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All you Need to Know About Shengyi S1151G PCB

One important factor PCB manufacturers consider when choosing PCB material is environmental safety. Toxic substances do have a negative impact on the environment. Thus, it is important to avoid the use of toxic substances during PCB manufacturing.

Also, the Shengyi 1151G is a halogen-free PCB base material. This laminate is highly preferred among PCB manufacturers since it is environmentally friendly. In this article, we will reveal more information about the Shengyi S1151G.

What is Shengyi S1151G?

Shengyi S1151G is a lead-free compatible FR4 laminate. Also, this board is free of halogen constituents. Hence, it is safe for use. Shengyi S1151G serves as the base material for printed circuit boards. Also, this material features great thermal and mechanical properties. It is widely used for the production of single sided and multilayer boards.

Also, this board is ideal for use in applications demanding great thermal performance. Shengyi S1151G PCB material doesn’t contain any hazardous residue. In addition, this high CTI PCB material adheres to the standards of PCB fabrication. Also, Shengyi S1151G is free of toxic substances like red phosphorus and antimony.

Features of Shengyi S1151G

Lead-free compatibility

Shengyi S1151G PCB material is lead free compatible. Therefore, this PCB features no lead materials. Also, it complies with the RoHS standards.

Environmentally friendly

Shengyi S1151G is safe for the environment. This PCB material is free of halogen. Halogen is a toxic substance with negative effects on the environment. Also, the Shengyi S1151G PCB base material is free of other constituents like red phosphorus.

High CTI

The comparative tracking index (CTI) of this PCB material is very high. Shengyi S1151G has a CTI ≥ 600. CTI measures how the insulating material of the circuit board can withstand unintended current to transmit between traces on the PCB. In addition, it measures how the substrate can resist breakdown between tracks on the PCB surface. The CTI helps to evaluate the resistance of the PCB material against environmental impacts like moisture.

UV blocking

This is another great feature of Shengyi S1151G. Also, this PCB material can block the impact of UV rays on the PCB.

Properties of Shengyi S1151G

Shengyi S1151G features great thermal, mechanical, and dielectric properties. These properties are peculiar to Shengyi S1151G.

Glass transition temperature

The glass transition temperature of Shengyi S1151G is 155 degrees Celsius. This value is high. The Tg value describes the temperature at which Shengyi S1151G changes from a solid state to a rubber-like state. Therefore, when Shengyi S1151G’s Tg goes above 155, there is a high risk of fire.

Decomposition temperature (Td)

The Td of Shengyi S1151G is 380 degrees Celsius at 5% weight loss. The decomposition temperature of a PCB material decomposes chemically. The decomposition temperature is very crucial when fabricating a circuit board. Shengyi decomposition temperature is above 320 degrees Celsius. Therefore, Shengyi S1151G has a great decomposition temperature.

Coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE)

The CTE of Shengyi S1151G is 220 ppm/℃ before glass transition temperature. The CTE of a PCB material measures how its size changes in relation to temperature variations. If the temperature of a material rises beyond its Tg, the CTE will also increase. Shengyi S1151G features a great coefficient of thermal expansion.

Dissipation factor

The dissipation factor of a material specifies the ability of a material to act as an insulating material. Shengyi S1151G PCB material has a dissipation factor of 0.011 at 1GHz. This value is considered low. Also, a low dissipation factor indicates low power loss.

Peel strength

The peel strength measures the ability of dielectrics and copper layers to remain together under chemical and thermal stress. Therefore, it measures the bond strength of dielectric and copper layers during stress.  Shengyi S1151G’s peel strength is 1.4 N/mm at 288 degrees Celsius after thermal stress.

Low water absorption rate

Shengyi S1151G laminate features a low absorption rate of 0.10%. Therefore, this laminate can withstand humid environments.

Advantages of Shengyi S1151G

Shengyi S1151G PCB material features great benefits. Also, this material is highly preferred among PCB manufacturers. Some of its benefits include:

Ideal for multilayer boards with through hole construction

Shengyi S1151G is suitable for multilayer boards with through hole construction. Also, it is highly recommended for multilayer boards ≤ 2oz.

AOI compatible

Shengyi S1151G is AOI compatible. This is one great benefit of this PCB material.

Highly durable

Shengyi S1151G is very durable. This PCB material can resist varying environmental conditions. Also, it can function well in moisture conditions.

Free from toxic substances

This PCB material is completely free of toxic substances like halogen. Therefore, it is a recommended material for PCB fabrication.

How to Apply Shengyi S1151G on the PCB

PCB manufacturers use lamination machines to apply shengyi S1151G on circuit boards. Here is a step by step procedure of laminating multilayer boards.

Prepare your materials

This is very important for the lamination process. You need a multilayer PCB, lamination machines, and your Shengyi laminate.

Place the laminate

Place the layers of the PCB and ensure the laminate is in between. This means that you will bond the S1151G laminate between the PCB layers.

Laminate the board

Here, you will place the multilayer PCB in the lamination machine. Also, to boost the bonding process, the machine must be at high pressure and temperatures. After this, allow the material to get dry under high temperatures.

Applications of Shengyi S1151G

Automotive electronics

Shengyi S1151G is widely used in the automotive industry. This PCB material is used for designing parts of automobiles. Also, this material features great thermal and mechanical properties. Therefore, it is ideal for this application. This PCB material improves the performance of automobile features.

Consumer electronics

You will find Shengyi S1151G laminate in consumer electronics like television and refrigerators. Also, this PCB laminate is ideal for use in this application since it is halogen-free. The consumer electronics industry makes use of halogen free materials. Therefore, shengyi S1151G is a safe PCB material for the construction of consumer electronics.


Shengyi S1151G is commonly used in the production of smartphones. Smartphones feature PCB. However, it is safe to use a toxic-free PCB material for the production of these devices.


This article discussed Shengyi S1151G PCB material and its properties. Also, it discussed its benefits and applications.