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What are the Properties of the Shengyi Q260 PCB Material?

We quite understand that the Shengyi Q260 material is great for printed circuit boards, due to its high properties. However, you wish to learn more because you could only find a little information on the web right? That’s why we are here.

This article discusses what the Shengyi Q260 PCB material offers. These include its general properties, which includes its temperature for glass transition, thermal stress, coefficient of thermal expansion (Z-axis), volume resistivity, dielectric breakdown, dissipation factor, dielectric constant, flexural strength, water absorption, flammability, thermal conductivity, and more.

If you wish to widen your knowledge in this regard, please stay and continue reading.

What is Shengyi Q260?

The Shengyi Q260 is a material for printed circuit boards, with lots of outstanding uses. Some include its great thermal conductivity, great ability for mechanical processes, and great thermal resistance.

They are also useful in different applications, which include automotive electronics, LED lighting and display, household electrical appliances, and power base boards.

Properties of the Shengyi Q260 PCB Material

Below are the main properties of the Shengyi Q260 PCB material.

Coefficient of Thermal Expansion (Z-axis)

Before Tg, the Shengyi Q260 PCB material has a CTE of 28 ppm/℃. After Tg, the value changes, making it become 265 ppm/℃. Also, at a temperature of 50 to 260 degrees centigrade, the value stands at 3.5%.

Thermal Stress

Another property of this material is thermal stress, which stands at >30s. This value is possible with two conditions. Also, it occurs at a temperature of 288 degrees centigrade and with solder dip.

Temperature for glass transition (Tg)

The temperature for glass transition of the Shengyi Q260 PCB material is 122 degrees centigrade.

Dielectric constant

It also has a dielectric constant of 4.8 at 1MHz. The dielectric constant is dependent on the frequency. This value is very important for impedance considerations and signal integrity. Also, these factors are very important to ensure a high electrical performance.

Dissipation Factor

For dissipation factor, the lower the value, the higher the efficiency of the insulating system. Furthermore, the Shengyi Q260 PCB material’s dissipation factor or loss tangent at 1MHz is 0.014. From the value it is clear that this material has a low dissipation factor.

Also, this means that the ability of this material to serve as a material for insulation or hold energy is high. Once again, this is one reason why it is very useful for printed circuit boards.

Water Absorption

The water absorption is at 0.13%. This shows that the Shengyi Q260 PCB material has a low rate of water absorption. Therefore, you can be sure that this material will not absorb water easily and that is why it is very useful for different applications.

Thermal Conductivity

The Shengyi Q260 PCB material has a thermal conductivity of 1.0 W/m·K. Also, this is the value at which the Shengyi Q260 PCB material transports energy as a result of random molecular motion through a specific temperature gradient.

Arc Resistance

This material also has an arc resistance of 140s. This refers to the material’s resistance to effects of low-current, high voltage, as well as resisting the formation of any conducting path along the surface. Also, this value is affected by the ionization degree, the arc’s cross section and the arc’s length.

Benefits of the Shengyi Q260 PCB material

It has a good thermal conductivity

This means that the rate at which the transfer of heat occurs by conduction via a specific area is high. Also, there must be a temperature gradient exit that is perpendicular to that specific area.

It has a High CTI

CTI, which means comparative tracking index, reveals the extent at which a printed circuit board’s insulating material has the ability to resist the flow of any unwanted current between the board’s traces. This also measures the ability of a PCB substrate to be able to withstand breakdowns. Also, with the Shengyi Q260 PCB material, you can be sure it has a high CTI or an Excellent tracking resistance.

Cost effective

This means that the Shengyi Q260 PCB material is very productive and effective with respect to the amount it costs. It offers lots of great benefits that covers the overall cost and even offers much more for printed circuit boards.

Great Mechanical Processability

It is very easy to process Shengyi Q260 PCB material. Processability becomes simple because of its closeness to the best possible temperatures necessary for processing. Also, this means that with the Shengyi Q260 PCB material you will easily achieve the necessary schedules for processing.

Applications of the Shengyi Q260 PCB material

The Shengyi Q260 PCB material is applicable in various fields. These include power base boards, led lighting and display, household electrical machines, and automotive electronics.

Household electrical machine

The Shengyi Q260 PCB material is very useful in household electrical machines. These machines aid household functions like food preservation, cleaning, and cooking. Some of these household appliances include microwave, kettle, blender, and refrigerator.

Led lighting and display

The Shengyi Q260 PCB material is also applicable in Led lighting and display. This pcb material can be found in FLB capacitors. These capacitors aid in regulating the quantity of electricity that flows into a specific lighting fixture.

Power base board

This material is also useful in power base boards due to its high quality. It brings in all these qualities into the power base boards, thereby ensuring its reliability. This is why this heating system effectively controls your room’s temperature.

Automotive electronics

You can also apply the Shengyi Q260 PCB material into automotive electronics. These include those electronic systems used in radios, vehicles, computers, ignition, in-car entertainment, etc.


The Shengyi Q260 PCB material has a lot of great properties and it offers great value for your money. Choosing the Shengyi Q260 material for your printed circuit board also ensures the reliability of your product.




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