Rogers PCB materail

Rogers PCB materail



With the development of electronic technology. The production of electronic products also requires more and more materials, such as high-frequency materials. Take Rogers as an example. Rogers PCB plate material is a kind of high frequency plate made by Rogers Company. It is different from the conventional PCB plate epoxy resin. There is no glass fiber in the middle of it is ceramic based high frequency material. When the frequency of the circuit is above 500MHz, the range of materials that the design engineer can choose is greatly reduced. The Rogers RO4350B material can make the RF engineer design circuit conveniently, such as network matching, impedance control of transmission line, etc. Because of its low dielectric loss, R04350B has more advantages than ordinary circuit materials in high frequency applications. The dielectric constant with temperature fluctuation is almost the lowest in the same material. In the wide frequency range, the dielectric constant is also quite stable at 3.48. The design recommended value of 3.66.LoPra copper foil can reduce the insertion loss. This makes the material suitable for broadband applications.

RO3003 material

Rogers PCB material ceramic high frequency plate series classification: RO3000 series: based on ceramic filled PTFE circuit material, model: RO3003,RO3006,RO3010,RO3035 high frequency laminate. RT6000 series: ceramic filled PTFE circuit materials, designed for high dielectric constant electronic and microwave circuits, model: RT6006 dielectric constant 6.15 / RT6010 dielectric constant 10.2. TMM Series: composites based on Ceramics, hydrocarbons, Thermosetting Polymers, Model: TMM3, TMM4,TMM6,TMM10,TMM10i,TMM13i.


RO4003 material

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