Single Sided PCB

Single Sided PCB is the simplest printed circuit board, only have one layer of conductive material and are best suited for low density designs,Holes in the board are usually not plated through. single sided pcb


Component parts is layouted on one side and the circuit is on the other side. As there is only layer conductor, it is called single sided pcb (Single-sided pcb or one layer pcb. It is restricted in the circuit design ( because there is only one side conductor, and no cross permitted, each line must have its own path), so it is more frequently used in the early printed circuits pcb.


Single sided PCB diagram mainly use network printing (Screen Printing) .That is to print resist on the bare copper, etch and then print solder mask, finally punching to finish parts plated hole and profile. In addition, some small amount of various products usually use photoresist to pattern circuit.


Single Sided PCB Stack Up 


single side pcb stack up


Single layer pcb Raw Material 


Fr4     Grade Fiberglass Laminates


Copper base

Cem 1

Cem 3


RayMing produce lots of single sided PCB every month ,Led lighting PCB is used mostly including fr4 base, cem1 base and single Aluminum PCBs , Welcome to send your design to , We will give the best price to you .

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