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How to Find Rogers RO4533 PCB Manufacturer

Rogers RO4533 is a ceramic-filled laminate strengthened with glass hydrocarbon-based materials. This laminate offers good mechanical and electrical properties that make them ideal for antenna designs. Rogers RO4533 laminates belong to the 4500 series. This circuit material offers a lot of advantages which makes it well suited for use over a wide range of frequencies.

Rogers RO4533 is specifically designed for high-speed and high-performance applications. These laminates meet the requirements of antenna designers. The low dielectric characteristics and thickness tolerance are some of its great benefits.

Due to the low loss performance and the controlled dielectric constant of these laminates, they are well suited for microstrip antenna applications. These laminates also offer passive intermodulation response, a great feature that meets the requirements of the antenna industries. RO4533 laminates are compatible with lead-free solder processing.

Properties of Rogers RO4533

RO4533 laminates feature great mechanical, thermal, and electrical qualities that make them useful in several applications. Some of these properties will be discussed below;

Low dielectric constant: The dielectric constant measures the capacity of a material to store energy in an electric field. Rogers RO4533 has a dielectric constant of 3.3 at 10GHz /23°C. A low dielectric constant material is desirable in the antenna market. Materials with low dielectric constant don’t break down easily when exposed to intense electric fields.

Excellent Coefficient of thermal expansion: The coefficient of thermal expansion of this material is measured at 13 and 11 ppm/°C in the X and Y-axis respectively. The CTE of a PCB material describes how it expands in response to a change in temperature. Rogers RO4533 has a low CTE, which implies that this material can be used in any type of temperature.

High thermal conductivity: Thermal conductivity measures the capacity of a printed-circuit-board material to transfer heat. The thermal conductivity of Rogers RO4533 is measured at 0.6 W/m/K. This thermal property meets the requirement for antenna-grade laminates.

Low moisture absorption: The rate at which Rogers RO4533 laminates absorb moisture is very low. Its moisture absorption is measured at 0.02%. These laminates can withstand a humid environment. Typically, PCB materials’ rates of moisture absorption are lower than 0.2%.

Dissipation factor: The dissipation factor of Rogers 4533 is 0.0025 at 10GHz/23°C. This measure shows the loss rate of energy due to the inherent properties of a material. These laminates have an efficient insulator system since their dissipation factor is low.

Exceptional dimensional stability: The dimensional stability of Rogers Ro4533 is less than 0.2mm/m. This shows that the size of this material remains the same even when it is exposed to high temperatures.

Benefits of Rogers 4533

Rogers RO4533 PCB

Rogers RO4533 laminates provide the electrical and thermo-mechanical qualities required by antenna designers. These laminates offer a lot of benefits to users.

Cost-effective option: Rogers RO4533 is a cost-effective option for antenna designers. It is a better alternative to PTFE antenna technologies which enables designers to optimize the performance of their antennas.

RoHS compliant: PCBs that are RoHS-compliant are the ideal option for antenna designers. Rogers RO4533 is RoHS compliant, which means that this material complies with the standard provided by RoHS.

Environmentally-friendly: This laminate is lead-free process compatible and halogen-free. It is also flame-retardant making it safe for the environment.  

Thermoset resin system: The resin system of Rogers Ro4533 laminates are fabricated to offer the properties suitable for ideal antenna performance.

Other benefits include:

  • More yields on bigger panel sizes
  • Improved handling and long life span when used with thin materials
  • Low PIM performance
  • Offers excellent PTH reliability
  • Exceptional passive intermodulation response for antenna applications

Rogers RO4533 Applications

Rogers RO4533 laminates offer stable and reliable electrical and mechanical properties ideal for use in applications such as;

  • WiMAX antenna networks
  • Cellular infrastructure base station antennas

Processing and Fabrication Guidelines for RO4533

Rogers RO4533 circuit materials come with a reverse treat copper foil. This construction helps to minimize conductor loss and boost PIM performance while using the thermo-mechanical and electrical dielectric characteristics of the resin system. RO4533 laminates are not designed for multilayer use.

Surface pre-clean: To avoid surface oxidation, the panels should undergo a micro-etch before processing.

Entry/exit material: To reduce copper burns, entry and exit materials should be rigid and flat. Aluminum and composite boards are good entry materials.

Maximum stack height: The material’s thickness drilled shouldn’t exceed 70% of the flute length.

Deburring: Nylon brush scrubbers can be used to deburr RO4533 circuit material

What to Consider when Choosing Rogers RO4533

When choosing Rogers RO4533, certain factors should be considered. These factors are discussed below;

Application requirements: Different applications require different properties. You should consider if Rogers RO4533 properties are compatible with the application you want to use it for. This is a very important factor you should consider first.

 Material thickness: The dielectric thickness of your material is very important since this material features great thickness tolerance.

Availability: Ensure Rogers RO4533 is available in large supply. You can confirm from your product supplier.

Type of copper clad: This laminate comes in different copper foil options. Although most applications use the standard EDC foil, the LoPro reverse-treat copper can also be an option

Installation space size: You should be aware of the size of the space you intend to install your Rogers RO4533. This will help you choose the ideal size for your application.

Frequently Asked Questions

What determines the price of Rogers RO4533?

Different factors like thickness and size, cost of freight, electrical and mechanical properties, copper thickness, type of cladding material, and special requirements determine the price of Rogers RO4533

How can RO4533 be stored?

The storage conditions of RO4533 will determine the storage period. This material can be stored in ambient conditions for an indefinite period. However, it is important you avoid conditions that may result in mechanical damages. Note that storing these materials under corrosive environments will reduce their lifespan.


Rogers RO4533 materials are high-performance laminates designed by Rogers Corporation. These materials are fabricated to meet the demands of the antenna industries. Rogers RO4533 laminates are compatible with FR-4 and lead-free solder processing. The mechanical and electrical properties of these laminates are exceptional.




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