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High Quality Rogers RO3206 PCB Manufacturer

Rogers RO3206 is an advanced laminate that belongs to the RO 3000 series. These laminates are ceramic-filled composites reinforced with woven fiberglass. RO3026 offers great mechanical and electrical properties that meet the requirements of designers.

Rogers RO3206 PCB material has similar properties with other RO3000 versions, but it comes with advanced mechanical stability. RO3206 are used in various RF and microwave applications.

These high-frequency laminates are fabricated with the use of ceramic-filled composites and reinforced with woven fiberglass. With a dielectric constant of 6.15 and a dissipation factor of 0.0027, this material is considered to offer advanced electrical and mechanical stability.

Properties of Rogers RO3206

Rogers RO3206 features excellent mechanical, thermal, and electrical properties. Due to these properties, these laminates are well suited for high-frequency applications.

Low coefficient of thermal expansion: RO3206 features a coefficient of thermal expansion of 13 along the X, Y axis.

Dimensional stability of 0.8: A dimensional stability of 0.8mm/m along X, Y-axis, which is considered an excellent one. This dimensional stability allows high production yield. This material will also maintain its original dimension when subjected to a wide range of temperatures.

<0.01% moisture absorption: The moisture absorption of this laminate is less than 0.01% which is considered extremely low. Low moisture absorption is ideal because it will have a low impact on the electrical and mechanical properties of RO3206 when in operation.

Dissipation factor of 0.0027: The dissipation factor of RO3206 is 0.0027 at 10GHz and 23°c along the Z-axis. This dissipation factor is considered low which makes it ideal for high frequency applications.

Dielectric constant of 6.15: The dielectric constant of RO3206 is 6.15 at 10GHz and 23°C along the Z-axis. This dielectric constant is ideal for high-frequency applications.

Excellent Thermal conductivity: The thermal conductivity of Rogers RO3206 is 0.67 W/m/K. This value indicates that this material has good thermal properties.

Advantages of Rogers RO3206

Rogers RO3206 pcb

RO3206 offers various advantages for application that require mechanically stable materials. These laminates offer the following advantages:

Improved rigidity for easy handling: Rogers ro3206 is reinforced with woven glass which allows for easy handling. The material rigidity also makes it flexible.

Excellent mechanical and electrical performance: This material features excellent electrical and mechanical performance that makes it ideal for fabricating multilayer boards with epoxy fiberglass.

Low dielectric loss: Due to its low dielectric loss, Rogers RO 3206 can be used in applications beyond 20GHz. This makes it ideal for use in any environmental condition.

Great value for its price: RO3206 is cost-effective. This circuit material offers great mechanical and electrical properties for an affordable price. This is considered a budget-friendly option for designers who want to use it for high-frequency applications.

Smooth surface: The smooth surface of this material makes it withstand finer line etching.

Low in-plane expansion: The low in-plane expansion makes it ideal for mounting stable surface assemblies. It also makes it well suited for devices subject to harsh conditions.

Rogers RO3206 Applications

RO3206 are used in several high-frequency applications due to their mechanical and electrical performance.

  • LMDS broadband
  • Wireless telecommunication systems
  • Microstrip patch antennas
  • Satellites for direct broadcasts
  • Automotive GPS antennas
  • Remote meter readers
  • Infrastructure for base stations
  • Automotive collision avoidance systems
  • Power backplanes

Why Rogers RO3206 is ideal for High-Frequency Applications

Rogers RO3206 is considered an ideal option for high-frequency applications like radio frequency and microwave circuit board due to their stable and reliable mechanical and electrical performance. However, the following features also make them suitable for these applications.

  • High dielectric constant of 6.15
  • Dimensional stability of 0.8 mm/m along the X and Y axis
  • For UL 94 flammability test, it is rated V-0
  • Suitable for applications operating above 20GHz
  • Low coefficient of thermal expansion
  • Low dissipation factor
  • Low thermal resistivity

Factors to Consider when Choosing Rogers RO3206

Rogers 3206 board

There are several factors that should be considered when purchasing RO3206. Considering these factors will help you opt for the appropriate laminate that suits your requirements.

Panel size and thickness: RO3206 laminates are available in various thicknesses and panel sizes to meet the varying demands of consumers. These laminates come in thicknesses such as 0.025” (0.64mm) and 0.050” (1.28mm).

Application requirements: It is important to consider if the properties of this laminate are compatible with the requirements of your application.

Availability: You should make a prior inquiry about the availability of the material. Ensure you confirm that RO3206 laminates are in large supply.

Size of installation space: The size of the space you intend to install RO3026 also matters. Determining the size of space available for installation will help you choose the appropriate size of laminate.

Type of copper cladding: RO3026 comes in different types of copper cladding. Choosing the type of cladding material that suits your requirements is important.

Type of surface finished used: You should also consider this factor whenever you are purchasing RO3206 laminates. These laminates are available in different surfaces finishing.

Procedures to Follow when Ordering Rogers RO3026 Laminates

There are certain steps you take when ordering RO3026 laminates. These steps are:

  • Determine the product specifications of RO3026 in the catalogue
  • Choose the right thickness and thickness tolerance you desire
  • Select the right panel size
  • Choose the right type of cladding
  • Make proper arrangements if you want a customized sized material by giving the right specifications
  • Contact the customer care to confirm your order
  • Once you make a purchase, you will get a certificate of conformance


Rogers RO3206 is a high-frequency laminate that offers advanced mechanical stability. This material is fabricated with the right equipment and is certified. RO3206 laminate is reinforced with woven fiberglass. With its great properties and benefits, this laminate is considered an ideal option for high-frequency applications.

Rogers Corporation is a leading manufacturer in the industry and is well-known for delivering top quality laminates for several applications. This material is a good choice for designers since it is cost-effective and reliable. With Rogers RO3206, you can never get it wrong.

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