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What is Rogers Ro3006 PCB ?

Rogers RO3006 laminates are ceramic-filled polytetrafluoroethylene composites specifically designed for commercial microwave and Radio Frequency applications. These high-frequency circuit materials provide excellent mechanical and electrical properties that make them stable and reliable.

RO3006 materials offer a stable dielectric constant which helps to get rid of the change in Dk. These materials feature mechanical properties that are stable irrespective of the Dk selected. This helps designers to build multi-layer board designs that make use of various dielectric constant materials for single layers without experiencing reliability issues.

These high-frequency circuit materials have an extremely low dielectric loss of 0.00020 at 10 GHz. RO3006 has a coefficient of thermal expansion of 17 ppm m/oC. This material is ideal for building stripline and multilayer boards. Due to its mechanical features, it can be utilized with epoxy glass multi-layer board designs.

The CTE matches with copper which makes it suitable for applications susceptible to temperature change. The production process of this circuit material is similar to PTFE PCB; therefore, it is ideal for the volume manufacturing process.

RO3006 circuit materials are available with multi-layer, double-sided, and hybrid construction. This ceramic-filled PTFE material meets the requirements of designers since it features a low dissipation factor.   

Properties of RO3006

Rogers R03006 pcb

RO3006 has some unique properties which make them ideal for some applications. These ceramic-filled microwave materials are high-grade laminates that feature outstanding mechanical and electrical properties. Some of these properties will be discussed below

Dielectric constant of 6.5: RO3006 features a Dk of 6.5 up to 40GHz; this is higher than that of RO3003. This enables the production of larger electrostatic forces.

Dissipation factor of 0.0020: This laminate features a dissipation factor of 0.0020 at 10GHz at 23°. This electrical property indicates that Rogers RO3006 can act as a good insulator. A lower dissipation factor means that a material is a more efficient insulator system. Therefore, RO3006 is ideal for high-frequency applications.

Low coefficient of thermal expansion: The coefficient of thermal expansion in the X and Y-axis is measured at 17 and 17 ppm°/C.  Coefficient of thermal expansion measures how a material expands due to changes in temperature.

Rogers RO3006 features a low coefficient of thermal expansion which makes this material ideal for use in any type of environment. This high-frequency circuit material maintains its initial size when exposed to heat.

Thermal conductivity of 0.79w/m.k: The thermal conductivity of a material measures how a material can conduct or transfer heat. Rogers RO3006 has a low thermal conductivity which makes it conduct less heat; it doesn’t allow heat to pass through. This circuit material is considered a good insulator because of its low rate of thermal conductivity.

Low moisture absorption: Ro 3006 has moisture absorption of 0.002. Moisture absorption measures the ability of a material to absorb moisture. This material can withstand a humid environment since it features low moisture absorption.

Benefits of Rogers RO3006

Rogers RO3006 is considered a high-frequency ceramic-filled material used for high-performance applications. This material has reliable mechanical and electrical properties that meet the requirements of some specific designers. Some of the benefits of this material include:

Exceptional mechanical properties: This PTFE composite has great mechanical properties which make them well suited for designing high-reliability stripline and multilayer boards.

Low in-plane expansion coefficient: The low in-plane expansion coefficient of this material matches with copper, which makes it suitable for applications that are susceptible to changes in temperature.

Cost-effective option: Rogers RO3006 is sold at an affordable price compared to its counterparts. This is one of the major reasons it is a preferred option for most designers. This material offers great value for its price.

ISO 9001 certified: Rogers RO3006 meets the standard of ISO 9001. This international standard shows the ability of a company to consistently supply products that meet regulatory requirements.

Rogers RO3006 Applications

Rogers ro3006 is a PTFE composite designed for several applications. With its great mechanical and electrical properties, it has provided lasting solutions to some of the problems faced by engineers. These materials can be used in the applications below.

Automotive radar system

Automotive radars consist of a receiver and a transmitter. Rogers RO3006 is a core part of the automotive radar system. Due to its excellent and stable mechanical properties, this material is considered a suitable option for this application.

Radar sensors help to detect any object around a vehicle and these sensors are very important in the automobile industry. Due to Rogers RO3006’s low coefficient of thermal expansion and dissipation factor, this material is well suited for building automotive radars.

Global Positioning Satellite Antenna

The global positioning satellite antenna is used for sending and transmitting radio signals sent by different frequencies from GPS satellites. When building GPS antennas, a high-frequency material is needed as a framework.

Since these antennas convert radio signals into electronic signals, they require ceramic-filled PTFE composites with stable electrical and mechanical properties like the Rogers RO3006.

Remote Meter Reader

RO3006 is a circuit material required for high-performance applications. This material is used in designing remote meter readers. This device requires high-frequency circuit materials with excellent properties. Printed board circuit is a core part of a remote meter reader. RO3006 offers properties required for this application.

Power Amplifiers

High-frequency power amplifiers are needed in transmitting cellular signals to IoT devices and mobile users through remote radio heads. Power levels keep rising in order to offer higher data rates. As long as designing high-reliability power amplifiers is important, low loss dielectrics with high thermal conductivity should be considered.

When it comes to RF power amplifier design, Rogers RO3006 has proved to be a reliable material for this application. Due to this laminate’s dimensional stability, high thermal conductivity, low dielectric loss, and low CTE, it is considered a good option for power amplifiers.


Rogers RO3006 is a high frequency circuit material used in high performance applications. This PTFE composite features reliable electrical, mechanical, and thermal properties. Rogers has maintained a long-standing reputation in the industry. This company is known for designing high-grade laminates that offer maximum and efficient power output. Rogers RO3006 has been one of the core frameworks in several applications.

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