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The Impact of Shengyi SF305 in Flexible PCB Fabrication

The advancement in the PCB industry has resulted in the recent development in PCB material. Today’s PCB materials are designed with great functionality and high reliability in mind. Shengyi PCB materials are examples of these. When it comes to quality, Shengyi is the right PCB product to opt for. In this article, we will be discussing one of Shengyi’s highly reliable PCB materials. The main focus here is the Shengyi SF305

What is the Shengyi SF305?

Shengyi SF305 is a halogen free PCB laminate with great thermal and electrical properties. Also, this PCB material adheres to the UL94 V-0 flammability standards. This material is lead-free compatible. Hence, it is safe for PCB fabrication. In addition, this material is free of toxic elements like PBB and Cr6.

Shengyi SF305 is a conductive material used to fabricate flexible circuits. Also, this PCB material is a flexible copper clad laminate. It is compatible with the RoHS directive. Shengyi SF305 is a sheet of flex PCB material. However, it is raw and unetched. This material can be treated in a similar way with 1oz copper clad. Manufacturers can achieve etching by using ferric chloride. Also, it features great flexibility and strength.

This material can work around small areas. Also, it is widely used in space demanding applications. Shengyi SF305 PCB material is useful in several consumer-grade electronics. This material is behind the fabrication of miniature devices.

What are the Properties of Shengyi SF305?

Shengyi SF305 PCB material is different from regular PCB materials. Also, this material features unique properties. These properties include:

Great chemical resistance

Shengyi SF305 has the ability to resist chemical elements. Therefore, this laminate is ideal for use in applications exposed to chemicals.

Stable Dielectric constant (Dk)

The dielectric constant of Shengyi SF305 is 3.6 at 10 GHz.  This property measures the ability of a material to retain energy in an electric field. The dielectric constant of Shengyi SF305 is ideal. Also, this value indicates the electrical performance of Shengyi SF305 PCB material. In addition, Shengyi SF305 maintains a stable Dk over a wide frequency range.

Dimensional stability

This property measures how a laminate can maintain its original size when exposed to various temperatures. The dimensional stability of Shengyi SF305 is -0.0684/0.0691% after etching. Also, this is a good value. Therefore, Shengyi SF305 PCB material can withstand varying temperatures without changing its size.

Electric strength

This measures the ability of a PCB material to withstand electrical breakdown. The electric strength of Shengyi SF305 is 110 KV/mm at D-48/50+D-0.5/23.

Stable dissipation factor

The dissipation factor of Shengyi SF305 is 0.028 at C-24/23/50. This value is stable and low. A typical PCB material should have a dissipation factor in the range of 0.02 to 0.01. Also, Shengyi SF305 can perform greatly in various environments and applications. Shengyi SF305 features a low dissipation factor which makes it a more efficient insulator.

UL94 flammability

Shengyi SF305 PCB material features UL94 flammability. This is a flame-retardant property. The UL94 is a standard for the safety of flammability of materials. Also, this standard requires that PCB materials shouldn’t be longer than 10 seconds.

Advantages of Shengyi SF305

Shengyi SF305 PCB material offers several benefits when used in applications. Some of its benefits include:

Halogen Free

Shengyi SF305 PCB material contains no halogen constituents. Also, it is completely free of halogen. Therefore, it is an environmentally friendly option for PCB fabrication. Halogen is a toxic substance for humans and the environment. Therefore, halogen free PCB materials are the standards for the PCB industry.

Compatible with EU RoHS directive

This PCB material is very compatible with the EU RoHS directive. Therefore, it is suitable for fabricating flexible circuit boards. The EU RoHS directive designs rules that prohibit the use of hazardous substances in PCB fabrication.

Great thermal performance

There are several factors that determine the thermal performance of a PCB material. Shengyi SF305 PCB material features great thermal properties which contribute to its thermal performance. Therefore, this material is suitable for applications that demand exceptional thermal performance.

Exceptional flexibility

Shengyi SF305 PCB material is a flexible copper clad laminate. Also, this material features exceptional flexibility. Therefore, it is widely used for fabricating flexible circuit boards. It is a reliable material for flex PCBs and semi-flex PCBs.

Great dimensional stability

This PCB material maintains its dimension when exposed to varying degrees of temperature. Despite its flexible nature, it hardly expands in size.

Applications of Shengyi SF305

Shengyi SF305 is a reliable PCB material used in some common applications. This material features properties that make them the best choice for these applications.

Mobile phone

You will find Shengyi SF305 PCB material in mobile phones. This material is commonly used for fabricating PCBs used in mobile phones.

Office Automation equipment

Office automation describes the various computer software and machinery for creating and storing data. OA equipment includes scanner, printers, and computers. You will find the Shengyi SF305 PCB material in these pieces of equipment.

Digital Camera

Flexible laminates are commonly used in applications that demand space savings and flexibility. You will find Shengyi SF305 PCB material in digital cameras. Also, this PCB material offers enough flexibility for this application.


VCR means videocassette recorder. Electronics manufacturer use flexible circuit boards when designing VCR. Shengyi SF305 is an ideal material for fabricating these boards. Also, this material features properties that make them ideal for use in this application.

Wearable devices

Shengyi SF305 PCB material offers great flexibility and space saving. Therefore, it is widely used in designing wearable devices. This material is available in body-mounted sensors, smart watches, and more. Also, this material has a bending ability. The Shengyi SF305 laminate can be easily bent in different shapes. Most wearable devices require rigid flex or flex PCBs.

Antenna module cable

This cable connects to different controls in the vehicle through a digital bus. Also, Shengyi SF305 laminate is widely used in designing antenna module cables. This is because it offers the flexibility required by this application.


This article has explained important details about Shengyi SF305 PCB material. It is not just a flexible laminate, it offers great properties. Therefore, this PCB material is a great material for some applications.