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What are The Main Properties of Shengyi SP175M PCB Material?

When it comes to multilayer circuit boards, there are PCB laminates you should consider using. The reason is, if you choose the wrong laminate for your board, the layers would not get bonded firmly. That is why the Shengyi SP175M is a good choice for designers and engineers.

The Shengyi SPI75M has some properties which make this laminate different from others. It is not just about these properties, it also has areas where you can apply Shengyi SP175M.

In this article, we shall discuss more on the main properties of this laminate, areas it is applicable, its features, and other interesting things you need to know about it.

What is Shengyi SP175M PCB Material?

This is a type of PCB laminate that works perfectly in bonding layers in the circuit board. Interestingly, it works for different boards. However, this laminate helps in connecting the multilayers in the PCB board.

Accordingly, this laminate has the propensity for high performance in the circuit board. It is suitable for different applications and multilayer devices. It can bond layers together for long without loosening up. Plus, it has properties that enable it to withstand any moisture or high temperature.

Note that, there are some kinds of laminates that can’t withstand environmental pollution. Any exposure to heat has negative effects on them. Although all laminates may have similarities they share but each laminate has some considerable degrees of temperature they can be exposed to.

One can use this type of laminate for some hardware like motherboards. Hence, it is because of the multiple layers of this hardware that makes the Shengyi SP175M applicable in such an area. 

Main Properties of Shengyi SP175M PCB Material

Note that this laminate has properties that you may find in other types of laminates. However, these main specifications make them connect layers together. Also, it may be hard to find these properties in laminates designers use for their single sided circuit boards.

There are physical properties as well as electrical properties in this type of laminate. There are classified aspects of these properties that are open for testing.

For instance, engineers and designers test the glass transition temperature of Shengyi SP175M so as to know the point at which the components may change when exposed to different degrees of temperature.

The following are properties to consider when using the Shengyi SP175M on your applications.

Physical Properties

There is no way you apply this laminate without considering its physical properties in relation to its strength. Therefore, one main feature to look out for in the physical property is the extensive feature. Also, the intensive feature makes up the physical property of Shengyi SP175M.

Hence, when measuring the physical components of this laminate ensure it doesn’t alter the chemical element or identity.

Electrical Properties

Importantly, this is one property of this laminate that measures the reaction of Shengyi SP175M to the electric field. One, you need to examine how it reacts to exposure to any electric field. Thus, this electrical property is the measurement of Shengyi SP175M PCB laminate resistance to electric current.

Hence, the electrical properties of Shengyi SP175M feature some dielectric strength, resistivity, thermoelectricity, and electrical conductivity. Thus, it also consists of the temperature coefficient of resistance. These are key components to check out for in electrical properties.

Thermal Properties

As an engineer, you need to consider the thermal properties of Shengyi SP175M PCB laminate. Here, you need to examine the components that change when there is expose to different degrees of temperature.

Chemical Properties

At this point, you consider this laminate reaction to chemical exposure. Although this is a potent laminate that retains its stability despite exposure to chemical reaction. In addition, this involves chemical reactivity of Shengyi SP175M.

Mechanical Properties

This implies that you examine the physical components that change as a result of force exertion on the PCB laminate. In some cases, the physical features of other laminates change after reaction to force.

Features of Shengyi SP175M

At this point, let us consider the features of this laminate. Some of these features may be found in other laminates. However, don’t forget that they all appear in varying degrees.

Exceptional Thermal Reliability

This laminate has exceptional thermal reliability. Therefore, you don’t have to worry if your appliances would function under high temperature.

Low Water Absorption

This laminate has low water absorption. This implies that it doesn’t allow the passage of water through it. Any form of moisture isn’t a threat to it.

Low Z Axis CTE

Interestingly, this laminate doesn’t have much expansion under increasing temperature. It retains its stability under high temperature.

Which Areas Can You Apply Shengyi SP175M PCB Material?

This laminate is applicable in various areas. However, you need to measure its properties carefully before using it in your applications. Mostly, it works for multilayer circuit boards.

High Aspect Ratio

When it comes to where it is suitable, it is an application related to high aspect ratio. It is for multilayer circuit boards.

Computer and Communication Equipment

This is one area where laminate is widely applicable. It is present in computers and many communication equipment.

Thus, it is also a kind of laminate you can use for mobile phones. Primarily, it makes it possible for the production of waterproof phones. Shengyi SP175M PCB laminate is useful in this regard.

Router, Switch, and Server

This is a type of laminate that aids faster processing of data through networks. It helps in connecting two WANs with the internet. Hence, this laminate helps server and switch operation.


With the Shengyi SP175M, you can be confident that the multilayers in your circuit board would be bonded nicely. Also, it can withstand heat and high temperature. As one of its properties, you need to study its reaction to force.

Therefore, this laminate is useful in different applications. It is present in modern day phones and computers. It makes the processing of communication equipment faster. When it comes to exposure to chemical reaction, this laminate may not be affected and wouldn’t change mechanical strength.




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