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Rogers RO4835T and RO3003G2 High-Frequency Laminates for Automotive Radar Sensor


High-frequency laminates are a crucial element in developing 5G networks and autonomous vehicles. The company’s new RO4835T laminates and bonding materials offer improved insertion loss and reduced Dk variation while introducing low-profile ED copper. In addition, the RO3003G2 is a next-generation high-frequency pcb laminate for automotive radar sensor applications. All products have excellent thermal and electrical properties and are suitable for use in rugged environments.

The essential characteristic of a high-frequency PCB is its ability to operate at the highest temperature. Therefore, a PCB material’s thermal expansion (CTE) is crucial for its construction. The CTE of a circuit board must match its substrate. Otherwise, the thermal expansion coefficient can cause de-lamination or solder joint failure. For this reason, CTE should be under 70 ppm, which is lower than that of the conductive foil.

The RO3003G2 high-frequency laminates depend on ceramic rather than glass fiber. Their unique properties provide improved dielectric constant, lower temperature stability, and consistent thermal expansion coefficient. These features make them suitable for automotive radar applications. The 1.4dB/inch insertion loss is the highest in the industry, and they are perfect for high-humidity environments. In addition, the ED copper helps reduce the thermal conductivity of the circuit board, making it compatible with the requirements of RF and microwave equipment.

The RO4835T is a multi-layer FR-4 laminate with the capability to be used in different technologies. The high-frequency laminates are commonly used in 10 GHz digital PCB applications. However, these laminates are also helpful in lower-data-rate applications. The manufacturer is the company’s global network of sales offices. The RO4835T has an excellent reputation in the industry. Therefore , these materials are known for their high quality and high performance.

Features of Rogers RO4835T PCB

Flame retardant dielectric

The Rogers RO4835T high-frequency circuit board combines flame retardant dielectric with low loss thermoset dielectric and a proprietary filler system. It addresses many current design challenges for advanced antennas, including those required for 5G and 4G (LTE-Advanced). In addition, this material is highly stable at high temperatures and has excellent oxidation resistance.

As a leading global provider of engineered materials, Rayming PCB & Assembly provides high-performance and power electronics solutions. Its elastomeric material solutions are essential in mobile devices, transportation interiors, apparel, and advanced connectivity. So, the company operates manufacturing facilities in Germany, Hungary, China, joint ventures in the United States, and sales offices around the world. Depending on the application and the desired function, these are available in various configurations.

The Rogers RO4835T PCB laminate is ideal for high-frequency, multi-layer applications that require stability at high temperatures. It is dielectric constant, thickness, and electrical properties are highly optimized to meet the requirements of various electronics. In addition, the product is suitable for circuits that require superior oxidation resistance and low cost of circuit processing. Its metallization properties are optimum, as well as its electrical properties.

Designed for the inner layers of a multi-layer board

The RO4835T laminate is specifically suitable for the inner layers of a multi-layer board. Its material attributes provide an excellent price, performance, and durability balance. The RO4835T is compatible with standard FR-4 processes. Therefore, you can use it in high-speed electronic applications. The RO4835T will make your job a breeze when you have high-speed data-processing needs.

The Rogers RO4835T is suitable for the inner layers of a multi-layer board. Its features complement the RO4835M laminate and its benefits for the highest-frequency circuits. The RO4835T offers the perfect price, performance, and durability. As a result, we can fabricate these products using standard FR-4 processes. Once you order them, they can be shipped immediately. Its advantages will be obvious.

Glass-reinforced PCB

The RO4835T is an advanced-performance spread glass-reinforced PCB. Its high-speed capabilities and high-temperature resistance will enhance the productivity and reliability of your design. You can find it in various materials and designs. We can manufacture it in a variety of ways. The versatility of the RO4835T makes it an ideal choice for several applications.

The RO4835T carries a wide range of properties that make it ideal for high-frequency multi-layer PCBs. Its dielectric constant is extremely stable, meaning that it is highly resistant to temperature changes. Additionally, the EMI/RFI characteristics also make it ideal for high-frequency circuits. Finally, its low Dk ensures that the PCB will retain its electrical resistance even at extreme temperatures.

Benefits of Rogers RO4835T

Low-power circuit board

The Rogers RO4835T is an advanced, low-power circuit board. Its unique design and properties enable designers to solve complex problems in mmWave and other high-frequency applications. The advantages of Rogers RO4835T go beyond its superior performance in conventional RF systems. In addition, the RO4835T is a cost-effective solution for high-frequency and RF design.

Advanced elastomeric materials

We manufacture the RO4835T using advanced elastomeric materials, such as FR4, which provide excellent high-frequency performance. In addition, this material is more stable and has a lower dissipation factor than FR4. Moreover, Rogers RO4835T laminates exhibit less temperature variation and higher Dk values. These benefits of Rogers RO4835T make it the preferred choice for many applications.

Thermal conductivity

A key benefit of RO4835T is its high thermal conductivity, making it a good choice for the inner layers of multi-layer boards. In addition, the R4835T laminates are compatible with standard FR-4 processes. Therefore, we can easily manufacture them without any special equipment. The benefits of Rogers RO4835T are immense. Aside from being cost-effective, this material is durable and offers excellent signal transmission.


The versatility of Rogers RO4835T is another benefit. The RC4835T has a wide range of thicknesses, ensuring that all applications benefit from its high thermal conductivity. The high thermal conductivity of Rogers RO4835T laminates also helps it perform better in multi-layer designs. In addition, its wide-bandwidth and low-loss features make it the best choice for applications requiring a high-speed signal.

The TC4835T is a multi-layer circuit board designed for IC manufacturing. The TC4835T’s thermal conductivity makes it an excellent choice for the aerospace and mobile networking industries. Aside from the flexibility of this circuit board, the RO4835T’s high-density laminates are an excellent choice for a wide range of applications. The company’s products offer the flexibility needed in the millimeter-wave design.

Ideal for millimeter-wave application

The RO4835T is a new generation of circuit boards designed for millimeter-wave applications. The company’s new generation of products can address millimeter-wave design challenges. The RO4835T is an ideal choice for multiple-layer designs by meeting these needs. Aside from its excellent thermal conductivity, this product also has high-speed and high-performance capabilities.

The Rogers RO4835T glass-fiber bolstered ceramic-filled laminates are ideal for millimeter-wave applications. The low-loss properties of this laminate make it a good choice for high-speed electronics. The materials are compatible with various circuits, including those that require ultra-high-speed communication. In addition, its low-temperature stability makes it an excellent choice for millimeter-wave PCBs.

Suitable for multi-layer designs

The RO4835T is an excellent choice for multi-layer designs. It has a high-temperature resistance of up to 105°C and can withstand multiple lamination cycles. This makes the RO4835T an ideal choice for high-speed IP infrastructure. This material also has a high-temperature rating of UL 94-V. In addition, the RO4835T is a highly durable product and is also a UL-94 V-0 flame-retardant.


The high-performance properties of Rogers RO4835T laminates make them a popular choice for inner layers in multi-layer boards. These laminates combine high-performance material attributes with a low cost. They are also compatible with standard FR-4 processes, making them an excellent choice for multi-layer board applications. To learn more, visit the company’s website. Here are some of the advantages of this laminate:

The RO4835T laminates exhibit good Dk control. The RO4450T bondplys are flame-retardant and have a high-frequency rating of UL 94 V-0. The FR-4435T is compatible with standard epoxy/glass processes. This laminate’s UL 94 V-0 fire-retardant rating ensures its compatibility in many applications.




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