Rogers Material PCB - Rogers 4003 and Rogers 3003

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rogers 4003


Rogers RO4003


The RO4003 material can be removed with conventional nylon brushes. Prior to copper plating without electricity, no special treatment is required. The plate must be treated with conventional epoxy/glass processes. Usually, the removal of drilled holes is not necessary because the high TG resin system (280 ° C + [536 ° F]) is not prone to discoloration during drilling. The resin can be removed using a standard CF4 / O2 plasma cycle or a double pass through an alkaline permanganate process if the stain results from aggressive drilling practices.


The surfaces of the plates can be mechanically and/or chemically prepared for photoprotection. Standard aqueous or semi-aqueous photoresists are recommended. Any of the commercially available copper wipers can be used. All filterable or photographic solder masks normally used in epoxy/glass laminates adhere very well to the surface of RO4003. Mechanical washing of the exposed dielectric surface prior to application of the solder mask and a designated "registered" surface should avoid optimal bonding.




The cooking requirements of RO4000 materials are comparable to those of epoxy/glass. In general, equipment that does not cook epoxy/glass plates does not need to cook RO4003 plates. For installations that make epoxy/bake glass as part of the normal process, we recommend cooking at 300 ° F 250 ° F (121 ° C-149 ° C) for 1 to 2 hours. RO4003 contains no flame retardant. It is understood that plates enclosed in an infrared (IR) unit or operating at very low transport speeds can reach temperatures in excess of 700 ° F (371 ° C). RO4003 can start burning at these high temperatures. Systems that still use IR reflow units or other devices that can reach these high temperatures should take the necessary precautions to ensure that there are no risks.


Life of life:


High-frequency laminates can be stored indefinitely at room temperature (55-85 ° F, 13-30 ° C) and humidity. At room temperature, the dielectric materials are inert at high humidity. However, metal coatings such as copper can be oxidized when exposed to high humidity. Standard pre-cleaning of PWB can easily remove corrosion from properly stored materials.




RO4003 material can be machined using tools and hard metal conditions commonly used for epoxy/glass. The copper foil must be removed from the guide channels to prevent smearing.


Rogers Ro3003

rogers 3003


Ro3003 is high-frequency circuit materials are ceramic filled PTFE composites for use in the commercial microwave and RF applications. This family of products is designed to provide exceptional electrical and mechanical stability at competitive prices. Rogers Ro3003 is an excellent dielectric constant stability over temperature, including the elimination of the dielectric constant change that occurs at room temperature with PTFE glass materials. In addition, Ro3003 laminates have a low loss factor of 0.0013 to 10 GHz.


Features and Benefits


  • Car radar
  • RF Coupler
  • Cost-sensitive aerospace applications
  • GPS antennas
  • Low Dielectric Losses: Laminates can be used in applications up to 77 GHz
  • Excellent mechanical properties against temperature: reliable multi-layer plate constructions and tape lines
  • Uniform mechanical properties for a wide range of dielectric constants: ideal for multi-layer plate designs with a range of dielectric constants and suitable for use with hybrid designs of multilayer epoxy glass plates.
  • Stable temperature and frequency stable dielectric constant - ideal for bandpass filters, microstrip antennas, and voltage controlled oscillators
  • Low in-plane Coefficient of Coefficient Coincidence: provides more reliable surface mountings, ideal for temperature-sensitive applications and excellent dimensional stability
  • The manufacturing process in volume: economic price rolled
  • Compatible lead-free process


Rogers RO3003  is a ceramic-filled PTFE composite/laminate used in commercial microwave and RF applications. It offers excellent stability with a dielectric constant of 3 to 40 GHz at room temperature. The material has a dissipation factor (Df) of 0.0013 to 10 GHz and is ideal for bandpass filters, microstrip antennas, and voltage controlled oscillators. High-performance material for RF and microwave circuits. Rogers RO3003 High-frequency laminate for the generation of microwave prototypes and high-frequency circuits. These materials have a very low dielectric loss to use up to 40GHz. We sell two sizes of 4.5 x 6 inches and 9 x 6 inches to keep the enthusiast's cost.


Rogers RO3003


  • Dielectric constant: 3.00
  • Loss factor: 0.0013
  • Substrate thickness: 0.02 "(0.5 mm)
  • The thickness of copper: 0.5 ounces
  • Small size = 4.5 "x 6"
  • RO3000 printed circuits


Typical Applications


  • Automotive radar applications
  • Global Position Satellite Antennas
  • Mobile telecommunication systems: power amplifiers and antennas
  • Patch antenna for wireless communication
  • Satellites for direct transmission
  • Data link in cable systems
  • Remote meter readers
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