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High Quality Rogers 5870 PCB Manufacturer

Rogers 5870 laminates are an essential material that offers various dielectric products for feed networks, antennas, power amplifiers, and microwave technology. These laminates provide high frequency with a low amount of Dielectric constant (Dk). RT/duroid 5870 are PTFE composites strengthened with glass microfibers.

These microfibers are responsible for its excellent Dk uniformity. Since it has a low amount of Dk, the Rogers 5870 laminates are ideal for high broadband uses whereby there is a need to reduce losses and dispersion. RT/duroid® 5870 helps in demanding the use of stripline and microstrip circuits.

The Dk of Rogers 5870 laminates remains constant over a broad frequency range and is also uniform from one panel to the other. The low dissipation factor of RT/duroid 5870 extends its usefulness.
RT/duroid 5870 can be cut and sheared easily.  

These high frequency laminates are resistant to all types of reagents and solvents that are used in plating holes and edges. When they are needed for more critical applications, RT/duroid 5870 can be covered with copper foil. An aluminum or brass plate can also be used.

The dielectric thickness, weight, and type of copper foil should be specified when ordering these laminates. Duroid 5870 always comes with electro-deposited copper of about 2 ounces or with reverse-treated EDC on the two sides.

Rogers 5870 Features

Rogers 5870 pcb

These laminates have the following properties:

Dielectric Constant: This laminate features a dielectric constant of 2.33 +/- .02. This is an excellent one as it helps to maintain good mechanical and electrical properties. The microfibers help to achieve great dielectric constant uniformity.

Thermal coefficient: The thermal coefficient of this laminate is -115. This property makes Rogers 5870 suitable for exacting microstrip circuits and striplines.

Low thermal conductivity: The thermal conductivity of Rogers 5870 is measured at 0.22, this is very low. Low thermal conductivity implies that this laminate is applicable in varying environmental conditions.

Low Dissipation factor: With a low dissipation factor of .0012 at 10GHz, Rogers 5870 is an insulating material. Even when it is at room temperature, its dissipation factor remains very low.

Lead-free process compatible: Rogers 5870 is said to be lead-free compatible, a rare property in most laminates.

What are the Benefits of Rogers 5870?

Rogers 5870 laminates are important when building some mechanical or electrical equipment. These laminates have both mechanical and electrical properties which make them effective in building complex structures. They offer several benefits which would be discussed below:

Well-established material: RT 5870 is a strong and durable material that is needed for several applications. This laminate is an important framework when building mechanical or electrical equipment.

Uniform electrical properties: Rogers 5870 offers uniform electrical properties. The thermal conductivity, dielectric strength, and electrical conductivity are uniform over a wide frequency range.

Suitable for a humid environment: These laminates are an ideal option for a high moisture environment. They have the ability to absorb moisture.

Insusceptible to reagents and solvents: Rogers 5870 is highly insusceptible to reagents and solvents utilized in etching holes and edges.

Easy to shape: They are easy to cut and shear. They can be easily machined to shape also.

Isotropic: Since they are strengthened with glass microfibers, the properties of RT/duroid 5870 laminates remain the same when they are examined in different directions.

Rogers 5870 Applications

duroid 5870

Rogers 5870 provides circuit laminates used in the antenna system. These laminates help to provide a lasting solution to the problems faced by antenna designers. These laminates meet the requirements of automotive radar systems and military antenna systems.

Duroid has enabled improvements in microwave technology and optimized the operation of microwave communications systems. RT/ duroid 5870 is designed to offer consistent and high performance with low electric losses at a wide range of frequencies. Its application is vital in antenna systems and communication systems.

Patch Antennas

Rogers 5870 provides a huge range of dielectric thicknesses and constant to achieve space and gain requirements. It also offers Dk stability over temperature and thickness control for conformal antennas and their structures.

Phased Array

Dk uniformity and low electric loss should be considered when selecting circuit laminates for phased-array antennas. Rogers 5870 laminates are specifically made for high-speed digital boards, multilayer RF, and fabrication of antennas.

Power Amplifiers

Rogers has built a long-standing reputation when it comes to producing RF. Rogers have been used in the production of power amplifiers and these laminates have proved to be one of the best and most effective materials. Low electric loss, durability, and high thermal conductivity are responsible for the maximum power output Rogers 5870 provides.

Active Electronically Scanned Array (AESA)

Rogers is used in this type of phased array antenna. The AESA is an array antenna that is controlled by computers. The beam of radio waves in this antenna can be electronically navigated to face different directions without the need to move the antenna.

For this type of application, it is common to get designs that consist of a complex multilayer structure. RT duroid 5870 controls both mechanical and electrical properties to guarantee accuracy. High thermal conductivity gives reliability and consistency over power cycling.

Low Noise Amplifiers and Receivers

This type of communication system should be operated efficiently across different challenging environmental conditions. Since Rogers 5870 PCB is known to provide low loss materials this helps to get optimal results in demanding environments.

Digital Communications Control Circuitry

To ensure there are high-speed signals in advanced microwave communications, it is essential to take note of precision circuitry. Duroid features low loss materials that support lower crosstalk, more data rates, and quicker switching. Technology performance of about 100 Gbps is enabled through low conductor loss, low Dk, and low loss tangent composites. With the utilization of lower fiberglass material and flat glass, Rogers 5870 composites can help to achieve skew reduction.


Rogers 5870 laminates have a high-frequency range and they are known to offer several benefits. These laminates are ideal for broadband or high-frequency applications that require that dispersion is reduced. These PTFE composites are reinforced with microfiber glass which makes them a great choice in most applications.

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