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SMD Package Types and Sizes

SMDs are comparable. There are a plethora of different SMD packages available. You often require a special circuit board created for them that has a special matching copper pattern where they are soldered, to work with surface-mount boxes.

SMD packages come in a huge variety, and the user can choose one based on how convenient the electronic component is for them.

What are the SMD Package Types?

The physical properties of devices using SMT to attach the different electronic components to the circuit boards are referred to as SMD package types. To put it another way, the SMD can be described as an electrical component that uses SMT to connect to the PCB. This attaching technique is quicker compared to the thru-hole technology whereby the component leads are inserted into the drilled holes.

SMT is a strong option for tiny components and supports the utilization of automated machinery. It is commonly utilized with integrated circuits, resistors, transistors, capacitors, and diodes nowadays. SMD packages typically have lettered or alphanumeric codes or names based on their physical size.

SMD Package Types

Discrete Surface Mount Resistors

SMD Resistor

Thick film, as well as thin film surface mount (SMT) resistors, is the two primary types.

Surface Mount Thick Film Resistors

Rather than deposit the resistive film onto a round shaped core as an axial resistor, this SMD is made by screening the resistive film dioxide-based ruthenium paste or a similar substance on a surface made of high-purity, flat alumina surface.

Surface Mount Thin Film Resistors

These resistors are built on ceramic substrates with protective coatings, sometimes called glass coatings, and terminators that have thick film pastes of silver placed on them. A resistor has a white base material on one side and a colored form of resistive layer having a strong protective coating on the other. So it is simple to differentiate between capacitors and resistors based on their external appearance.

Resistor Networks


R-packs, also known as resistor networks, are frequently used in replacing a number of individual resistors. Real estate as well as placement time are both saved.

Ceramic capacitors for surface mount

Another essential form of the SMD package that works well in high-frequency circuits is the surface mount capacitor. It can be positioned under the container found on the PCB’s opposite side and has no leads. The submission for frequency regulation and decoupling, the surface mount capacitor is used.

Leadless Ceramic Chip Carriers

The LCCCs have castellation terminations, which are groove-shaped terminations that are gold-plated and shorten signal paths so that greater operating frequencies are possible. Depending just on package pitch, there are various families into which the LCCs could be categorized. The 50 mil leaded chip ceramic carrier families are among the most popular. 2 0, 25, and 40 mil families are others

Quad Flat package

The incredibly tiny gull wing lead that protrudes from all four sides of this quad flat package for the surface mount integrated circuits. These can be exceedingly thin and bendable on surface mount integrated circuits with high pin counts. They are now almost not possible to reconstruct into the necessary positions once bent.

When handling all these devices during the process of PCB assembly, extreme caution must be used.

JEDEC Package Standards for SMT

SMD Fuse

In order to ensure a high level of conformance throughout the industry, standards are utilized. As a result, the sizes of the majority of SMT components meet industry standards such the JEDEC requirements.

An independent trade association and standardization body for semiconductor engineering is JEDEC Solid State Technology. Over 300 businesses make up the organization’s membership, a majority of which among the biggest in the electronics industry.  JEDEC manages and creates a number of standards related to all types of semiconductor devices. The component packages for surface mount technology are one element of this.

Naturally, various SMT packages play an important role for various component types, but the existence of standards makes it possible to streamline processes like the design of circuit boards by creating and using standard pad outlines and sizes. Additionally, using packages of standardized sizes makes manufacturing easier because the pick & place machine may utilize standard feeds for the SMT components, greatly streamlining production and lowering costs.

There are some standard packages that serve each component type, and the various SMT packages could be divided into those categories.

What are the Types of Integrated Circuit SMD packages?


Surface mount Integrated circuits are available in a wide variety of package types. Despite the wide variation, each one has certain regions where they are useful.

  • Small Outline Integrated Circuit (SOIC): This surface-mount integrated circuit package includes gull-wing leads and a dual in-line arrangement, and the pin spacing is 1.27 mm.
  • Small Outline Package (SOP): The SOP SMD package comes in various iterations, including:
  • This surface mount IC package known as TSOP, which has a 0.5 mm pin spacing, is thinner compared to the SOIC.
  • The SSOP, or shrink small outline package, features a 0.635 mm pin spacing
  • Thin Shrink Small Outline package denoted as TSSOP
  • Quarter Size Small Outline Package’s pin spacing is 0.635 mm. The pin spacing of the VSOP, or very small outline package, is 0.65, 0.5, or 0.4 mm.
  • Quad flat pack (QFP): QFP is a form of a flat package used for the surface mount integrated circuits. The list of variations is provided below.
  • PQFP: This is a plastic package of square shape having the same amount of gull wing pins on every side. A spacing that is typically narrow and usually at least 44 pins. These are usually utilized in VLSI circuits.
  • TQFP: This is the PQFP’s thin version


Surface mount components, often known as SMT parts, comes in a number of packaging options. Surface mount is used in almost all mass-produced electronics; hence the components of the surface mount are crucial. The physical properties of devices using SMT to attach the different electronic components to the circuit boards are referred to as SMD package types.




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