT competence underpins nearly all cutting-edge product development today. By collaborating with these leading innovators, electronics companies can bring robust, reliable products to life.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some key SMT capabilities to look for in a CM?

Top capabilities include 01005 and microBGA assembly, advanced AOI inspection, proficiency with high-density PCBs, extensive DFM analysis, thermal process expertise, flexibility with low to high volumes, and turnkey box build support.

How can I evaluate an SMT company as a potential partner?

Tour facilities to witness capabilities firsthand. Review industry certifications and quality procedures. Discuss your specific project needs and assess responsiveness. Request referrals from existing customers. Start with a small test order first before ramping up.

What emerging technologies are impacting SMT manufacturing?

Key trends include data analytics, machine learning inspection, collaborative robots, digital twin simulation, augmented reality visualization, additive processes like printing, and overall smart factory connectivity.

How are lead times at SMT companies lately?

Due to component shortages and supply chain issues, lead times have been extended significantly – often over 20 weeks currently from order to delivery. Careful planning is crucial.

What questions should I ask prospective SMT partners about quality?

Inquire about defect rates, soldering process controls, quality certifications, employee training procedures, repair/rework/scrap rates, traceability practices, and continuous improvement strategies aimed at driving defects to zero.


As consumer appetite for sophisticated electronics continues to accelerate, partnering with an exceptional SMT manufacturing provider becomes crucial. This list offers a guide to the most capable global assembly houses leading the evolution of surface mount technology into the future. By leveraging the expertise of these elite SMT innovators, engineers can transform designs into products with the quality and reliability end users demand.

Overview of the SMT Market

The SMT industry represents a sizeable, lucrative, and growing market with an estimated value of USD 5.42 billion by 2022. It arises from the increasingly on-demand need for printed circuit board miniaturization. The five-year period forecast by category that started from 2017 offers better insights.

  • By equipment
  • The inspection equipment category represents a significant SMT market category with a 28% market share. It is a market class that gets propelled by the ever-improving product tech, reliability, responsiveness, and inspection quality. Increased demand during the forecast period is especially accounted for by the automotive, telecom, consumer electronics, computing, and storage.
  • By application
  • In the forecast period, the application segment of consumer electronics gets expected to account for the lion’s share of the SMT market. The demand gets propelled by the increasing preference for small-sized devices, in which SMT technology plays an instrumental role. SMT components prove small, lighter, and thinner compared to through-hole packages.
  • APAC. It gets estimated that it will account for the lion’s share when it comes to market size. The projection also entails rapid growth during this five-year forecast period, accounted for by the telecommunication sector. The key driver for this SMT segment entails the growing demand for the 3G/4G networks. Companies within this market segment deploy growth approaches like fresh product launches, agreements, collaborations, partnerships, and acquisitions.      

Overview of an SMT Company

A surface mount technology company infers a company within the PCB electronics industry that provides SMT products and services. While some of these companies specialize solely in surface mount technology, most tend to deliver products in the broader category of printed circuit boards. However, these companies still provide SMT and SMD products through their qualified teams of engineers and designers.

The SMT company not only has to possess the required financial and human resource capacity to deliver quality SMT devices but prove licensed to operate by the relevant authorities besides having a demonstrated history of working on printed circuit boards and surface mount technology. These companies’ products and services often include SMDs (surface mounted devices), SMT software design tools, manufacturing, and assembly services.

An excellent example of an SMT company includes the RayMing PCB and Assembly Company. The company has its base in China and has a fifteen-year demonstrated track record of providing state-of-the-art PCB tech products and top-rate quality standards in the electronics industry. It prides itself in meeting your PCB demands, including SMT products and services. It starts from the small volume level to mass PCB production, regardless of the simplicity or complexity of your design.

Features of a Surface Mount Technology Company

smt technology

An SMT company needs to have specific attributes to offer you quality and trusted PCB products and services, including surface mount devices, surface mount technology, etc. To better understand this aspect, I will detail our company, RayMing PCB, and assembly as an example.

  • Demonstrated capacity to offer SMT and other PCB services
  • With over fifteen years of offering their PCB services and products, RayMing PCB and Assembly demonstrates the capacity to provide SMTs and other printed circuit board products and services. It includes manufacturing, fabrication, testing, and assembly services for PCBs. Additionally, it has many professionals working on your orders besides an excellent customer relation service. Services include SMT stencil assembly among Flex PCB, prototype PCB, box build, IC programming, PCBA testing, electronic components, etc.
  • Certifications and approval to operate. A reputable SMT company needs to demonstrate its certification of the products and services it provides. Because of the increased overseas nature of PCB companies, the company’s website needs to have these certifications displayed on the home page.
  • An updated company website. Most printed circuit board companies and, by extension, SMTs rely heavily on their visibility online to respond to inquiries, receive orders, communicate, and advertise their products and services. Therefore, websites become pivotal, and any misinformation or outdated PCB product and service information typify the company as unreliable. Reliability and quality are everything in this industry.
  • Physical address. Any serious company must have a physical address, let alone a big and reliable PCB company. To get a reputable company, even if it’s based overseas, try and check if it has a physical address.

The SMT Manufacturing and Assembly Services

The importance of understanding the best SMT Company across your region or the globe requires comprehension of the SMT product or service you want.  Therefore, it would help if you took time and considered the diverse types of SMTs and the process involved in the manufacturing process.

  • The printed circuit board material possesses solder pads that lack holes. Therefore, the solder paste needs get applied via the screen-printing-like technique. Here, a stencil template gets used to control the placement to ensure that the material gets smeared on the vital regions.
  • Computerized machines get used for the component placement after selection; after that, it becomes instrumental in positioning the desired SMDs besides extra components correctly on the printed circuit board. The components after that get fed via reels into the machine. However, for particular components like the IC (integrated circuits), the delivery happens via the static-free media.
  • After this, the boards undergo soldering, and here, the heating process of the solder pads proceeds until the solder melts and attaches with the components on the PCB board. In specific settings where either side of the PCB has to get used for components, the soldering/placement processes are repeated on the alternate side.
  • Components proving heat-sensitive can get integrated within the PCB at this point and after the programmed soldering process finishes. Please note that the process can proceed manually or through safe processes that will not disfigure the component.
  • After this, your PCB board gets “washed” to jettison any excess solder deposit or flux, and which can lead to component short-circuiting as a result of their corresponding placement tolerance.
  • Once finalized, washed, and dried out, the printed circuit board is subjected to inspection to ensure its quality. The inspection aims to look for missing components, soldering, and alignment problems that can cause malfunctions. However, one excellent piece of news comes in access regarding the automated and inspection equipment.
  • Inspected boards subsequently proceed to the next stage, where testing for functionality happens.

Why You Have to Procure the Services of an SMT Company


Surface mount technology, originally inferred as planar mounting, proves instrumental in equal measure, especially as the perfect alternative to through-hole technology. It has the benefit of reduced weight and smaller-sized PCBs. Additionally, the components can get aligned closer to each other, leading to a lightweight and compact end product. The two not only prove the sole benefits of SMTs. To understand why you need SMT companies in getting your SMT printed circuit boards, consider the following.

  • SMT companies have machines and technologies to ensure autocorrecting of component placement. Consequently, it results in reduced errors and increases the operational efficiency of the PCB.
  • Small-sized SMDs cost less compared to the through-hole component equivalents. Procuring the services of an SMT company not only taps into this cost-reduction strategy but also taps into the economies of scale, especially if you want mass orders.
  • At times combining the SMT and through-hole technologies on one board becomes difficult. By procuring the services of an SMT company, you will get the advantage of using machine techniques besides tapping into the expertise of their engineers to combine the two techs. Additionally, the use of SMT makes it a possibility.
  • SMT companies possess the expensive machines and technologies of producing complex SMT PCBs; therefore, you can tap into this possibility to design and develop a complex PCB. Further, your PCB will have a better electromagnetic conductivity because of the low lead inductions.
  • You can also experience better performance due to the stability of SMT connections, especially in shaky conditions. Another key reason to consider this tech and having your SMT PSB manufactured by an SMT company.
  • You also get to enjoy selective soldering, quality, and quantity all rolled into one, multitasking capabilities, and lower induction, which improve efficiency and reduce production costs. It is another key reason why you have to take advantage and get an SMT company to manufacture your printed circuit boards.

Final Words

Surface mount technology proves instrumental in the miniaturization of printed circuit boards, improving operational capacity and efficiency. For this reason, you have to consider this as your go-to tech for almost all your PCB needs. However, understanding all the aspects of SMT proves the foundation, and researching and finding the best SMT Company to produce your SMT PCB completes.

What’s more? You should not look further, as we have all the necessary tools and experience at RayMing PCB and Assembly to bring your SMT printed circuit board design into a reality.




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